Who can stop Musk's "disorderly expansion"?

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stop musk disorderly expansion

musk Our capital has been “ Disorderly expansion ”.

4 month 4 Japan , Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) A document disclosed shows that , Tesla founder 、 CEO elon · Musk bought social media company twitter (Twitter)9.2% Shares of . This makes musk Twitter Largest external shareholder , Also let Twitter An unexpected surge of nearly 27%, The biggest intraday increase in more than four years .

According to twitter announcements , Twitter will appoint musk as a board member —— Musk will be II Class director , His term of office will be in the company 2024 Due at the annual general meeting in . Besides , Twitter reached an agreement with musk , Its shareholding ratio will not exceed 14.9%. twitter CEO Parag Agrawal Tweet that , Musk is exactly what we need . Musk will bring great value to our board of Directors . Musk replied , Expect and Parag And the twitter board , Major improvements to twitter in the coming months .

Musk's legendary life and Twitter's important position in overseas public opinion have caused thousands of waves . Why should musk, who already has several positions, give himself “ Add drama ”? What does twitter mean to him ? What impact will Musk's entry have on twitter ? Musk pushed forward 「 Disorderly expansion 」, Who can stop him ?

More free and open social media ?

This is a publicity campaign “ Open Conspiracy ”.

A week before you start , That is to say 3 month 25 Japan , Musk posted a vote on twitter : You think twitter abides by “Free Speech” Principles ? The problem has attracted more than 200 Ten thousand votes , among 70.4% Of voters think Twitter's current approach “ unqualified ”. The next day , Musk, who received the voting results, asked everyone on twitter :“ Need a new platform ?”

The answer is yes . From past behavior , Musk is likely to change some content mechanisms of twitter in the future .

“ We think , One of Musk's main motives may be to influence Twitter's audit policy , He often criticized the policy for being too strict .” Jeffrey analyst Brent · Hill wrote in an investor report . Before musk joined the board , Bank of America analyst Justin • Post also said in a report to customers , Musk's participation may lead to changes in content policy .

And the driving force behind these changes , It's Musk's dissatisfaction with the current state of twitter . as everyone knows , Musk is a libertarian , But the openness of free speech on twitter did not meet his requirements . This point , Trump, nicknamed by twitter, may resonate with musk , It's just that trump didn't choose to buy twitter , Instead, he made a new social platform “Truth Social”( Truth social ).


Some advertisers are worried about Musk's arrival , Worried about too much after twitter “ to open up ” So as to repeat the tragedy of many years ago ——2007 Twitter registered users erupted in , But in the following ten years, the problem of jet became more and more serious , Like actor Leslie · Jones (Leslie Jones) After a series of racist hate speech attacks and death threats, he left twitter , until 2017 Twitter only started to update community rules in 、 Normalize the spray problem by means of algorithm identification and manual audit .

Advertising giant WPP Brian, global president of business intelligence business of GroupM group · Weize said , Any relaxation of content restrictions may be counterproductive to advertisers .“ Advertisers don't want their brands to be associated with propaganda rebellion or hatred and harm , They don't want to be associated with an online environment that could be toxic to users .”

2021 The annual revenue of twitter was 50.8 Billion dollars , Year-on-year growth 37%, Among them, advertising service revenue accounts for more than 80%.

Cryptocurrency paradise ?

Some people are worried , Some people are happy . Advertisers may not be happy , But the coin circle is still full of confidence in Musk .

Musk has been working on the cryptocurrency platform :

  • 2019 year 4 month . at that time , Dog money The official account launched the selection of dog coins on twitter CEO Vote for , Musk was elected by a high vote . And then , Musk tweeted that , Dog coin is his favorite digital currency , And modify your twitter account information to “ Dog Coin front CEO”.

  • last year 1 month , Musk's Twitter account profile became “bitcoin”. After musk changed his twitter profile , The currency Short term lifting 800 dollar , The price was once quoted at 32758 dollar / gold .

Now? , Musk's transformation of twitter will also spread to the field of cryptocurrency from content to products .

This year, 1 month , Twitter is new CEO Announced under the leadership of NFT Profile pictures . Musk immediately strongly criticized , And publicly said :“ Twitter's move is both annoying and a waste of engineering resources .”

A few days ago, musk “ Notice ” Seriously considering building a new social media platform ,YouTube Encrypted broadcaster Steven Steele Response statement , Whether musk buys twitter or creates its own platform , He will definitely make this new social media platform support dog money (DOGE) Tip function .

Then musk replied “100 branch ”, Suggest that you might do so .

After the disclosure of Musk's stake in twitter , Encrypted community users @Pranay Pathole Ask him to solve the problem of encrypted spam robot on twitter , Because these bots are really annoying and suggest improving the twitter verification system . Musk expressed : That's true , This is also one of the most annoying problems on twitter .

According to Decrypt reports , Twitter released a report this month on the biggest trends in the past two years , The financial industry, including cryptocurrency, ranks first on its website . According to the report , Only in the past three months , Twitter users posted nearly 3 Billion tweets about cryptocurrency . Twitter financial services director Jeff Melei In a blog post , Users on twitter are more likely to consider investing in cryptocurrencies than those who are not on twitter 3.2 times .

The influence of twitter on cryptocurrency can be imagined , After Musk's stake in twitter was announced , Dog money has also soared in the past two days and hit a two-month high .

Who can stop musk ?

Musk used his life to interpret “ No pain, no gain ”“ Gambling is stronger ”. But his fresh clothes are angry , It has always been mixed . Musk's Twitter journey , I'm afraid it won't be plain sailing because of money .

At the beginning, it was mentioned that Twitter reached an agreement with musk , Its shareholding ratio will not exceed 14.9%. Why this number ? Twitter is legally located in Delaware, USA , The shareholding ratio exceeds 15% It is difficult for investors to launch a hostile takeover of a company , This provides moderate protection for management . At the same time, it also makes people have reservations about twitter , Although Musk's action brought a long lost surge , But twitter may not welcome the arrival of this online celebrity so much , At least not everyone welcomes him .

Inside twitter , A palace duel is brewing . On one side are musk and twitter founder Jack • Dorsey , The other side is the current one CEO, That's what happened before CTO Parag Agrawal.

The founder of twitter 、 front CEO jack • Dorsey and musk can be said to be one type of “ God Man ”, Never play by common sense .2018 year , He suddenly sent an email to all the staff late at night , Encourage them to work from home ,“ Never used in the company ”, There was no COVID-19 at that time. . And after having COVID-19, , He wants to move twitter to Africa .

Other twitter shareholders want to squeeze Jack out • Dorsey , Musk doesn't forget to tweet and support Dorsey ——“ I support Dorsey to continue as president CEO, He has a kind heart .”

last year 11 month , Dorsey resigned ,CTO Parag Agrawal Host , Then musk tweeted PS A set of comic satire —— hold Parag Agrawal Compared to Stalin , Put Jack • Dorothy is compared to the cleared yeruofu .

And now musk and Parag Agrawal“ become integrated with ”, Even Jack • Dorsey couldn't help but say something :“Parag Agrawal The combination with musk will be an incredible team .”

There is no eternal enemy , Only permanent interests , The Internet really has no memory ? Or are the waves more turbulent under the calm water ? Another twitter shareholder “ Sister wood ” It's outspoken , Musk is sending a strong signal to the new CEO , Musk's stake in twitter may open the door to the company's management restructuring .

For now , Whether it's strength or power ,Parag Agrawal None of them are Musk's opponents .

Musk mocked Parag Agrawal

On the outside ,SEC It's also a headache for musk .

Previous 2018 year , Under the background that Tesla's share price is short and continues to decline , Musk suddenly announced via Twitter that he would privatize Tesla , It even gives a specific purchase price 420 dollar . After this tweet is released , Tesla's share price soared immediately , Resulting in heavy short losses . But then the survey showed , Musk did not negotiate his own source of privatization funds at all , A public company CEO Rashly announce major transaction news on the social platform , This obviously does not comply with the regulatory provisions on information disclosure .SEC So investigate musk .

2019 year 2 month , Musk tweeted again , Express “2011 Tesla hasn't built any cars in . however 8 After year , Tesla in 2019 The annual output will reach 50 ten thousand ”.SEC The complaint alleges that ,“ Musk did not seek or obtain prior approval before posting this tweet , The content information he published is untrue and has been disseminated to 2400 More than 10000 people ”.

And this time , Musk's disclosure of his investment in twitter could exacerbate his relationship with the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Tensions between .“ He did not disclose his holdings in a form in time 9.2% Shares of . If an investor buys a company more than 5% Shares of , Instead of seeking control , They have to submit this form .” A lawyer commented in foreign media reports :“ Musk's disclosure of information may harm his relationship with SEC Ongoing legal disputes between .”

Joining the twitter board is putting Musk on the... Again SEC Under a magnifying glass .

Of course , Musk is not without rivals —— Although musk is the richest man in the world , But he is not the only rich man in the world , In such an important position of public opinion as twitter , Musk may have other strong enemies . We can make bold guesses , If you're like George • Soros (George Soros) Or Michael • Bloomberg (Michael Bloomberg) Such left leaning billionaires also began to buy twitter shares , So it's not economics that can explain who the flowers fall into .

And if musk continues to influence twitter with his dramatic actions , Twitter may also become a value and price dislocation , Emotion is greater than strength (Meme Stock).

Accepted American magazine many years ago 《60 minute 》 In an interview , Musk once said proudly :“ You use your hairstyle to express your personality , And I'm , Twitter .”—— Now this sentence, whether metaphorically or literally , Has become a reality . Who can stop him ? Obviously twitter can't .

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