Jay Chou worth 3.2 million monkeys stolen? Isn't NFT a blockchain? Will it be stolen?

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jay chou worth million monkeys

According to titanium media 4 month 4 Daily reports , Just past 2021 year , It is jokingly called meta universe and NFT Year of , These two concepts can be used at home and abroad “ hot ” To describe , among NFT It also gives itself the name of digital art , Attracted many stars to participate .

however , While the stars pursue the art trend , Some lawless elements have come up with their ideas . According to domestic media reports ,4 month 1 Japan , Jay Chou is in Instagram On file , He was told by phone that he had received a gift before BAYC #3738 NFT Has been stolen by phishing websites , And attach “ Please be careful ” and “ This is not an April Fool's Day joke ” The label of . At current prices , The NFT Value exceeding 320 RMB 10,000 yuan .

2021 year 4 month 30 Japan , A family name ‘ Boring ape Yacht Club Bored Ape Yacht Club ’ Our website was officially launched . The ad on the website says :‘ Boring ape NFT Make you a member of the ape Country Club ’, And provide users with 10000 cartoon avatars of ape man , As a non homogenous token (NFT) sell , The price of each ape is about 200 dollar , Accept ETH payment .

After the theft , Jay Chou holds NFT The trading platform has been changed hands many times , At present, it has risen to 155ETH, The value has exceeded 50 Thousands of dollars ( About us 320 RMB 10,000 yuan ).

We see Jay Chou's own NFT Your Avatar was stolen all of a sudden. Many people will be very strange , Not to say that NFT Is blockchain technology used ? Using blockchain technology NFT Why would someone steal it ? Where is the reason ?

First , We need to understand what is NFT?NFT It is a kind of digital virtual asset that has been very popular since last year , From the perspective of the development of digital virtual assets ,NFT There is still a lot of room for market development in the market , With a large number of investors entering the market , The heat of the whole market is very high , not a few NFT Works of art have been hyped to become sky high prices , So last year we saw a lot of very profitable NFT product , Many of them NFT Our products have achieved very high returns , So we said NFT It has become an important direction of market development .

secondly , In terms of Technology ,NFT Blockchain technology is adopted , Blockchain has always been called a decentralized encryption technology , Under blockchain Technology , The security of the whole market is very high , Blockchains are hard to tamper with and steal , However, it is surprising that various products using blockchain technology in recent years , Whether it's bitcoin or NFT There are many cases of being stolen , In fact, many people can't understand why ? In fact, the core reason is that from the perspective of simple products ,NFT It is very difficult to be tampered with or stolen , But whatever it is NFT, You need to have a key , This key is stored on the mobile phone or on the computer , What most hackers steal or tamper with is not your real NFT The product itself , It's the key owned by the owner , The theft of the key is the current NFT The reason for this large-scale increase in theft cases .

Third , From Jay Chou's case , You can see the whole current NFT The market belongs to a market with huge risks , Whether you invest NFT, There may be losses caused by drastic market fluctuations , You have NFT There may be a serious risk of theft , So in this context , For the average person , Or try not to touch such high-risk investment products . If you really want to do it , Then you should be soberly aware of the huge risks behind investing in this product .( Jiang Han's vision )

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