National multi place release: advanced layout of meta cosmic signal

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national multi place release advanced

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2022 year , The heat of the universe continues to strengthen . Write the development layout meta universe into the local government work report or relevant planning documents , Or set up special institutions to promote the development of metacosmic technology and Industry .

Industry experts generally believe that , Yuan universe still has a long way to go from industrialization . All localities have arranged the meta universe in advance , It is conducive to promoting the development and technological progress of relevant industries in the meta universe , But also pay attention , The development of meta universe cannot deviate from industry , From the real to the virtual , The hype that turns the meta universe into a concept .

More advanced layout

Earlier this year, , Several cities have stated that they want to layout the new track of yuanuniverse . Hefei 、 Wuhan has written the development of yuanuniverse into the local government work report ; Issued by Binhu District, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province 《 Development plan of yuancosmic ecological industry in Taihu Bay science and Innovation Zone 》 Put forward , We should promote the deep application of meta universe technology in many fields , And the upstream and downstream links of the yuan universe industry 、 Coordinated development of all subjects ; Beijing said , We should promote the formation of a new type of innovation consortium of the meta universe , Explore the construction of yuancosmos Industrial Agglomeration Area .

recently , At the press conference on the development of small and medium-sized enterprises held by the Ministry of industry and information technology , Liang Zhifeng, director of the small and Medium-sized Enterprises Bureau of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said , We should cultivate a group of people to enter the meta universe 、 Blockchain 、 Innovative small and medium-sized enterprises in emerging fields such as artificial intelligence .

Whether the layout is too early ? Regarding this , Pu Songtao, deputy director of the information and Software Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, said , For now , Metauniverse is still a long way from industrialization , Its industrial development is difficult to form a large scale in the short term . But it is a positive signal that the development of the meta universe is proposed everywhere , It shows the will and determination of all localities to actively seek new growth points of Industrial Development .

“ To the local emerging industries 、 The current situation of the development of digital economy is more rational 、 Objective and full understanding .” Xu Ying, vice president of Zhongcheng think tank research, analyzed , Areas with a certain development foundation , We can give priority to building meta universe related clusters , Cultivate new business forms of the meta universe , Promote the research, development and innovation of metauniverse related technologies , First layout of the future meta universe market . But for some digital economies, they are not strong enough 、 Do not have the strength of meta universe related technology R & D and innovation cultivation 、 Areas with limited Internet consumption , Try to avoid “ Follow the fashion ”、 Hype the concept of metacosmic development .

Pu Songtao thinks , All localities have proposed the development of the meta universe , It can guide leading enterprises to actively carry out technical research and product R & D related to metauniverse , It is conducive to further pooling funds 、 Industrial resources such as talents , Accelerate the industrialization of the meta universe ; It is also conducive to the development of meta universe related industries , Such as virtual reality . Metauniverse is a typical fusion technology , Its industrial development also depends on virtual reality 、 The continuous progress and maturity of artificial intelligence and other industries .

“ The meta universe is built on artificial intelligence 、 big data 、 Cloud computing 、 Digital technologies such as blockchain are gradually maturing 、 On the basis of integration promotion , It is the product of the advanced stage of digital development . Yuancosmos has a long industrial chain , All localities actively layout the meta universe , It will bring new development opportunities to relevant enterprises in the whole industrial chain .”360 Zhou Hongyi, the founder of the company, said .

Never deviate from the industry

The word yuancosmos comes from American science fiction 《 An avalanche 》, The original meaning is born out of the real world and parallel to it , A virtual world that is always online , It was first used in the field of games . however , Industry experts emphasize , The development of meta universe cannot be separated from industry , Should be based on industry 、 The core . If you deviate from the industry , The universe is like a castle in the air , It's illusory 、 Worthless .

Xu Ying believes , After going through 2D Multiplayer game 、 Social games 、3D Interface 、 Collaborative creation 、 Virtual participation experience, etc , Today's metauniverse is not the same as a game , It's not the same as the virtual world . The metauniverse is based on virtual reality 、 Extended reality technologies such as brain computer interface provide immersive experience of virtual scene , Using digital twin technology to clone the mirror image of the real world , Using blockchain Technology 、 Digital money technology builds an economic system in the virtual world , utilize 5G、 The Internet of things and other new generation Internet technologies integrate the virtual world and the real world in various fields , Every user who accesses it can produce, edit and create content for various elements of the virtual world , And create a meta universe through connection and sharing .

“ In the eyes of a thousand people , There are a thousand yuan universe . As a concept deeply rooted in the hearts of the people , Should serve the real economy , Serve the digital transformation of traditional industries . Among the many schools of the meta universe , I'm a staunch digital twin , That is, oppose being too divorced from reality 、 The game obsessed metauniverse , But support the meta universe combined with industrial digitization , Realize the meta universalization of industrial Internet , For the digital transformation of various industries 、 High quality economic development and sustainable empowerment .” Zhou Hongyi's Theory .

Pu Songtao said frankly , At present , The trace of meta universe hype is still obvious , There is a need to publicize new concepts in the industry , There is also the interest driven speculation of the concept of capital market . Xu Ying believes , Because the concept of meta universe is too popular , Plus the hype in the capital market , It is easy to make some local governments irrational , One sided focus on seizing the air outlet , Blind to the project 、 Find resources 、 Promote consumption, etc , In the process of development, it is easy to waste resources .

The road to industrialization is still far away

At present , The industry has formed some products and services with the characteristics of a more pluralistic universe . According to Pu Songtao , Such as 2021 The first stock of yuanuniverse listed in Roblox( Game company ), Large multiplayer online game creation has been established UGC( User generated content ) platform , Allow developers to re create in virtual space , And established to Robux( A virtual currency ) A two-way economic system centered on , The characteristics of this economic system are close to the economic system under the concept of meta universe . Besides , facebook 、 Microsoft 、 Global leaders such as apple are in virtual reality 、 Online social networking 、 Cloud services and other fields also have strong R & D foundation and ability , It can form primary products and services of the meta universe in a short time .

however , Yuancosmos still needs to cross several hurdles for real industrialization .

“ The meta universe has multi-dimensional technical superposition 、 The interaction between reality and reality 、 Real time participation and experience , Therefore, the industrialization of meta universe should first solve the path problem of superposition application of multi-dimensional Technology .” Xu Ying believes , At present, the related technologies of metauniverse , For example, blockchain technology is still in the industrialization trial period , Brain computer interface technology has not yet gone out of the laboratory , Some human-computer interaction technologies are not mature enough , Digital twin technology is still in the stage of theoretical research , The industrialization of related technologies is the premise of the development of metacosmic industrialization , Its process also determines that the meta universe still has a long way to go . meanwhile , Metauniverse needs massive content creation and scene creation , Every participant needs to be involved in virtual content creation , And realize data connection and sharing , In order to realize the mapping of the virtual world to the real world , This is a huge project , The large-scale commercialization of the meta universe is still far away .

Apart from the technical problems , Pu Songtao analysis , The development of the meta universe still needs to solve three problems . First, product form , What kind of products and services the metauniverse needs are still being explored , Especially around different application scenarios , The products and services of yuancosmos may also be different ; Second, business model , The mainstream business model of metauniverse is not clear yet , Its commercial value can be reflected in the real world , It may also exist in virtual space ; Third, industry supervision , How to establish the supervision system of virtual space in the meta universe 、 How to regulate the development of the meta universe is worth exploring .

“ In essence , The digital transformation of the city is the digital twin of the city , That is, virtual reality , Empowering the physical world with digital space , Form a digital twin closed loop , This may be one of the first scenes to embrace the metauniverse . however , For the metauniverse , What many people see is opportunity , Safety practitioners see more risks . In the strong demand of the meta universe , Network security should also be upgraded .” Zhou Hongyi's Theory .

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