Analysis of bitcoin / Ethereum market in counselor community on April 3

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analysis bitcoin ethereum market counselor

Today is the first day of the Qingming holiday , Life is long , Don't just move forward and ignore yourself . Love yourself , Is the smartest investment . occasionally , Learn to let go of excessive demands on yourself , Spend every precious today . Learn to cherish what you have 、 Learn to combine work with rest 、 Learn to take care of yourself . Since the founding of the counselor community , Provide entry and exit points for members and friends every day , I've forgotten how long I haven't had a good holiday , I'm still watching today .

Big cake :

Big cake 1H Structure , At present, big cake is the third stroke 1H The price has fallen . This decline is expected to continue in 44500-47000 This range continues to remain in the concussion position , I personally expect to do one in this range 1H The center of , Then choose the direction . At present, the third pen 1H The decline of is still not over. We need to look at the trend of secondary level to judge the third stroke 1H At that stage of the decline .

Big cake 15F Structure , It can be seen that the decline of the day before yesterday is similar to that of today , The basic trends are very familiar , So now the first stroke on the right 15F The decline may not be over yet , Secondary level 5F The structure has another stroke 5F The decline of can only be judged after walking 15F At the end of the decline, we are taking a stroke 15F Rebound of . The overall structure is still in the shock of a large range .

Aunt too :

Aunt too 15F Structure , It's similar to what you drew yesterday , Auntie will continue to walk even if she comes back , The overall aunt is too strong and there are too many big cakes , I personally expect that Aunt Tai still has the opportunity to get out of the new high , Whether the big cake has a chance or not has to be observed , If you do too much in operation, it is recommended to do too much .

Trading strategies :

Specific operation points and logical explanations will be published in the group .

If you want to make money in the coin circle , Mentality is very important , Let go of desire , In order to stabilize the state of mind . Investment is not gambling , Be careful when you enter . You're not fighting alone , You are welcome to join us .

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