Ash production behind Digital Collections: some people earn 100000 a month and others lose millions in blood by frying NFT

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ash production digital collections people

source :Tech star ( WeChat ID:tech618)

writing |  Chen qiaohui

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2021 year ,NFT Once became the successor to “ Meta universe ” Then another hot topic , Compared with the different interpretation concepts of the meta universe ,NFT In terms of playing method and definition, it is more simple .

NFT Its full name is Non-Fungible Token, Non homogeneous token , Is used to represent digital assets ( Include jpg And video clips ) Unique cryptocurrency token for , Can buy and sell . at present , At home and abroad “ Digital collection ” To call NFT, As a kind of digital economy , Digital collections have become an important way to realize virtual assets .

2021 year 3 month 11 Japan , A plain JPG picture , After being processed by blockchain Technology , Into a digital collection , And at Christie's auction , With a final 6934 It's a million dollars deal , Renminbi conversion 4.51 One hundred million yuan .3 month 23 Japan ,“ Boring ape ”NFT parent company Yuga Labs More so 40 Billion dollars valuation completed 4.5 Us $100 million financing .

2021 From the year onwards , More and more digital collection selling platforms have sprung up in China , After more than half a year , The digital collection industry chain has attracted some people to invest and buy .

In the near future 3 month 23 Japan ,TME Digital collection announced the joint launch of tenger 《 heaven 》25 Anniversary digital vinyl record , Limited distribution 8000 Share , Already in QQ Music on appointment ;3 At the beginning of ,“ Talking tom cat family ”IP Join hands with Baidu super chain , The free digital collection of limited commemorative badges sold out in less than half a minute . But because of being separated from the fuzzy zone , Also let “ Digital collection ” There is controversy . Xinhua News Agency once 《 What is the digital collection ? Is there a risk ? Who will supervise ?》 Chinese name :“ Before the implementation of Supervision , For investors ,NFT There may still be big bubbles in related fields. . People concerned believe that , Ordinary investors should be cautious . and NFT The industry should achieve healthy and long-term development , Compliance operation of market entities is required .”

“ Lode Runner ” Resign and fry the digital collection , Monthly profit 15 ten thousand

Today, there are more than a dozen digital collections of platforms to grab , My phone has set the alarm , Once it rings , I will rush to the corresponding purchase page , Take a chance . The profit is hundreds or even thousands of yuan .”NFT Player Xiao Yun said with expectation .

Xiao Yun told Tech star , He has now resigned from his former unit to do digital collection business , Because in a month's time , Made money from digital collections 15 ten thousand , There are not a few players who make money like Xiaoyun .

He is from this year 1 In January, he began to contact digital collections , The idea was , Digital collections have not developed much in China , But it has as much heat as the meta universe , Or an investment opportunity , So he started snapping up digital collections , Then through the secondary market of the platform , Or find a buyer to sell and realize .

Another little star who just got started told Tech star , Digital collections are very profitable , According to the screenshot provided by Xiaoxing , He is in the secondary market , Through two collections sold , A day's net income 2700 element , The cost is less than 30 element . There are still some other collections in hand , When the price of the collection is high , Then set a high price and sell , It is estimated that this wave will make 2 Ten thousand yuan , If you can grab the collection every day , The monthly income is over 10000, even like some big guys in the circle , Monthly profit 10 Ten thousand yuan is nothing .

Picture source : Screenshot of digital collection transaction provided by Xiaoxing .

According to Xiaoxing , The whole purchase process of digital collections , Similar to my experience of frying shoes in those years .

First, the panic buying calendar of digital collections is first released by the official account of the platform. , Users buy through the rush purchase channel of the platform , Include App、 Web pages and applets , However, because wechat apps are not officially included in such services , At present, most of the small programs of the digital collection platform have been sealed .

There are not many types of digital collections released by the platform each time , Probably 1-4 about , The number of digital collections of each type is also limited , Most of the 1 About ten thousand , The price of each collection is 1-100 yuan , After the collection is sold on the platform , It will soon be robbed by users , Each sale of the platform can earn tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of yuan .

Xiaoxing said :“ The original digital collection was easy to grab , But then too many people found this opportunity to make a fortune , It's not so easy to rob . But the harder it is to grab the platform of digital collections , The higher the price of the collection of its platform in the secondary market .”

Of course , Not all digital collections need to be robbed . Little star means , Collections are mainly bought on large platforms , Like whale detective 、 Magic core and other platforms with large company background , And the only art 、NVWA And other platforms with certain popularity in the industry , Collections on these platforms can often be sold at high prices after grabbing them , And it's easy to trade .

Picture source : New knowledge list , Ranking of influence of domestic digital collection platforms .

But no matter how wide the river is, it will dry up , So Xiaoxing doesn't always stare at these big platforms , We will also find some new small platforms to buy digital collections , Equivalent to venture capital , Because once these small platforms are on fire , Then the price of the collection in hand will rise , But it doesn't rule out that some small platforms after cutting leeks , There is a direct running phenomenon .

Xiaoxing thinks that there are a few running away after all , Most investments still pay off , After deducting the cost of these losses , And make a lot of money , On the premise of good market , You can earn hundreds of thousands of yuan a month , Even people who start playing , You can also earn thousands of yuan a month , Those who lose also have , But there are still a few losers in his circle .

“ Leek dish ” Platform running , Retail investors lost nearly one million

After more than half a year's development , The domestic “ Digital collection ” It has become a relatively complete business industrial chain .

As the upstream of the industrial chain , The digital collection selling platform has absolute voice and pricing power . These platforms , Some rely on Internet factories , Like detective Ali whale 、 Tencent magic core ; There are also waist companies , Like the only art , And mango TV Digital collection platform based on light chain ; There are also new companies started by individuals , Even individual workers build platforms , Then produce and sell it yourself .

Tech Planet discovery , Several new platforms appear almost every day , In addition, the person in charge of these new platforms can be seen advertising in multiple digital collections . This means that capital began to layout this market , At the same time, it also makes some leek cutting plates profitable . It is such a mixed market , If someone makes money, someone loses money .

Xiao Guang, a senior insider, told Tech star , Disciplined capital will strictly restrict the sale of digital collections , For example, after users buy collections , There will be a resale period , The duration varies from one month to half a year , After this resale period , The collection can be traded or transferred to others . This is a blow to speculators , After quickly seizing the collection, carry out secondary sales and realization , Return the value of digital collection to its essence , No hype price is too high to form a bubble. .

There are also some platforms for cutting leeks , Then directly open the secondary market , Let users buy and sell , The platform can also ship faster , Make a wave of quick money , This is also very easy to form “ Leek dish ”. Small light means , Recently, a digital collection platform has run away , Some users want to copy the bottom , Lost nearly one million on this platform , Therefore, there are great risks in hyping digital collections .

In addition to the platform side , Users who buy ( Also called “ Retail investors ”) It is an important and active link in the industrial chain , They are active in the official groups of major digital collections every day , Focus on the offering information of the platform , In order to rush to buy the collection faster , In order to grab more collections , Some retail investors will buy dozens of mobile phones and accounts to compete , They have formed a primary market for digital collections .

In addition to the primary market , Some platforms will open the secondary market or transfer function , Once retail investors grab the collection , The collection will be hung in the secondary market of the platform , wait for “ Institutions ” Your arrival and scavenging . These institutions will buy collections from retail investors at high prices , One shot is hundreds of thousands to millions of yuan , But the collections they buy will flow into the gray market for trading . such as , Trade in some digital collection websites or forums on the Internet , The deal is for collectors who love digital collections , The profit earned is 10% about .

Picture source : Screenshot of a digital collection Trading Forum .

Xiaoguang added : Previous digital collection market , It's really a good place to make money , But with more and more capital 、 User admission , Whether primary market or secondary market , There is a huge bubble. . A small number of people actually use digital collections as collections , Most of them are still resold or even hyped as commodities , It is easy to form an invisible and huge bubble. .

Clean up the grey industry , Some platforms were taken off the shelf

Behind this carnival , It actually has a handle “ The sword of dalix ” Hang high above your head , Once the bubble is broken , The digital collection market may form a pig killing plate , Become a farce of cutting leeks . therefore , As a grey market free from fuzzy areas , Need the necessary supervision .

Relevant regulatory authorities have already noticed this .2021 year 9 month , The Standardization Working Committee of China Technology Market Association under the Ministry of science and technology has jointly established a special working group with a number of institutions , Work together 《NFT Platform and product evaluation 》 Group standard development 、 Drafting work , It aims to establish a system suitable for China's national conditions 、 Meet domestic NFT Relevant group standards required by the long-term and healthy development of the industry .

2021 year 10 month ,NFT The industry's first self-discipline convention was issued . National Copyright Trading Center Alliance and China Academy of fine arts 、 Hangzhou Internet Notary Office of Zhejiang Province , And domestic Internet companies jointly released 《 Convention on self discipline of digital cultural and creative industry 》.

meanwhile , Tencent and other platforms , They also began to control these industries that are free in the gray area .

3 month 16 Japan , The digital collection platform Xihu No. 1 announced that the service of the applet was suspended , After communicating with Tencent team , It is learned that the digital collection currently belongs to the unopened field of wechat applet .3 month 21 Japan , The media reported that , Wechat applet began to take some digital collection platforms off the shelf .

Insiders Xiaoguang think , The current digital collection market is based on the continuous influx of players and a large amount of capital speculation . For the healthy development of digital collections , Effective supervision is very necessary , Supervision will play a role in fixing the sea god needle for the digital collection market , It will also make the digital collection industry formal and large-scale .

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