Zhejiang Mobile: looking forward to an Asian Games event in the era of "meta universe"

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zhejiang mobile looking forward asian

2022 The pace of Hangzhou Asian Games is getting closer and closer , For this session “ The Chinese characteristic 、 Zhejiang style 、 Hangzhou charm 、 Wonderful ” A grand sports and cultural event , The builders of the Asian Games are sprinting with all their strength .

At the main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center ,8 10000 viewers can use at the same time 5G Send and receive video over the Internet 、 picture , Make a video call ; In the Sports Center... Huanglong , Venue “ Intelligent brain ” It can realize event situation awareness 、 Equipment monitoring and remote control , Ensure the stable operation of the venue ; adopt 5G﹢ Free perspective 、5G﹢VR technology , The audience can break the space limit , Get a more unique viewing experience ……

As the official of the Asian Games Communication services partners , China Mobile On the basis of three years of active preparation , A series of phased results have been achieved . These are interesting 、 magical “ Black science and technology ”, It will vividly show the contribution of the new generation of information technology to the construction of human beauty Good future The great potential of .

It pioneered the application of a number of intelligent technologies and four high-quality projects to build a benchmark in Asia

not long ago , Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center has completed the transformation of the venues of the Hangzhou Asian Games , Upgraded Huanglong Sports Center , Become more “ smart ”. Walk into the computer room of the information center of Huanglong Sports Center , An area of about 25 Square meters of high-definition display screen came into view . After starting , The three-dimensional visualization of Huanglong Sports Center appears on the big screen , Managers are like entering the cockpit , Energy consumption of venues 、 Real time status 、 Visitors flowrate 、 All data of the whole center such as traffic flow can be collected in real time , The operation of various indicators of the venue can be mastered in time , Realized 16 Categories: 1 Centralized operation and maintenance of more than 10000 front-end equipment and systems and collaborative management of equipment and supervision . The newly upgraded Huanglong Sports Center , A new line has also been added to the roof of the supporting room of the stadium 1 Kilometers of surround intelligent air runway , Smart screens and electronic probes are set beside the runway , Provide exercise data analysis for fitness workers .

The main stadium of Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center “ Big lotus ”, It can hold 8 Thousands of people . Zhejiang Mobile Application high precision positioning 、5.5G Millimeter wave synesthesia 、5G Combination innovation such as elastic self breathing network , Meet more than during the event 8 More than 10000 people use 5G Send and receive video over the Internet 、 picture , Make a video call .

meanwhile , all 23 Asian Games venues , And one more AGIS( Sports meeting information system ) Private network . It is a picture isolated from other networks 、 Secure competition private network . As long as it's something big or small about the Asian Games , For example, the calculation of competition results 、 Monitoring of competition venues 、 The operation of the competition system 、 Control of workbench, etc , All rely on this network . Time and score system in AGIS Take the operation on the private network as an example . When a runner crosses the finish line , The timer will capture the player's game time . The data will pass AGIS, Follow the access route — Center for routing — Core routing — The route of the cloud computing center is uploaded , And pass the calculation results through AGIS Back to the scoring system . Thanks to the AGIS, The action of uploading and releasing can be completed in milliseconds , The results of the competition can be presented to us in real time .

At present, the digital intelligence monitoring Hall of Zhejiang Mobile has been officially put into use , The two Asian Games monitoring and command centers echo each other 、 Prepare for each other , It can realize all-round 、 Multi professional support , Fully meet the network monitoring during the Asian Games 、 Personnel scheduling 、 Joint command 、 Ensure the demand of exhibition, etc , Ensure that the event runs without fail .

meanwhile , From Hangzhou Asian Games Village to Olympic Sports Center , Driverless and AR Navigation and other scene applications , Will provide athletes with faster 、 More comfortable competition experience .

At the venue 5G Network construction , Asian Games 5G Smart venues integrate venue operations 、 Event services 、 Integration of epidemic prevention and control .

according to the understanding of , Zhejiang Mobile 5G﹢ The achievements of the intelligent Asian Games have also won many awards , In addition to winning solutions in six of the top ten fields of the intelligent Asian Games “ Best award ”, Initiated by the joint Asian organizing committee 《 Hangzhou Asian Games : extensive 5G Smart venue event application 》, From the global 1012 Highlight the tight encirclement in three projects , Won the Wuzhen Internet Conference “ Global Internet competition ”5G First prize for application .

5G Intelligent watching will let the audience sit “ Special seat ”

At the just concluded Beijing Winter Olympics , When Chinese players complete a difficult action on ice and snow , There will be a freeze frame animation display immediately ,VR The application of technology breaks the traditional fixed-point viewing mode , It brings a free perspective to the audience 、 Bullet time 、 Immersive watching 、VR Interactive and other innovative viewing experiences . Viewers can not only dynamically track what they want to see by adjusting their viewing angle , You can also capture the fleeting freeze frame at any time , It's like sitting in “ Special seat ”.

In this way VR Watching skills , It will also appear at the Hangzhou Asian Games . be based on 5G Intelligent network construction , Zhejiang Mobile holds the competition closely 、 Competition 、 Three core areas of watching the game , Pioneered a number of technology applications , Further advance “5G﹢ Asian Games ” Characteristic innovation , Fully enable the intelligent Asian Games .

When the , Through a number of 5G“ Black science and technology ”, Zhejiang Mobile will bring 5G﹢ Free perspective 、 Bullet time 、 Naked eye 3D、8K、VR And so on . among , adopt 5G﹢ Free perspective , The audience is free to choose a variety of unique perspectives to watch , To capture the best panoramic moments , And by 5G﹢VR technology , You can get 360° Immersive viewing experience ,VR And truth 4K Even 8K Combination of Ultra HD technology , Can break the space limit , Realize multi-dimensional strong telepresence .

“ around ‘ Four zero one excellent ’ The goal of our work , That is, zero major network accidents 、 Zero major safety incidents 、 Zero important customer complaints 、 Zero negative focus events 、 Customer perception is excellent , We'll reverse the schedule 、 Pull list , High level construction, including the Asian Games Network boutique project 、 Intelligent Asian Games boutique project 、 Market publicity and service support of high-quality projects ‘ Four high-quality projects ’, Make every effort to build the Hangzhou Asian Games into a landmark demonstration project for China Mobile to sponsor and guarantee large-scale events .” Secretary of the Party committee of Zhejiang Mobile 、 Chairman of the board of directors 、 General manager Zheng Jie said .

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