Eleven new cities were added to the digital RMB pilot, and the bank took the lead in the market share

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new cities added digital rmb

【 Global network financial comprehensive report 】 recently , The central bank announced the new number of RMB 11 Local pilot , Including Tianjin 、 Chongqing City 、 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 、 Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province , And the host of the Asian Games in Zhejiang Province 6 Cities ( Hangzhou 、 ningbo 、 wenzhou 、 huzhou 、 shaoxing 、 jinhua ) shortlisted .

“ at present , Digital RMB has been in wholesale and retail 、 Catering Cultural Tourism 、 Government fees and other fields have formed a number of areas covering online 、 Replicable and popularized application mode ,2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 Successful pilot projects such as the Paralympic Games , Users participating in the pilot 、 Merchant 、 The transaction scale has grown steadily , The market responded well .” The Symposium on the pilot work of digital RMB research and development pointed out that , Beijing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province are in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 After the pilot of the winter Paralympic Games, it will be changed to the pilot area .

since 2019 Since the end of the year , The central bank is in Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xiongan 、 The pilot test of digital RMB will be carried out in the scenario of Chengdu and Beijing Winter Olympics ,2020 Shanghai... Was added in 、 hainan 、 Changsha 、 Xi'an 、 Qingdao 、 dalian 6 A new pilot area . This year, the pilot capacity of digital RMB will be expanded again , At the above-mentioned symposium, the central bank said , With the deepening of pilot testing , The research and development of digital RMB shows its convenience 、 Optimize the universality 、 Highlight innovation 、 Security 、 Reflect compliance 、 We are facing new situations and problems in strengthening sustainability , Further research and exploration are needed .

according to the understanding of , Digital RMB has been in wholesale and retail 、 Catering Cultural Tourism 、 Government fees and other fields have formed a number of online and offline businesses 、 Replicable and popularized application mode . The data disclosed by the central bank shows that , By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 808.51 m , Accumulated opening of personal wallet 2.61 One hundred million , The transaction amount reaches 875.65 One hundred million yuan .

It is worth noting that , As the first batch of digital RMB operators , The six major state-owned banks disclosed the operation of digital RMB business in their annual reports . Bank for economic construction In the annual report ,2021 In, it innovatively launched digital RMB combined payment 、 Services such as real-time issuance of red envelopes and automatic redemption of wallet balance back to bank account , By the end of the year , The cumulative number of RMB transactions is 8475 More than ten thousand 、 About 435 One hundred million yuan . Based on this calculation , The digital RMB transaction amount of China Construction Bank accounts for about... Of the total transaction amount 49.68%.

The Bank of communications disclosed in the report , By 2021 end of the year , Its digital RMB landing scene exceeds 23 m , The cumulative number of circulation transactions exceeds 1000 Ten thousand brush , Transaction amount exceeds 23 One hundred million yuan .

The bank of China, In the annual report , In the number of opened scenarios and the number of merchant stores , Its market share is 34% and 36%, In the first place . Besides , Postal savings bank Express , Its digital RMB project fully covers the postal delivery scene , share 966 Multiple delivery sites support digital RMB payment .

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