German authorities smashed the Russian dark network market and seized $25 million worth of bitcoin

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german authorities smashed russian dark

German authorities say they have closed one of the world's largest dark network markets from Russia Hydra Market, When the market was seized, its value was confiscated 2500 $10000 bitcoin (BTC). According to a statement by the federal police on Tuesday , The cybercrime Office of the Frankfurt prosecutor's office and the federal criminal police are in “ Protect ” The site's server was confiscated 543 Bitcoin .

Federal police found 1700 Million customers and 19000 Seller accounts . According to the statement ,Hydra Market It may be the highest turnover in the world's illegal market . The police said , stay 2020 year , The market has 12.3 Billions of euros (13.5 Billion dollars ) The income of the .

The police statement said , There is also a built-in bitcoin privacy obfuscation program in this Russian based market , This complicates tracking transactions .

Hydra Market since 2015 Has been in operation since , Can pass Tor Browser access . The website has been deleted from the Internet .

Blockchain forensics company Ciphertrace Express , The market is mainly used to sell narcotics , The target market is mainly Russia 、 Ukraine 、 belarus 、 kazakhstan 、 azerbaijan 、 Armenia 、 kyrgyzstan 、 Uzbekistan 、 Tajikistan and Moldova .

Police said , The survey began with 2021 year 8 month , It also involves law enforcement cooperation with the U.S. authorities .

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