The US House of representatives will consider legislation on the adoption of bitcoin in El Salvador

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house representatives consider legislation adoption

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,4 month 6 Japan , According to the Coindesk, The representative of the United States Norma J. Torres and Rick Crawford Put forward 《 El Salvador Cryptocurrency Accountability law 》(ACES), It is hoped that the adoption of The currency (BTC) Risks to the U.S. financial system as legal tender .

《 El Salvador cryptocurrency Accountability Act 》(ACES) Instruct the State Department to adopt bitcoin as legal tender for El Salvador and El Salvador's network security 、 Analyze the risks of economic stability and democratic governance , And develop a plan to reduce potential risks to the U.S. financial system .

As a reference for risk , El Salvador's GDP is about 250 Billion dollars , The gross domestic product of the United States is 21 Trillions of dollars .

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