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metis blockchain browser view data

What is? Metis?

Metis It's based on Optimism Bifurcated Layer 2 Public chain network , Its Layer 2 DAO Basic agreement Metis, It's based on Layer2 An open framework built by the protocol , Mainly for DAC( Decentralized self-organizing companies ) The creation of 、 Management and development .

Metis Provides high scalability 、 High performance 、 Low cost layer 2, Let developers through Metis Open source software framework to quickly realize the landing of decentralized applications .

Tokenview Metis Block browser

Metis Blockchain browser

Metis The core of Optimistic Rollup Construction of capacity expansion technology , The technology is also Layer 2 Head public chain network Arbitrum The expansion scheme adopted , It aims to help Ethereum network congestion and high cost gas Fees, etc .Metis The public chain network has been online Tokenview Full currency block browser , adopt [Tokenview Metis Blockchain browser ]( see Metis Data performance on the chain .

Tokenview Metis Block browser

Number of active addresses

adopt Tokenview Metis The block browser home page can view Metis The basic data information includes : Latest explosive block ,24 Number of transactions per hour , Total transaction volume , Total transfer amount and circulation, etc , You can also view Metis Number of daily transactions and active addresses , From this we can infer that Metis Activity and prosperity trend on the chain .

Tokenview Metis Block browser

Transactions to be confirmed

The number of transactions to be confirmed refers to the transaction data in unconfirmed status . Ethereum is recognized as the king of the public chain , Have been suffering from ‘ Extensibility ” The criticism of the problem , The transaction has been delayed for confirmation , And with it the superelevation gas fee , Seriously affect the user's trading experience .Metis As Layer2 Competitors of the track , Mainly to solve Gas High cost , The problem of network congestion . according to Tokenview Metis Blockchain browser shows Metis The number of unconfirmed transactions is 0.

Tokenview Metis Block browser

Metis ERC-20 Token list

Metis The block browser includes all ERC-20 Token Information , Including the Token The contract address of , circulation , Number of currency holding addresses and transactions, etc . At the same time, you can view a Token Active address and new address of the contract , In order to judge the Token The activity of the project .Metis The browser can also query Token All transaction information of the contract address and the holding of the contract Token The address of the rich .

Tokenview Metis Block browser Tokenview Metis Block browser

Metis Heterogeneous token (NFT) list

ERC-721 Namely NFT Heterogeneous token . What is? NFT? NFT yes Non-Fungible Tokens Abbreviation , It means non interchangeable tokens , Called non homogenous tokens .Tokenview Metis The browser provides users with all NFT Token list .

Tokenview Metis Block browser

Click on one of NFT Address: e.g Metis Cat:

Metis Cat NFT The total circulation of is 5,266 MCATS, And so far, a total of 5900 transaction , Active addresses and new addresses show a gradual downward trend this month . At the same time, you can also view each transaction information of the contract address .

Tokenview Metis Block browser

besides ,Metis The blockchain browser can also track Metis Whale big deal , Inquire about Metis Rich address information , What's more 20 Multiple chart data fully reflect Metis Activities and trends of data on the chain , Query data using Tokenview Metis Blockchain browser .

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