Re expansion of digital RMB pilot cities the central bank stressed that the pilot should adhere to Marketization

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expansion digital rmb pilot cities

Economic observer network Huqun

“ Expand the pilot scope in an orderly manner , Tianjin will be added to the existing pilot areas 、 Chongqing City 、 Guangzhou, Guangdong Province 、 Fuzhou and Xiamen in Fujian Province 、 Zhejiang Province is the host of the Asian Games 6 Cities as pilot areas , Beijing and Zhangjiakou in Hebei Province are in 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 After the pilot of the winter Paralympic Games, it will be changed to the pilot area .”4 month 2 Japan , The official website of the people's Bank of China shows ,3 month 31 At the Symposium on the pilot work of digital RMB research and Development held by the people's Bank of China on September, it is believed that , at present , Digital RMB has been in wholesale and retail 、 Catering Cultural Tourism 、 Government fees and other fields have formed a number of areas covering online 、 Replicable and popularized application mode ,2022 Beijing Winter Olympics 、 Successful pilot projects such as the Paralympic Games , Users participating in the pilot 、 Merchant 、 The transaction scale has grown steadily , The market responded well .

The meeting stressed , The pilot research and development of digital RMB should adhere to the embodiment of “ People's nature ”, Expanding the coverage of financial services , Improve the level of Inclusive Financial Services , Help local economic development , Support the construction of digital government , Improve the quality and efficiency of financial services to the real economy , Play a greater role in improving the business environment . We should adhere to marketization , In the development of digital RMB 、 Extension 、 In the process of popularization , Policy design should fully stimulate financial institutions 、 Technology enterprises 、 The enthusiasm and creativity of local governments and other parties , In promoting the operation, we should encourage competition . We should adhere to the rule of law , Carry out all work in accordance with the law , Carry out legal construction in a forward-looking manner , Ensure the security of the digital RMB system , Grasp the relationship between privacy protection and crime prevention , In depth study of the potential impact on the financial system and other aspects .

Further expansion of pilot cities

The people's Bank of China 2017 The research and development of digital RMB will begin at the end of the year , And ranked first according to asset scale and market share 、 Strong technical development force and other standards , Select large commercial banks 、 Telecom operators 、 Internet enterprises as participating R & D institutions .

2019 end of the year , The people's Bank of China is in Shenzhen 、 Suzhou 、 Xiongan 、 Chengdu and 2022 The pilot test of digital RMB will be carried out in the scenario of Beijing Winter Olympic Games .2020 year 11 Month begins , Add Shanghai 、 hainan 、 Changsha 、 Xi'an 、 Qingdao 、 dalian 6 A new pilot area . Since then, the digital RMB has entered “10+1” Pilot phase , The pilot provinces and cities basically cover the Yangtze River Delta 、 Pearl River Delta 、 Beijing Tianjin Hebei 、 In the middle 、 In the west 、 The northeast 、 Northwest and other different regions , And gradually join hands with the Internet platform , Rich exploration is carried out around the scenes of small and high-frequency consumption close to people's life .

2021 year 7 month , Issued by the digital RMB research and development working group of the people's Bank of China 《 White paper on R & D Progress of digital RMB in China 》 The goal and vision of digital RMB are given :

China has developed a digital RMB system , The purpose is to create a system to meet the public's cash demand under the condition of digital economy 、 New RMB in digital form , Supported by reliable and stable retail payment 、 Fast and efficient 、 Continuous innovation 、 Open competitive financial infrastructure , Support the development of China's digital economy , Enhance the development level of Inclusive Finance , Improve the operation efficiency of currency and payment system .

2021 year , The pilot of digital RMB has been successful . Especially since the second half of the year , The scene of the Winter Olympics and meituan and other institutions have increased the exploration of the commercialization of digital RMB , Digital RMB pilot scenario 、 The opening of wallet and the rapid increase of transaction amount .

stay 2022 year 1 month 18 At the press conference of the State Council's new office in Japan , Zou LAN, director of the financial market department of the central bank, revealed ,“ By 2021 year 12 month 31 Japan , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 808.51 m , Accumulated opening of personal wallet 2.61 One hundred million , Transaction amount 875.65 One hundred million yuan ”.

According to the 《 White paper on R & D Progress of digital RMB in China 》 As of disclosure 2021 year 6 month 30 Daily data , The pilot scenario of digital RMB has exceeded 132 m , Covering living expenses 、 Food and Beverages 、 Transportation 、 Shopping consumption 、 Government services and other fields . Open a personal wallet 2087 More than a 、 Corporate Wallet 351 More than a , Cumulative number of transactions 7075 More than ten thousand 、 About 345 One hundred million yuan .

In half a year , The pilot scenario of digital RMB starts from 132 Million to 808.51 m , The number of personal wallets opened ranges from 2087 Million to 2.61 One hundred million , The transaction amount is from 345 Billion yuan to 875.65 One hundred million yuan .

Adhere to Marketization

On the day when the people's Bank of China announced the orderly expansion of the pilot scope of digital RMB , Meituan announced the issuance of digital RMB consumption subsidies for the residents of these new pilot cities . From now on , Guangzhou 、 tianjin 、 Chongqing, etc 11 Residents of the new pilot city of digital RMB can open meituan App Search for “ Digital RMB ”, Complete the registration and receive the value 40 RMB consumption gift package . The consumption subsidy covers the offline clothing, food, housing and transportation of urban residents 200 Various daily consumption scenarios for people's livelihood , Consumers can eat in the store or take out 、 Buying vegetables 、 Watch movies and other ways to taste digital RMB . In addition to the residents of the new pilot cities , The first batch of participants who had not signed up to participate in the pilot activities of the US group's digital RMB 、 Residents of the second batch of pilot cities can also continue to sign up , Get the corresponding digital RMB red envelope reward .

This is the first important action of scenario support institutions to respond to the orderly expansion of the pilot scope of digital RMB , It is also another measure taken by meituan to actively help the pilot R & D of digital RMB to settle down and serve the real economy and people's life .2021 year 9 month 9 Japan , Meituan was in Beijing 、 Shanghai, etc 9 Pilot digital RMB bike sharing activities in provinces and cities ; And in 2021 year 12 month 15 Japan , In Beijing, 、 Shanghai, etc 9 Provinces and cities will further expand the carbon neutralization pilot of digital RMB ;2022 year 1 month 5 Japan , Added users in meituan App、 Meituan takeout App When ordering takeout, you can pay for the meal in digital RMB .

Meituan said , With the extensive penetration of digital RMB, catering takeout 、 Shopping for vegetables and other scenes of people's daily life , It boosts consumption 、 The value of service entities is further highlighted . This time, people's livelihood consumption gift bags will be distributed in the new pilot cities , It aims to further stimulate the inclusive value of digital RMB , While accelerating the popularization of digital RMB in new pilot cities , Drive the recovery of consumption under the current ground line 、 Help local economic development .

“ By the end of this year 3 month , There is more than 250 Million users receive digital RMB red envelopes in meituan , Using digital RMB consumption ”. According to meituan , Since this year, 1 month , Since meituan opened the digital RMB full scene payment channel and launched the digital RMB people's livelihood consumption subsidy , It has driven all kinds of people's livelihood consumption 64 One hundred million yuan . among , exceed 92% The digital RMB consumption subsidy for people's livelihood flows to takeout 、 Buying vegetables 、 Catering and other small and high-frequency consumption scenes in people's daily life , Effectively drive the recovery of offline consumption and the development of small and micro entity merchants .

The people's Bank of China emphasizes , In the development of digital RMB 、 Extension 、 In the process of popularization , Policy design should fully stimulate financial institutions 、 Technology enterprises 、 The enthusiasm and creativity of local governments and other parties , In promoting the operation, we should encourage competition .

actually , Recently, several listed companies have disclosed the pilot data of digital RMB .

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China 2021 Annual report , Accelerate ICBC e Construction of living platform , advance “ The credit card + Digital RMB ” Integration and innovation , Realize digital RMB e Life pays 、 QR code payment transaction closed loop ; Enabling the Winter Olympic scene , We will promote the acceptance of digital RMB wallets VISA Overseas card .

Bank for economic construction The progress made in the pilot of digital RMB has attracted market attention .

“ Cumulative number of RMB transactions 8475 More than ten thousand , Cumulative RMB transaction amount 435 One hundred million yuan .” CCB annual report shows that , Fully build a digital RMB payment scenario , Continuously optimize the construction of digital RMB acceptance environment , Comprehensive coverage of transportation and travel 、 Living expenses 、 Living expenses 、 Food and accommodation 、 School education 、 Medical care health 、 Entertainment 、 Retail payment fields such as government services and online platforms .

Compared with Zou LAN, director of the financial market department of the central bank, as of 2021 year 12 month 31 Daily figure RMB “ Transaction amount 875.65 One hundred million yuan ” According to our data , The digital RMB transaction amount of one bank of China Construction Bank has accounted for nearly half of the whole market .

By 2021 end of the year , Bank of Communications Landing digital RMB application scenario 23.64 m . Postal savings bank The total number of functional components of online digital RMB products exceeds 230 individual , Covers personal wallets 、 Corporate Wallet 、 Merchant Collection 、 Various aspects of operation management , Continuously improve the ability of digital RMB payment services ; And has been in contact with 60 More than banks have signed cooperation agreements on digital RMB services .

As a technology enterprise in the digital RMB industry chain , Shenzhou information (000555)2021 Annual report ,2021 year , China Information Digital RMB solution has been implemented in China Construction Bank 、 Guangdong Development Bank 、 Bank of Beijing (601169) Nearly equal 20 The bank has realized the landing construction ; And helped Beijing Dongcheng District Taxation Bureau successfully realize the city's first digital RMB payment of entrusted tax collection business ; Has been launched “ Digital prepaid consumer service platform ” Launch a pilot project , It enriches the application of daily consumption scenarios , It also uses smart contracts for trusted fund management , So as to realize the capital security transaction between upstream and downstream enterprises in the supply chain finance scenario .

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