Colombian money laundering regulator delays resolution on encrypted transaction report

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colombian money laundering regulator delays

Colombian anti money laundering regulatory authority UIAF Postponed the date when exchanges and individuals must start reporting their transactions to the organization . The agency will now open a consultation period , in the meantime , Companies and individuals can put forward their ideas on the proposed regulations , The regulation may be in 6 month 1 Make changes before the application date . The exact reason behind the delay is not specified in the document , But the new resolution establishing the delay points out that : To ensure that UIAF The report submitted is complete and meets the information needs of the entity , Considering the necessity of extending the start date of the report . The new resolution also stipulates that , Organizations that have submitted reports can still send them voluntarily , But not because 6 month 1 You will be punished for not sending before . There will be more time to adapt to 2021 year 12 Adopted in September 314 The rules set out in resolution , At the same time, the organization will receive comments on the issue from different groups .(

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