The sandbox: openness means gender tolerance

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sandbox openness means gender tolerance

“ The difference in gender data is not just due to people's long-standing indifference to women . These indifferences and differences also have important consequences .” Caroline · Criado · Peres is in his 《 Neglected women 》 In a Book .

However, with the continuous progress of the feminist movement , When women's spending power is gradually recognized by the booming market economy ,“ Women can hold half the sky ” The era of has gradually returned .

Such a game attaches great importance to the cultivation of female user groups , The game is The Sandbox( Sandbox ).The Sandbox As one of the largest independent user generated content game platforms in the world , Its downloads exceed 4000 ten thousand , More active users per month than 100 ten thousand , It's a decentralization , Community driven game ecosystem , Players can play in The etheric fang Tokens of the game platform are used on the blockchain SAND, And profit from the experience of the game NFT( Heterogeneous token ). The game is an open 3D virtual world , At present, it is actively entering the meta universe , The original game opener was pixowl, At present, by the game giant Animoca Brands The company controls .

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How does this game attract women into the game ?

According to the CBNData《 The report 》 data display , Female consumer market breakthrough 10 One trillion . thus it can be seen ,“ Her economy ” Keep growing , And according to QuestMobile data display , By 2021 year , The number of female mobile Internet users in China has reached 5.47 Billion , among ,24 The monthly use time of female users aged and below is prominent , Has more than 170 Hours . Behind the huge size of the female consumer market , It embodies the great charm of women .

In modern society , Gender equality has become a public consensus , Women want to have equal career opportunities with men , According to the CBNData《 The report 》 Pointed out that ,30% Of women want to have good career development ,18% Realize independent entrepreneurship . So it's built on GameFi Project The Sandbox Enable female users to “Play To Earn( Making money while playing games )” In the mode of , By playing games, you can have equal opportunities to realize your economic freedom .

According to the latest news ,3 month 8 Japan ,World of Women NFT The project recently announced that it has been connected with The Sandbox Achieve cooperation , Introduction “WoW The foundation ”, The plan is to pass within five years 2500 An investment of $million , To cultivate and promote women's participation Web3.Web3 It is based on the decentralization of blockchain , Related to cryptocurrencies and non homogenous tokens .WoW The foundation will use this money to NFT The artist is in The Sandbox Open a virtual college , And establish WoW The museum . according to the understanding of , The foundation Web 3 Free online courses will also pass The Sandbox Immersive experience for , Once the student has completed the course , They will be certified and get “NFT diploma ”.

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Women are the leaders of fashion trends .The Sandbox Cooperate with many fashion brands , In order to provide women with the need to pursue fashion . stay 2022 year 3 month 2 Japan , Encryption fashion brand RTFKT The official said in a social media post , Or it will be in Beijing time 3 month 2 Japan 23 Release its first Sandbox NFT series . Same day ,The Sandbox With the famous Japanese fashion shopping department store SHIBUYA109 Achieve cooperation , Will launch SHIBUYA109 LAND( Metacosmic land ). In the early days , luxury brand Gucci It has been announced that The Sandbox Buy virtual plots in , The specific plot area and quantity have not been disclosed yet . It is reported that Gucci Or will launch on this platform Gucci The theme of NFT And vintage bags . Apart from the virtual space focusing on fashion ,Gucci Virtual wearables will also be released , for The Sandbox Players buy and wear in the game .

All these cases tell us ,The Sandbox Attach great importance to the group of women , From the construction of high-end shopping experience 、 Cutting edge fashion trends , And pay attention to the creation of scenes in the training of female groups , Have done a lot of homework .

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The Sandbox How to lay out the meta universe ?

The Sandbox The history of can be seen from 2012 By Game Studio Pixowl Development to trace , But the most important turning point is the development of the road of turning to chain travel , The game is in 2018 year 8 Moon cover Animoca Brands Acquisition , Users develop blockchain versions 3D Open world games . From game development to today, take the road of meta Universe Development , The team has rich experience in game development and marketing operation . After the development of steering chain travel , The purpose of the game team's development is to create a sustainable game and content creation ecosystem , And said its mission is “ Build a system , Allow creators to create in a decentralized game ecosystem 、 game 、 Share and Trade , Enjoy secure copyright ownership , And earn SAND.”

“ The game may be the closest form to the meta universe , As human beings simulate the real world 、 Extend a wider virtual world , Support every player to survive and socialize as a virtual identity .” Professor Zhang Hongzhong of Beijing Normal University said .

The Sandbox Through the United stars , Build brand effect , To actively layout the meta universe . In addition to the above and multiple fashions 、 Luxury brands have cooperation ,The Sandbox Also with sports brand giants Adidas、 Game developer giant Ubisoft、 The highest selling newspaper in Hong Kong 《 South China Morning Post 》、 Big game IP《 Final fantasy 》、 Warner Music and other brands have cooperation , And with NBA Superstar Stephen · garage 、 Rap veteran Snoop Dogg、 Hong Kong Star Su Qi and so on IP Achieve cooperation . As can be seen from these cases of close cooperation ,The Sandbox Unite the present KOL, Trying to penetrate all aspects of the real world , Let the world enter this sandbox world , Strive to create a seamless virtual reality interactive world , To become another parallel universe .

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The Sandbox How to become more valuable ?

The Sandbox since 2018 In, it turned to chain travel , Introduce decentralization into the game world , It indicates the prospect of entering the meta universe , From the user experience , Games are the most interactive in applications 、 The category that users pay most attention to , And at present, the tuyere schedule of many capital investment chain tours , Only enter the meta universe , It is possible to win the recognition of capital .

The Sandbox adopt “ Sell the land ” Become more valuable . Yuan universe real estate developers and advertising service providers are two popular occupations in Yuan universe . stay The Sandbox in , Players can use the official LAND Buy... In the sales section LAND, Or in some third party NFT exchange ( for example Opensea and Rarible) Buy second-hand LAND.LAND yes The Sandbox Digital real estate in , The game has 166464 individual LAND, Every LAND All are NFT, Players can buy it , Have LAND after , You can add games and assets , And make a profit from it . And when you have your own LAND After area , You can publicize yourself by arranging advertisements on relevant buildings , Or through advertising to obtain corresponding benefits .

The Sandbox Become more valuable by building a good financial system .2022 year 3 month 16 Japan , HSBC announced its agreement with The Sandbox Achieve cooperation , Become the first to enter The Sandbox Yuancosmic's global financial service provider . When the UK's largest and Europe's second-largest bank settled , In the future, more and more businesses will pass The Sandbox To lay out the meta universe , In order to promote their own brand , So as to make the financial ecology in the sandbox more perfect .

“ We believe that this is more widely adopted by institutions that promote brand experience and participate in this new ecosystem Web3 And the beginning of the metauniverse .”The Sandbox COO and co founder Sebastien Borget Say so .

The strong support of the parent company makes The Sandbox More valuable . stay 《 The financial times 》 Of “2021 High growth companies in the Asia Pacific Region ” On the leaderboard ,Animoca Brands It's digital entertainment 、 A leader in blockchain and Gamification .Animoca Brands Raise funds in a new round of financing 3.6 Billion dollars , Make it valued at 54 Billion dollars , Because The Sandbox Behind the strong support of the parent company , stay 2018 In the major turning point of , In order to successfully transform into chain tour , So far, it has been favored by capital , stay 4 The total amount raised in this financing is more than 9,500 Million dollars .

2018 In the turning point of life and death in ,The Sandbox Successfully turned to the chain tour development mode of tuyere schedule , Wise men think of danger in times of peace ,The Sandbox When will the next wave rise ?

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The Sandbox The next wave of rise is on the way to the meta universe , Become a more perfect ecosystem in the meta universe , Or serve yuancosmic real estate developers , Or provide a good service for meta universe advertising service providers , Or provide a good financial system for the meta universe , Or for …… The universe is not yet perfect , So what eventually becomes , It will take time to give us an answer . But no matter what happens in the end , Its core ideas should be “ people oriented ”, Strive for a better tomorrow for mankind .

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