Yuan universe series (three): is the yuan universe bank a "blueprint" or "bubble" at the compliance level?

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yuan universe series yuan universe

Abstract : The meta universe is based on data and computing power , Fusion display technology 、 Blockchain technology and artificial intelligence technology are integrated , Have an independent social environment 、 A virtual world that is relatively independent of the real world and an independent economic system . At present , As a financial institution highly sensitive to economic development , Take the lead , Virtual digital people have been launched one after another 、NFT Digital collection 、VR Business hall and other services and products , Lay out a new track for digital transformation . One side , The concept of meta universe provides a new idea for the future business form of banks , Covered under the meta universe AR、VR、3D、 big data 、 Blockchain 、 Cloud computing and other technologies improve the service of banks 、 Product optimization 、 The digital transformation of the real economy brings opportunities , On the other hand , The metauniverse is still in the exploratory stage , Related technologies 、 framework 、 Scene design is not yet mature , The supporting laws, regulations and industrial policies are not perfect for the time being , Blindly following the trend of yuanuniverse finance is very easy to cause compliance risk .

  Metauniverse may become an important starting point for the digital transformation of banks in the future , Make the service products provided by the bank 、 Significant changes have taken place in the form of interaction with customers and even the whole industry . therefore , Clarify the concept of the meta universe 、 Detailed application scenarios 、 The introduction of supporting policies and regulations is very important for the compliant development of the financial yuan universe banking industry .

One 、 Bank entry , Explore the application scenario of meta universe

1、 Meta universe AI Digital people online

2019 year 12 month , Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has launched digital employee for the first time “ Xiaopu ” On duty , Optimize intelligent customer service scenarios .2021 year 12 month , Baixin Bank launched virtual digital employees AIYA Aiya , meanwhile , Baixin bank mentioned the future AIYA Aiya will be active in short videos 、App And virtual live broadcast , Immersive interaction with users . As a digital employee of the bank , Behind it is AI Artificial intelligence technology , The same digital employee can serve all financial customers at almost the same point in time, and 24 Hours off , Solve a series of problems such as waiting in line for manual customer service answers , And digital employees can also adjust the services provided according to different habits of customers , Optimized, including self-service response 、 Business management 、 Risk control and compliance and other whole process services . in addition , Virtual digital employees are also important interaction nodes in the field of banking metauniverse , It is of great significance to how to cut into the financial consumption scene in the future .


( chart 1: Shanghai Pudong Development Bank digital people “ Xiaopu ”, picture source : xinhua )

2、 Yuanuniverse brings immersive service experience

2022 year 2 month , JPMorgan announced the opening of a Onyx Virtual lounge , And released a report detailing the virtual world . The report says , The virtual world of the universe has its own entrance 、 Currency and GDP, JPMorgan Chase can operate like a real bank in the virtual world , Users can also use the cryptocurrency in the virtual world to buy virtual land . The “ lounge ” By JPMorgan's blockchain Department Onyx The establishment of a . Metacosmic technology , The new interaction mode brought by the game scene can help commercial banks reconstruct the interaction mode with financial customers , Realize experiential operation 、 Immersive marketing , Accelerate the integration of financial and non-financial scenarios . Virtual social networking and real-time interaction improve the user experience at the same time , Accurate insight into customer needs , So as to promote commercial banks to continuously improve their professional ability and service level , Multi dimensional to enhance customer stickiness .


( Morgan chase “Onyx lounge ”, picture source : tencent network )

3、 Blockchain 、NFT Digital transactions or virtual collections

2021 year 11 month , Baixin bank issued the fourth anniversary NFT Digital collection “4 inlove”, This digital collection is distributed based on blockchain technology , It is the first in the banking industry NFT Digital collection .NFT The audience of digital collections is usually interested in new industries 、 New technology 、 New areas 、 Young people interested in new concepts , This part of the consumer group is generally ahead of consumption awareness 、 Strong consumption capacity , And most of them are high-quality customer groups of banks . Banks issuing their own digital collections can not only play a publicity role , Improve your influence , It can also enrich the source of banking income . in addition , Banks can also issue digital collections for customers , According to the value of the digital collection , By realizing authentication for customers 、 Credit extension 、 mortgage 、 Transformation and other financial services , Improve the diversity of banking products , Improve capital turnover efficiency .

4、 Build a virtual business hall , Application AR/VR And other technologies to build new marketing scenarios

2021 year 9 month , Shanghang rural commercial bank plays a role in Rural Revitalization “ Trio ”, Launched online “ Fornon e standing ”、 Offline “ Funong post station ” And go online simultaneously “ Virtual business hall ” project , Help revitalize the rural areas under its jurisdiction . The virtual business hall business of Shanghang rural commercial bank is mainly to log in to the remote video banking system through mobile phone , The services provided include deposit management 、 Loan support, etc , It breaks the space limitation of traditional physical nodes . future , The application of adjoint metauniverse is more extensive , Integration with banks will be more mature , Create a virtual bank network corresponding to the real world , And embed financial services in the scene of virtual bank outlets , It can not only break the limitations of physical space , Provide better service to customers , It can help the construction of Inclusive Finance , Improve the level of Inclusive Financial Services .

Two 、 Compliance level ,“ Yuan cosmic bank ” The resistance and long

1、 Financial industry risks

As a financial service industry , The requirements for risk control and risk guarantee are very high , However, the concept of meta universe as a whole is relatively advanced , The technology field is too dependent on the underlying technology , The application of metauniverse technology in the financial field may give birth to new industry risks . Senseless experience is an important feature of metacosmic Finance . In the metauniverse , With the help of blockchain encryption technology , Users can experience senseless financial services , for example , Insensitive account opening process 、 Agreement confirmation 、 Face recognition, etc , Different from traditional online finance , The user needs to enter the account number manually 、 password 、 Information such as ID number can start using financial services. . however , This kind of new financial service mode formed under the meta universe , It may cause new legal and industrial risks , For example, financial insensitivity experience may protect privacy 、 Personal information security and so on have a greater test , The connotation and extension of traditional financial industry supervision policies and laws will not meet the development of meta universe finance .

2、 Financial regulatory risks

   The meta universe as an extension and expansion of the real world , It also has social and economic attributes , Therefore, it is necessary to establish a reasonable legal system and supervision system to maintain the order of the meta cosmic world . Decentralization of the meta universe 、 Virtual characters and other attributes , Combined with the time value of Finance 、 Wealth gathers 、 At your own risk , Make regulation more complex .NFT( Heterogeneous token ) The emergence of has made it possible to confirm the ownership of financial products in the meta universe world , But in the development of blockchain Technology NFT Metauniverse While building the future value system , It may also lead to risks in money laundering and terrorist financing . in addition , The promotion of the product and service experience of the financial industry of metauniverse is inseparable from the technology of metauniverse , For example, based on VR Equipment interface and three-dimensional interaction mode , New technology may bring Financial identity authentication 、 Information security Wait for new challenges , However, the current digital operation ability and digital risk control ability of bank financial institutions may not be able to cope with the new regulatory risks under the meta universe .

 3、 Personal privacy and data security risks

Behind the immersive experience of meta universe Finance , Is that it carries more data than ever before PC Era and Internet era . And words 、 Images 、 Video and other two-dimensional data collection , In the future, the data collection and use of the meta cosmic world will be more comprehensive 、 Wide and diverse , It may even cover the taste 、 Data generated by multi sensory experiences such as smell , Form three-dimensional data collection and use normalization .《 Personal information protection law 》 It is stipulated that personal information is all kinds of information related to identified or identifiable natural persons recorded electronically or otherwise , Analogy of three-dimensional data information , Whether future technology can pass personal taste 、 Olfactory records identify and match the corresponding natural person , If you can identify , Then whether the connotation and extension of personal information stipulated in the personal information law need to be further broadened ? in addition , Under the meta universe , How to effectively protect the amount of data carried behind it , Is another big problem .《 Data security law 》 The introduction of standardized data processing activities in the real world , Data security , however , For the parallel meta universe with one-to-one mapping of the real world , Can the provisions of the digital security law also be used , Not yet known . For these new personal information security and data security issues , The current laws and regulations have not been adjusted yet , In the future, with the development of the meta cosmic world , The governance of its expanding data collection and use will also become a difficulty .

4、 Criminal risk

In recent years , Speculation on the concept of meta universe , The banking industry needs to be vigilant against all kinds of criminal risks in the development of metacosmic Finance . At present, the bank mainly plans and plans in advance in the field of meta universe at the strategic level , The profit model is still unclear , However, there are some technology companies and consulting companies Use deception , Illegal Promote yuanuniverse financial products , Make every effort to communicate with bank employees 、 Linked to financial services , With the help of the bank's reputation, the endorsement bank violates the law and commits crime . First half of this year , With “ Yuan universe investment project ”“ Meta universe chain tour ” And other items to absorb funds , Suspected of illegal fund-raising and other illegal and criminal activities occur frequently ,2022 year 2 month 18 Japan , Issued by the office of the joint inter ministerial meeting of the CBRC on the disposal of illegal fund-raising 《 About prevention “ Meta universe ” The risk of illegal fund-raising in name 》, Revealed a number of disguised activities in the meta universe 、 Illegal profit making activities of virtual currency , Regarding this , Banks also need to be more vigilant .

3、 ... and 、 Last words

The concept of the primordial universe originated overseas , Its technology and application path are complex , How to organically combine banking business with meta universe in the future , Online 、 Scene 、 Intellectualization still has a long way to go , Constantly exploring the compliance path of metacosmic finance is the due meaning of exploring metacosmic Finance . The digital transformation of the real economy is the general trend , Technology empowers finance 、 Technology assisted Pratt & Whitney is also the aspiration of the people . The resistance and long , Yes, it will be . In the future, the banking industry still needs to adhere to compliance as the cornerstone , To systematize 、 The standardized institutional framework supports the development of metacosmic finance .

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