Yuanuniverse Fashion Week: is it a collective Carnival of the minority or a digital experience of the public?

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yuanuniverse fashion week collective carnival

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author : Huang Shujun

The world's first meta universe fashion week (Metaverse Fashion Week, hereinafter referred to as “MVFW”) Last month, 24 to 27 On the famous virtual world platform Decentraland host . This is also the first Fashion Week held in the virtual world , exceed 60 A global brand and a group of artists 、 The designer joined the fashion week schedule .

Unlike the traditional fashion week, there are restrictions on visitors , This virtual fashion event is open to all the public , Just through a web browser , Non platform users or Internet users without wearable devices can enter as tourists Decentraland Virtual world experience .

Anyone can take part MVFW, picture source :nftevening.com

In a four-day virtual event , Visitors can watch fully digital fashion shows 、 Participate in the follow-up party activities of the brand , You can also directly for your own digital avatar (Avatar) Buy or even wear the show's latest style , More brand flash stores 、 Retail stores 、 forum 、 Art Exhibition 、 A series of virtual activities such as performance can be experienced .

Decentraland Creative director of the foundation Sam Hamilton Express ,“Decentraland Is a suitable for everyone 、 Virtual social world anywhere .” With the rise of digital goods and meta universe shopping experience ,“ Through this session MVFW, We strive to broaden ‘ Meta universe ’ The meaning of . We just improved the competitive environment and reduced restrictions for the fashion industry ”.

First MVFW Has attracted many brands “ Test the waters ”

World famous market data research platform CB Insights In a trend report earlier this year , With the yuan universe 、NFT(Non-fungible Tokens Nonhomogeneous tokens ) And the rise of digital identity , Fully invest in the brand “ Digital avatar economy ”(Avatar Economy) among .

actually , up to now , No brand in any field is more active in embracing these digital avatars than the fashion field , Whether it is the emerging digital fashion brand in recent years , It is also a traditional fashion brand led by the luxury industry . According to Morgan Stanley, an American investment bank , To 2030 year , The global virtual luxury market may be as large as 500 Billion dollars , Including Gucci Gucci、 Balencia Balenciaga、 Burberry Burberry Major luxury brands, including, have already entered the virtual world .

Burberry For virtual interactive games Blankos Block Party The player ( Digital avatar ) To build the NFT Fashion accessories , picture source :Burberry

However , Digital fashion starts from a profitable niche market , It is only in a short period of two or three years that it has flourished to the public view , Many fashion brands and designs are still in the wait-and-see stage . and MVFW It just provides an opportunity for brands , Let them try and understand the business ecology of the virtual world in a relatively low-risk way , At the same time, it also tests consumers' interest in virtual world fashion .

According to Norwegian designer brand DUNDAS cofounder Evangelo Bousis That's what I'm saying ,MVFW The holding of “ It is a large-scale experiment that is about to become a reality ”. The brand and many others appeared in this MVFW The brand in the agenda is the same , All of them made their debut in the virtual world based on regional chain technology .“ This is our first time ( Virtual fashion activities ), This is the beauty of all this , But you do feel nervous ”,Bousis admit , At present, more concerns lie in the extension of virtual fashion as a brand , I hope its presentation can conform to the brand's consistent image .

DUNDAS stay MVFW Virtual store during , picture source :DUNDAS

Whole MVFW Activity in Decentraland Fashion District of virtual world ( Fashion District) Held inside , And distributed in several new Street Districts operated by different communities , There are more than 60 Two brands and designers show different digital fashion experiences to all the public . for example , In virtual real estate company Metaverse Group Luxury fashion blocks owned by (Luxury Fashion District) Inside , Guo Pei, China's advanced customized brand Guo Pei Opened a boutique for digital avatars .

Italian luxury brand dugabana Dolce & Gabbana Luxury and culture NFT platform UNXD Jointly held a fashion show , It shows 20 A full set of models of Yuan universe wearable devices , After the fashion show, the audience can also visit the exclusive flash shop , Enjoy all the works of this custom series .

Dujiabanna has launched a variety of meta universe wearable devices with a full set of shapes , picture source :Dolce & Gabbana

Dujiabanna said , Attend this event “ It is the fulfillment of the brand's commitment to supporting the development of the meta universe , It is also the continuation of a series of measures taken by the brand to inherit decades of craftsmanship ”. It is reported that , Brand follow-up will also work with UNXD Cooperate to launch their own NFT Community “DGFamily”, All appearance models launched this time will only be for DGFamily Box The holder provides .

A few brands, such as international beauty brand Estee Lauder 、 American fast fashion brand Forever 21、 German luxury fashion brand Philipp Plein still MVFW During the opening of its virtual world flagship store , Famous department stores in London Selfridges It's in MVFW The day before opening, it unveiled its flagship store . These brands have been in... Even earlier Decentraland Bought virtual real estate .

Decentraland Internal Selfridges Flagship store , picture source :Decentraland

among , Estee Lauder is this time MVFW Our exclusive beauty brand . Brand and international famous makeup artist Alex Box cooperation , Brand trump essence products “ Little brown bottle ” A wearable look inspired by , Visitors through contact “ Little brown bottle ” You can get a certificate of attendance agreement (Proof Of Attendance Protocol,POAP)NFT badge , Not only to commemorate the participation in this cosmic fashion event , And make it a digital avatar “ one's face glowing with health ”, Feel the unique virtual “ Beauty experience ”.

Estee Lauder is located in Decentraland New headquarters of virtual world MVFW During the opening , picture source :theblockcrypto.com

In addition to purchasing virtual goods for digital avatars in brand boutiques or Flash stores , Some brands also offer exclusive physical goods to visitors at the same time . Decentralized business ecosystem Boson Protocol( Boson protocol ) stay MVFW During this period, it helped American leisure and fashion brands Tommy Hilfiger、 Italian luxury fashion brand HOGAN、 French fashion brand IKKS And so on 13 The brand has achieved this . Visitors can visit Decentraland Luxury business blocks in the virtual world Boson Portal Enter the virtual flash shops and stores of these brands , And buy RNFT(Redeemable NFT, You can exchange physical goods in the real world within a limited period of time NFT), Create a shopping experience that combines virtual and reality .

Tommy Hilfiger stay MVFW Virtual store during , picture source :Decentraland / Boson Protocol

The founder of the brand with the same name Tommy Hilfiger Express ,“ When I was there 1985 When the brand of the same name was founded in , I never thought I would see fashion week in a 3D、 Held in a fully virtualized world .” He believes that with further exploration of the meta universe and everything it provides ,“ I was inspired by the power of digital technology and the opportunities it offers , Interact with different communities in an engaging and connected way ”.

Let more audiences experience the future of the meta universe

First MVFW Shows a large 、 How virtual activities for several days work in the metauniverse , And create a fashion ecology like the physical world for brands and retailers . this MVFW One of the curators of David Cash take MVFW Described as “ Strive to present fashion in every possible form , From fashion show to retail experience , With art 、 The movie 、 The form of photography presents fashion , Even present fashion in a way beyond reality —— In the virtual world , Anything is possible ”.

But as Decentraland Creative director of the foundation Sam Hamilton What I have said , To pass through MVFW expand “ Meta universe ” The meaning of , actually , By presenting a series of fashion shows 、 Related theme activities other than retail shopping experience ,Decentraland As one of the few 、 A well-known virtual world platform with a certain scale , Not just for the brand 、 Retailers create an opportunity to enter the meta universe , It is also to the audience who have not really touched or entered the meta universe , Through more intuitive 、 More diversified virtual experience , Looking forward to the future of the meta universe .

By the curator David Cash Created Web3 Institutions CashLabs stay MVFW During this period, a mixed media art gallery was created . exceed 20 An artist and brand designer in a company called “ At the intersection of art and fashion ”(at the intersection of Art and Fashion) In the exhibition of . The walls of the three-story space in the gallery are full of images and video works , There are also fashion works expressed in the form of sculpture . During this period, a fashion film festival was held , Five movies are shown on the roof of the fourth floor every day , This four-day fashion film feast takes visitors through the film to explore the history and future of fashion .

CashLabs Gallery , picture source :Twiter @metameditator

Decentraland Virtual reality in the virtual world Parcel-MetaParty Community space (Parcel-MetaParty Community Precinct) It's made up of virtual real estate NFT trading platform Parcel Sharing platform with the meta universe community Metaparty Made together . In addition to providing talented designers with fashion shows to show the shape of their wearable devices , This space also has various mini games 、DJ party 、 Other entertainment experiences such as music performance and Parkour sports .

MVFW period , There is also a series of digital fashion 、NFT、Web3 Panel discussion with experts in the field of metauniverse , In the daily CashLabs Headquarters and Boson Protocol Hold... In the block . And when the daily fashion show and group discussion are over , Various celebrations are also taking place Decentraland Held everywhere in the .

from CashLabs Organized expert group , picture source :Decentraland

among , Luxury fashion brand HOGAN stay MVFW The theme was “HOGAN-X” Virtual brand party , Invited famous DJ Bob Sinclair Hot on site , And launch the first virtual world dance competition at the same time , The winners of the competition can obtain, including HOGAN Virtual wear NFT、HOGAN Limited Edition NFT Surprise gifts including .HOGAN And luxury goods NFT platform Exclusible cooperation , Launched the brand's first NFT series Hogan Untraditional NFT Collection.

HOGAN And Boson Protocol Create a virtual flash shop , picture source :HOGAN

Whole MVFW Strive to make fashion 、 Shopping retail 、 Art and culture 、 Frontier insight , And music 、 dance 、 Sports and other leisure and entertainment are integrated .Sam Hamilton Express ,“ Yuan universe fashion week is an ideal 、 Milestones , Introduce to the world what we have built ( virtual world ) The idea behind everything . This is a space built and operated by the community .”

in fact ,Sam Hamilton I think fashion and high fashion are not new to the virtual world ,“ since 2020 Since the introduction of digital avatar wearable products in ,Decentraland It has been at the forefront of digital fashion with scarcity and huge demand ”. He pointed out that , Since then , The creators have been challenging Decentraland The boundaries of wearable products in technology and style , And created a booming economy ,“ Last year's sales of digital avatar wearable products exceeded 100 Thousands of dollars ”.

MVFW person in charge Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro I also express , The fashion industry has been talking about innovation in the digital field for many years , and Decentraland The meta universe fashion week allows major fashion brands to explore this new space with artists and designers who create this space .“MVFW22 It will be a moment for the fashion industry to witness the future of fashion , This ( fictitious ) How will the world make them ( Brands ) Meet new audiences , Promote the sustainability of fashion , And reassess the diversity and usability of fashion .”

Brands don't have to rush into the meta universe

Although in order to maximize the reach ,Decentraland Allow non platform users to log in as tourists through the web browser , And guide visitors to quickly generate a digital avatar representing themselves . But if you want to buy any wearable NFT And RNFT, Whether paid or not , Visitors need to build an Ethereum wallet first (Ethereum wallet).

Visitors enter Decentraland Virtual worlds can have their own digital avatars , picture source :theblockcrypto.com

meanwhile , Based on the fact that web browsers are affected by different devices and network speeds , The experience of visiting and walking in the virtual world also varies from person to person . According to the well-known Internet News blog in the United States Mashable Editor of the UK team Meera Navlakha Written statement ,“ Browser based virtual worlds may have limitations ”, Playing in the browser is not ideal , And will lead to considerable “ intermittent ”.

Navlakha Express , Even though Decentraland Google is recommended Chrome Or Firefox Firefox Browse to make sure you get the best performance on your computer ,“ But using these two browsers on laptops often crashes ”.

and , According to fashion industry media WWD Relevant editorial team suggestions , In order to avoid continuous delay from damaging the viewing experience , It is recommended to set the image quality to “ Low Qing ” In order to speed up , But it also means compromising on visual effects .

HOGAN-X Virtual brand party , picture source :Decentraland

Through this large-scale digital fashion event , There are still many questions worth thinking about , for example , The talent cost of digital fashion . In an interview with WWD In an interview ,Sam Hamilton Mention facing this MVFW Such a big production , My team is relatively small , The amount of work that can be undertaken is limited ,“ We outsource some of our work to others 3D developer 、 Designers and programmers , Some brands pay their fees ”, He stressed that , Yes MVFW It doesn't belong to any form of sponsorship , And very much recognize this pay per work approach .

Spanish fast fashion brand Mango Also participated in this MVFW, And launched the brand and encryption artist Luis “Lajos” Arregui Henk( or Farkas) And its own technology and 3D Jointly created by the product design team 3 paragraph NFT works . Responsible for technology according to brand 、 data 、 Director of privacy and security Jordi Alex That's what I'm saying ,Mango The development in the virtual world is the proof of the company's continuous innovation .

“ We have created a specific team dedicated to the development of digital content , New professionals will join in the coming months .” He said this is to develop new projects in the future ,“( The addition of new members ) Will enable us to add virtual environments to the digital and physical environments of the brand channel ecosystem .”

Mango On MVFW One of the models launched during NFT Wearable works , picture source :Mango

However , Pure digital fashion brand Rebublique Founder and creative director of James Gaubert It is suggested that brands do not have to rush into the meta universe .3D/AR Experience development platform Threedium CEO Mike Charalambous It also means , Even the technical partners of the event need to warn the brand not to “ act rashly and blindly ”.Threedium With creative production agencies Craft stay Decentraland Virtual world opened a virtual shopping center , And as this MVFW Part of the brand display , Build for a range of brands 3D Wearable products , While providing an immersive experience , This includes general motors GM Show off its latest electric car .

Threedium Create a virtual experience for General Motors , picture source :Thredium x Craft Worldwide

Mike Charalambous Express ,“ Usually , For the brand of zero universe experience or zero universe gene , We suggest they start small .” for example , stay Decentraland Try to develop several wearable products in the platform , Experience the whole process and pay attention to the appearance design .

Some experts are worried about small brands , Think it will be more and more difficult for them to enter the meta universe . According to digital production company Media Monks Global customer partner in fashion Liam Osbourne That's what I'm saying , Compared with big brands , Small brands with smaller budgets may not have the resources or motivation to participate . Besides , He also pointed out that ,MVFW The front row seats and closed parties in the show may be repeating what exists in the physical world “ Admission restrictions ”.

“ I have always supported innovation , And firmly believe that digital experience is democratic , But I will observe its degree of democracy ,”Liam Osbourne For example ,“ Focus on and highlight emerging talents , Or is it dominated only by big players ? If it just copies what happens in the real world , For me, , It's not that interesting .”

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