Will the virtual human be the next Taurus?

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virtual human taurus
Behind the virtual human , After all, there is a real person

author : Hu Yi , Director of Wuxi Big Data Management Bureau

In the last article 《 Virtual human , The first indigenous people of the meta universe came 》(2022-03-24, Surging business schools ) in , I have listed the two major categories of current virtual human and several sub categories under the major categories . If you say hardware equipment 、 game 、 Digital collections are all new tracks under the concept of meta universe , So the emergence of so many virtual people , How to realize business , How to become a new tuyere and a new track ?

Roblox Of the eight elements of the meta universe , In the first place is identity . Every user entering the meta universe needs a virtual identity . Virtual human can be used as the second identity of human beings , Let each user have their own virtual image 、 Complete a new virtual life . meanwhile , The meta universe also gives virtual personification more possibilities , Or let real people and virtual people realize real-time interaction in the same world in the future .

Since every real person needs digital avatars in the future , Then the virtual human industry will naturally become a new infrastructure track of the meta universe . We can see , Liu Yexi 、 Axi Angie、AYAYI And other fresh and broken dimensional images are inviting users to enter the gate of the meta universe . The application scope of virtual human is expanding , The industry is enriching , Business models are evolving , Income is diversifying . Whether in social entertainment 、 Film and television media , Still in financial education 、 Marketing Communication 、 Fast spending , Even some traditional industries , Virtual idol 、 Virtual spokesperson 、 Virtual employees 、 The value of virtual anchor is gradually highlighting .

The business realization mode of virtual human , In terms of categories , Like other industries , First , There can be “ On the merchant side ”(To Business, abbreviation To B), That is, big customers purchase and use by themselves , Or agents buy and sell to make money ; secondly , There can be “ On the consumer side ”(To consumer, abbreviation To C), That is to promote user consumption .

stay “ On the merchant side ” The application of , At present, the applications we can see mainly lie in finance 、 Wen Brigade 、 Educational field , The realization mode is mainly for the demander to purchase virtual people to replace real people . The development direction is from the early formless voice robot , So far, virtual assistants that can interact easily , Until the future, more real-time interactive virtual human .

Let's take the bank as an example : Every branch of the bank , The original average is at least equipped with 3-5 Customer service personnel , If you want to provide 7×24 Hours of service , And prepare twice the manpower , High cost , And the service quality is uneven , Sometimes we will encounter a series of problems such as re induction training after job hopping .

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank took the lead in cooperating with Baidu among commercial banks , AI driven 3D Financial digital person “ Xiaopu ”. As a digital production capacity , Once the virtual financial person is successfully developed , You can have multiple areas 、 Multi scene 、 Multiple types of work 、 Multiple sustainable use . Business management 、 Service levels such as risk control and compliance , It can also meet the standards of the whole bank, such as one person , in other words , As long as there is a model worker , It can be customized and copied according to his standards . One time research and development of virtual human 、 Hardware device 、 The cost of software iterative upgrade , Can be undertaken by the head office , The marginal cost applied by other branches or sub branches is almost zero .

So , Baidu Robin Li introduced the financial digital man. : they “ Not afraid of 996, You can skip meals 、 Stay up ,7×24 Serve people hour by hour , And very understanding , Never get angry , Always considerate .”

In the field of culture and Tourism , The application of virtual human is mainly used to replace professional commentators and guides .2020 At the World Conference on artificial intelligence , Shangtang technology has released a virtual human “ Small sugar ”, As “AI Shanghai application scenario ” Exclusive commentator of the on-site booth . Her prototype comes from a beautiful actress in Shanghai , Technical personnel through AI Learn the way she speaks in depth , Created a virtual human like her , Substitute her for conversation and performance . She can use the sliding screen in front of the booth , Tell the preset explanation content .

Again , Tencent also launched virtual navigation and virtual customer service “ Xiao Chunni ”, During the Beijing ICIF , As a AI Virtual guide and Beijing Exhibition Hall 30 Q & a service for exhibitors . She can provide users with vivid explanations of the exhibition hall and answers to questions .

In health care 、 Educational field , There will also be virtual Guides 、 Virtual patient and virtual teaching assistant . In a medical scenario , Virtual guidance can provide hospital guidance and diagnosis ; Virtual doctor assistant can make basic diagnosis and triage according to the situation of patients ; Doctors can test new drugs on virtual patients , Simulated surgery .

lately , I've been worried about one thing , So many COVID-19 infected people. , When they recover and return to society , Will it still receive different attention ? How to strengthen psychological counseling for this group in time , Do a good job in humanistic care , Keep them away from “ Sensory deprivation ” Syndrome . If at this point , There can be multimodal AI Virtual doctors act as health consultants , Even act as the psychologist who provides care and companionship , It will certainly solve the problem of shortage of psychologists under the heavy pressure of the epidemic .

stay “ On the consumer side ” The application of , At present, it is still focused on the media 、 game 、 recreational 、 E-commerce and other fields , Realization mode to create a virtual idol (IP) Mainly , Similar to the Internet economy, first expand the flow of fans , Then realized through flow .

Virtual idols have independent identities , Be endowed with unique personality characteristics , Participate in real-life entertainment and socializing , So as to create economic benefits . Virtual idols represented by Luo Tianyi and chuyin future , Has walked out of the road of successful commercial realization .

Compared with traditional idols , The creation of virtual idols omits the links of artist selection and training , Once R & D is successful , The life cycle is long , And it can be upgraded iteratively . meanwhile , Compared with traditional idols , At present, in addition to being unable to get rid of the disadvantage of independent display devices , Other aspects have significant advantages , For example, no fatigue , Can work at any time . The most important point , After seeing all kinds of idol stars set up collapsed houses , Young people prefer to be stable , A virtual idol without negative news .

During the Winter Olympics , A variety of virtual human appearances on major mainstream media platforms . CCTV news has been added to China Central Radio and television AI Sign language virtual anchor , For hearing impaired users 24 Get event information in hours ; tencent 3D Sign language counts Homo sapiens “ Listening ” Also online central video , Provide sign language interpretation services for ice and Snow Events ; The virtual image of CCTV anchor Wang Bingbing created by iFLYTEK , stay 《 Ice belt you say Winter Olympics 》 exclusive H5 appearances .

I also found it in my communication with the president of the local media group , They also pay great attention to the field of virtual hosts .2021 year 10 month , Issued by the State Administration of radio, film and television 《 Radio, television and network audio-visual “ the 14th Five-Year Plan ” Science and technology development planning 》, Clearly proposed to promote virtual anchor , Widely used in news broadcasting 、 The weather forecast 、 Variety, science and education and other program production , Innovative program form , Improve the production and broadcasting efficiency and intelligent level .

Under this favorable policy , If a TV station or financial media center does not have a virtual host , I think they lost more than just an opportunity , It will be an era .

So , We can see that fengyuzhu, a listed company, cooperates with Anhui Radio and television to build a virtual host “ Ann little dolphin ”, And will carry out virtual live broadcasting room 、 fictitious IP Cooperation in the field of meta universe such as operation . This is what both sides continue to build “ New species of radio and television ”AHSPACE Then they joined hands again . Blue cursor also launched a virtual human “ Su Xiaomei ”, It adds a cross dimensional national style science fiction color to the Beijing Satellite TV Spring Festival Gala .

The expectations of mainstream video networks and local TV stations for virtual people , As guests, it seems that they are far more than just green leaves . They even produced several programs with virtual people as the core , Such as virtual talent show 《 Trans dimensional new star 》, And the animation image stage competition program of Jiangsu Satellite TV 《2060》.

Whether it's To B, still To C, From technology to scenario , And then to the profitable business closed loop , In fact, the virtual human industry still has a long way to go , In particular, we should break through the bottleneck of existing technology . In visual technology , To break through “ More like a real person ” The difficulties of , Make it closer to human beings in appearance and image . In Intelligent Technology , To make virtual people smarter , And have a distinctive personality . In terms of interaction technology , Besides words , There should also be more dimensional ways of interaction , Like voice 、 Visual tracking 、 Posture, etc . In immersion technology , With the help of VR、 Holographic image and other devices provide users with a more immersive interactive experience .

2017 Science fiction movie released in 《 Silver wing killer 2049》(Blade Runner 2049) It shows the future of society “ human beings ” constitute : Biological man 、 Electronic man 、 Digital person 、 Virtual human 、 Information people , And the different personalities they breed 、 Skill 、 knowledge 、 The offspring of experience and other talents . The world in the movie , It is a real and illusory future world , The more a man lives, the less he looks like a man , And the more virtual people live, the more like human fantasy world .

In the concept of metauniverse , In the future, every user will rely on the virtual human avatar to enter the virtual world and explore , Virtual human technology will become one of the basic technologies in the era of meta universe . that , The problem is coming. , If there is such a day , Virtual human industry is booming , Should we tax virtual people ?

Actually , This is not a new problem . As early as 2017 year , bill · Gates is accepting Quartz In an interview, he said ,“ One is doing value in the factory 5 Million dollar workers , The government will collect taxes ; If a robot does a similar job , Then a similar level of tax should be charged .” His reason is simple : Robots rob human jobs , You should always pay some compensation . The government can use taxes to help “ Machine replacement ” The wave of unemployment .

At the time of writing this article , I asked my friend who works in the tax bureau about this question . He thinks that one day , There is always a beneficial entity behind the virtual human , Or corporate , Or a natural person , It can still be taxed through the past . perhaps , We can also explore the collection of virtual tax on virtual people ( Digital currency ), Physical tax levied by natural persons ( RMB ). It's right to think about it , Behind the virtual human , After all, there is a real person . Like the earliest e-commerce , It is also not taxed , Don't you also levy taxes now .

however , Will one day , Our taxes are also calculated by virtual people ?

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