Buy the virtual moving picture of Yuanmingyuan beast head for more than 8000 yuan. Is NFT "leak picking" or investment risk?

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buy virtual moving picture yuanmingyuan

The economic journal,

In recent days, , The sheep's head of the twelve animal heads in the Yuanmingyuan, which has been missing for many years “ Appearance ” Auctions , Drop hammer price 8141 element . You can't buy real cultural relics at this price —— actually , What consumers buy at a high price is only a virtual moving picture , It's just a globally unique code . According to relevant plans , The virtual moving pictures of the twelve animal heads will appear in the auction .

In recent years , This is called “NFT”( Heterogeneous token ) Digital collections are popular all over the world . last year , An artist Beeple Of “NFT” The work was shot at Christie's 6934 Ten thousand dollars a day , The starting price is only 100 dollar . At home , Existing Internet platform giants enter the field , There are also a large number of start-ups to build platforms , Attract countless individual creators 、 The artist 、 The museum 、 Large and small brands have released digital collections .

at present , Some platforms adopt the selling method of direct purchase price combined with auction price , But this price difference may not be able to pick up the leak , It may also leave loopholes in market disorder . Take the Yuanmingyuan beast head series as an example , Each of the twelve animals in this issue has 10000 Share , among 9982 Copies can be used 29.9 Yuan to buy directly , And unlimited ,90 Days later, it can be transferred through wechat applet , The only real auction is 1 Share . This is very subtle , Because of this 1 The high price of thousands of yuan will become the low price in front “ Same paragraph ” Reference price at the time of transfer . and , Will it continue to issue the next issue ? Insiders believe that , It is not ruled out that there are buyers who hoard a lot of goods in the early stage , Then raise the auction price , So that later high prices “ Transfer the possession of ”.

People pursue art , One is for beauty Appreciate value , Second, the collection value brought by scarcity . Does the digital collection have the appreciation value equivalent to the price , Different people , But judging from the high transfer demand , Most buyers mainly want to earn income through transfer . However , The production cost and reproduction cost of digital collections are low , Scarcity is in doubt , It may not be able to support appreciation expectations , Let the dream of sudden wealth break .

There is another risk for domestic consumers :“NFT” In foreign countries, the essence is token , Generally based on the public chain , The value of the work is recognized . Domestic institutions insist that they only make digital works of art , Most trading platforms are based on alliance chain , Some start-ups also have their own platforms and blockchains . So many platforms and alliance chains , It means that the price system of digital collections is not firm , The risk of speculation is high . Some platforms prohibit secondary resale , But the ban is not effective , Private transactions are still frequent , Recently, WeChat has banned many official account numbers of digital collection platforms suspected of illegal speculation or two transactions. . There are still some platforms that directly release the issuance and resale and charge high commissions , Once the platform is shut down , Consumers who accept orders at high prices may suffer heavy losses .

From practice , If digital collections are only regarded as cultural and creative goods traded online , Supervised by market supervision department and Intellectual Property Department , That's not enough . As a derivative of financial technology , Digital collections have both commodity attributes 、 The nature of money 、 Securities properties, etc , Its supervision involves multiple departments , There is an urgent need to establish a joint supervision mechanism . As report goes , The securities and Exchange Commission is investigating “NFT” Launch an investigation into illegal fund-raising , The US Treasury also warned “NFT” Could become a money laundering tool . Some domestic experts suggest introducing “ Regulatory sandbox ”, Select a platform to communicate closely with regulators , Measures such as the operation mechanism of reporting in advance and the protection of consumers' rights and interests , At a certain time 、 Within a certain range of commissioning . It's also a way of thinking .

With blockchain 、 Meta universe 、“NFT” And so on Web3.0 It is regarded as the next stage of the Internet . Compared to the meta universe , Digital collections are more moving , It is the fastest application scenario of blockchain . In order to polish and popularize new technologies , Strive for China to take the lead in pushing forward The new world The opportunity of the gate , Not bad . For this new thing , Both inclusiveness and prudence are needed , We also need to pay close attention to , Find a cautious key . Before the regulatory mechanism is clear , It is suggested that consumers treat , Rational participation .

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