Creating passive revenue in 2022: the top node of Web 3.0

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creating passive revenue node web

Some people say that the future of the Internet is Web 3.0, Some of the best passive income opportunities are helping support Web 3.0 infrastructure .

Even though Web 3.0 It's still in its early stages , But we've seen that Web 3.0 Nodes generate thousands of dollars of revenue for their owners every month .

What is? Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 It's decentralized Web edition . although Web 3.0 It is still in the early stage of development , But as we know , It has the potential to revolutionize the Internet .Web 3.0 The basic principle of is the decentralization of the Internet , By running a node , Can help achieve this decentralization .

Web 3.0 node

Participate in Web 3.0 There are many ways to develop ,Web 3.0 Nodes provide this functionality through a number of mechanisms , For example, provide data flow 、 Data calculation 、 File store 、 Decentralized framework, etc .

To run a node , It is usually necessary to install and configure a cloud computer and other devices ( A certain number of item tokens ).

Top tier that can generate passive income Web 3.0 node

Here are the top Web 3.0 Node project , Can provide excellent passive income .

Flux (FLUX) #159

Flux It is a new generation of scalable decentralized cloud infrastructure .Flux Ecosystem is a complete set of decentralized computing services and blockchain as a service solutions , Provides an interoperable 、 De centralization 、 similar AWS Development environment of , Have 2200 Multiple online nodes .

Flux Very successful in the past few years , Recently announced a new node layer , Provides a more affordable choice .

Stratus Nodes earn... Per month 2,400 dollar ,Nimbus Nodes earn... Per month 646 dollar ,Cumulus Nodes earn... Per month 274 dollar .

One Cumulus The entry cost of the node is about 1500 dollar , The annual return on investment is about 18%. At the time of writing ,Stratus The annual return on investment is about 16%. The reward depends on the number of nodes , The value of the reward is determined by FLUX The market price of . Players can also buy additional nodes by accumulating rewards .

Every (Stratus) The benefits of nodes :

monthly 2,400 dollar (30% Block rewards )

(Stratus) Node price :

60,400 dollar (40K FLUX x $1.51)

Two years ago. ,FLUX The transaction price for 0.02 dollar , One Stratus node ( At that time, it was necessary to 10 ten thousand FLUX) It can be used 2000 Buy... In dollars .

at present ,FLUX The purchase price of nodes is relatively expensive ( Compared with a year ago ). However , This is a good example , Illustrates the long-term benefits that can be obtained when using nodes early . For all that , The project still has a lot of room for growth .

Alephi.Im Network (ALEPHI) #508

Aleph.Im Focus on decentralized applications and protocols . The project provides a decentralized database ( Including file storage )、 Computing and decentralized identification (DID) frame .Aleph.Im It's an Amazon Web Service (AWS) The decentralized version of .

In addition to hardware and configuration , One Alephi.Im Nodes need at least 200K ALEPH, On average, each node generates 5400 individual ALEPH.

Revenue per node :

monthly 1,591 dollar (5487.80 ALEPH x $0.29)

The price of the node :

58,000 dollar (200K ALEPH x $0.29)

Pocket Network (POKT) #2997

Pocket Network It's a web3 Infrastructure middleware protocol , Provide millions of... Every day on a decentralized network RPC request , These include Solana、Avalanche、Binance Smart Chain、Polygon etc. .

In addition to hardware and configuration ,Pocket Nodes need at least 15,000 POKT, On average, each node generates 1,950-3,000 POKT.

Revenue per node :

monthly 2340 dollar ( most )(1,950- 3,000 POKT x $0.29)

The price of the node :

11,700 dollar (15,000 POKT x $0.78)


Web 3.0 Considered the future of the Internet , These projects are being developed for Web 3.0 Infrastructure lays the foundation . This can be compared with the early Internet .

With Web 3.0 The development of the field , And the need for infrastructure to support this development , These projects are likely to be more adopted in the coming years .


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