Dialogue EOS network foundation leader: block I don't think they owe the community

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dialogue eos network foundation leader

2 month 10 Japan ,EOS  Network foundation (ENF) leaders Yves La Rose Update tweets to indicate ,EOS The Internet foundation is taking all possible legal measures , requirement Block.one Return it in EOS Raised in the crowdfunding stage 41 Billion dollars .Block.one Years of dereliction of duty have been against EOS Serious ecological damage ,Block.one You should be responsible for your dishonesty , Return what originally belonged to EOS Ecological assets .

EOS Suddenly there was a new action , last year 12 month 8 Japan ,EOS Online 17 A proposal was adopted and implemented by the master nodes , The content of the proposal is 「 Stop releasing B1 The account of Token」.

at that time B1 The account has 6800 over EOS, According to the proposal approved for implementation ,B1 In the account 200 ten thousand EOS Balance available , But not released 6600 over EOS, Will no longer be used .

Over the past few years ,EOS This chain makes people 「 It 's a long story 」, The beginning is the peak , Now it's almost a meme. But now , With ENF The community represented by seems to want EOS Change . Rhythm BlockBeats And ENF person in charge Yves La Rose Chatting , Listen to him about ENF、Block.one, as well as EOS This view of the future of the network .

About ENF

Rhythm BlockBeats:Yves You were in EOS Nation, I remember the node did well , Why set up ENF?

Yves: I'm quitting EOS Nation CEO After one post , I began to retreat to the second line , It took two months to reflect from different angles EOS The ecological system . I asked many people in the community for advice , They have supported me for many years in my working life . In the conversation with them , I remember. EOS What first attracted me , And the magic that many of us have felt as inspiring community members , At the same time, thinking that we are revitalizing EOS The practical difficulties faced by .

In my capacity as EOS Nation Of CEO period , I learned this , Now I have a new understanding , And have the opportunity to take time to reflect . Most of the feedback I received was that , Build a EOS The foundation is most likely to succeed in turning things around , And will EOS Push in the right direction .

I Believe EOS Still an incredible Technology , It has the best in the whole blockchain field 、 The smartest members of the community . Their knowledge and expertise can be seen in our recently published blue book , These blue books are being used to guide our roadmap , send EOS Become the best blockchain ecosystem in the world .

Rhythm BlockBeats:EOS In fact, there were many organizations in the first place , The arbitral tribunal 、 Foundation, etc , There's nothing more to follow , Disbanded ,ENF What's different from the previous organization ?

Yves: Those organizations , Or something else EOS The foundation's attempt , Didn't get BP( node ) Our consensus , Therefore, there is no way to coordinate the collective capital required by the resources of the whole ecosystem to finance it .

because Block.one(B1) Unwilling to play this role , So over the years EOS And their communities lack leadership and direction . During that time , I am right. B1 or EOS The foundation has many expectations for its achievements , Now? , As ENF The executive director and EOS The leader of , It is my responsibility to realize these expectations .

About prosecution

Rhythm BlockBeats: Now, where is the stage of investigation and evidence collection ? Mainly those aspects of forensic investigation ?

Yves: This is an ongoing investigation , So I can't comment on the evidence that has been collected . However , We have also recently EOS The community issued a call to action , Ask them to submit with them Block.one and EOS Additional evidence related to personal and business experience . Any information related to this can be sent to [email protected]

Rhythm BlockBeats:Potential legal action Are you sure you want to sue ?

Yves: All legal avenues are under discussion , Including but not limited to class action or other representative litigation . As the case progresses , We will continue to share more details .

Rhythm BlockBeats: You said on twitter , Will target Block.one Many dereliction of duty prosecutions , You can tell us , in your view ,Block.one Any dereliction of duty ? For example, without ecological support ?

Yves: in fact ,Block.one It was said to be in EOS Capital investment in the network , then EOS Members because Block.one Your attitude also rushed into EOS. This situation is better than Token Financing is still serious . But the problem is ,Block.one I didn't do what I said , That means the members' input is in vain .

Rhythm BlockBeats: I think the more interesting point is , Why is it that we are only beginning to Block.one Take action . Discontent should be from 2019 He began , Why? 3 It took years to act ?

Yves: Until 2021 year 8 month ,ENF Only by EOS The authorized representatives of the nodes EOS The network and its participants carry out publicity .Block.one Your dishonesty affects all network participants . Consider this , We think ENF Have moral authority , The extent to which the network has suffered can be investigated , And conduct a comprehensive review of how to correct errors .

We recently released information about Block.one One of the purposes of the announcement of the lawsuit is to make EOS Community members know , We understand their concerns , They were treated unfairly , And assess the network's interest in seeking legal recourse where possible . future , We will continue to consult with community members and stakeholders on this issue , Explore all possible solutions at the same time .

Rhythm BlockBeats: Some time ago, the node seal B1 Account Events ,ENF It's the community representatives who go and B1 negotiation , You have revised various plans to satisfy both sides , But the negotiations broke down ,B1 After the account is sealed , Have you ever said anything ?

Yves:12 month 7 After taking action , I haven't been with Block.one Conduct formal communication . They've even cancelled tweeting about Brendan Blumer and Bullish Comment function of account , Contacting them has become more difficult than ever .

in fact , since 11 Since late month , With a 26.3 Thousands of fans EOS The official account has no sense of existence at all , More than ever . They also failed to 11 In the middle of the month eos.io and 12 month 6 in b1.com Make any formal communication or blog updates .

Rhythm BlockBeats: I understand , The prosecution seems to be an escalation of the account closure incident , I can understand it as , Haven't you achieved the results and conditions you want ? What conditions do you finally want to get ?

Yves: With the Block.one In the negotiation of , One of the ultimate goals is to obtain a certain amount of external funds , be used for EOS Continuous development of , Instead of being EOS Inflation consumes up . but Block.one But don't think they owe EOS Community .

Rhythm BlockBeats: You want EOS Completely eliminate... From the ecology Block.one This company ?

Yves:Block.one Still EOS holder , They are welcome to hold... In any capacity Token The private entity of is EOS Contribute to the .

About EOS

Rhythm BlockBeats: These two years , From the crash of black swan , To the super bull market , To  DeFiNFTLayer2、 new Layer1, All tracks and EOS It doesn't matter , What are you doing in this period of time ?ENF What are you doing? ?

Yves:EOS At present, it is still one of the high-performance blockchains that have been tested in practice , It will soon be enabled based on Solidity The contract of . We believe that EOS EVM Will be the most scalable in the market EVM, It is expected to be completed in the next two to three months .

Rhythm BlockBeats: You feel EOS Support EVM Is it a very interesting thing ?

Yves: Native EOS Development will take some time to complete the overview in the blue book , To make development easier 、 leaner . meanwhile , We can take advantage of the huge Solidity Developer base and extensive open source code 、 SDK, For them to deploy decentralized applications quickly and efficiently .

stay EOS On the establishment of EVM Chains are similar to chains in chains , It will serve other large and mature projects in the Ethereum ecosystem ( Such as Graph and Rosetta etc. ) Open the door to countless cooperation opportunities .

Besides , Because based on Solidity Our contract has a strong code base , New projects can be quickly copied and deployed to EOS EVM On , And spend most of the money on marketing and community construction , Not like in the original EOSIO Design the application from scratch as before .

Later this year , We're also going to launch ENF Ventures, This will become ENF The risk of investment department . One of its first investments will be around EOS EVM Build the whole EVM Product suite .


You can find ,ENF Gradually became EOS New leaders in the community , This 2021 year 8 The organization established in September , stay EOS node 、 With the support of multiple ecological stakeholders such as communities , Start representing the community , And Block.one Confrontation .

And a few weeks ago 17 Node pairs B1 Account action , It's also ENF As EOS Community representatives meet first Block.one negotiation , The freeze occurred after several rounds of negotiations failed B1 There is a balance in the account EOS Events .

ENF During the live broadcast, it also means ,EOS Will support in the coming months EVM, At that time, there were many feedback voices in the community , Right and wrong can be ignored , At least, EOS To start a new change . This is also one of the most efficient ways of ecological starting , After all, Ethereum's ecological status cannot be shaken ,EVM The addition of can attract a lot of developer And the user . meanwhile , It's enough to say ENF Has begun to dominate the community , I hope I can help EOS Return to the mainstream .

solve Block.one This 「 trouble 」 At the same time ,ENF The reputation of the community is also growing . But no matter what the end result is , There was silence 4 Year of EOS Community , It's time to start a new cycle . 

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