The current situation of Dao tools and how to better establish Dao tools

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current situation dao tools better

DAO The tool is the latest encryption big V The topic we often discuss after dinner .

Step on the accelerator and speed up
ETHDenver Everyone is either an investor 、 Or it's just DAO The work of tools
No one is both an investor and engaged in DAO People who work with tools

But there must be some challenges .

Now hundreds of founders are building DAO Tools , What is their biggest challenge ?
There is no mature DAO, No one knows how to organize 、 Manage and motivate yourself , these DAO It will be completely different in a few years .
therefore , No one knows how to build DAO.
We need more DAO, Not more DAO Tools .

In this article , I'm based on me as multiple DAO Members of , stay Mirror structure DAO Tools , And in the past year with DAO Experience of close cooperation between operators , Share something about DAO The idea of tools .

First , Let's take a look at the current DAO Some of the challenges .

“DAO ” Not a market

It is believed that the establishment of DAO Tools are like you're building tools for the enterprise , It doesn't really mean anything ‌. Now there is an agreement in the market DAO、 social contact DAO、NFT Collectors DAO、 service DAO、 funding DAO wait .

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therefore , structure DAO The first step of the tool is to clearly define the target audience .

Different DAO Your needs vary

majority DAO Share the same core components :

however , According to what you have established DAO The type of , They are likely to prioritize completely different feature sets , Thus affecting the product roadmap , Look at the following examples :

  • agreement DAO: Give priority to security and transparency . For key activities such as governance , agreement DAO Tend to choose on chain agreements , Instead of just writing to the database UI( The user interface ). agreement DAO Have tens of millions of Money ‌, Some are hundreds of millions of funds . Because these are decentralized organizations , They reallocate these funds for investment 、 compensate 、 Subsidies need the security of smart contracts 、 Transparency and automation . For the agreement DAO Building requires a highly technical team , They need to be able to In a confrontational and risky environment ‌ Use and produce code comfortably .
  • social contact DAO: Give priority to positive communication between members . Whether you love it or not ,Discord It's social at the moment DAO Preferred tool for . However , many DAO The tool project is trying to start with the chat function of token threshold “Web3 Indigenous Discord”. I doubt that a project can be sufficiently differentiated from the chat function authorized by tokens , because Discord Well done , And it already has a strong network effect . contrary , I think the project should focus on DAO Members build a useful individual tool ( That is, the feedback of activities on the chain 、NFT Airdrop tools 、 Custom governance products 、 Contributor Directory 、 Project updates via feedback and email, etc ), Use individual tools to aggregate a sufficient number of DAO member , Then layer in social functions , As news 、 Social graphs and notifications , And build one that can eventually be connected with Discord Comparable network .
  • NFT Collectors DAO: Give priority to the mechanism of adding funds to its Ministry of Finance , Provide governance tools for investment decisions , Easily coordinate the allocation of funds . Most on Ethereum NFT Collectors DAO Use Gnosis Multi signature to protect their cryptocurrency assets . There is an opportunity to build social applications , So as to ease the coordination between collectors , And in Gnosis Implement abstraction on multiple signatures , So as to automate the allocation of funds . for example , If community members vote on governance proposals , If they reach 5 individual ETH, You can clean up Squiggles The bottom of the , If the proposal is passed , The tool will queue the transaction , If the standard is met within the specified time , The transaction will be submitted automatically .Gnosis SafeSnap modular ‌ Make it easier to perform . As we are Constitution DAO‌、Mirror Crowd-funding ‌ and PartyBid‌ And other financial flash agreements (flash mob) As seen in , There is a fast-growing market for people interested in collective ownership of blockchain based assets , They just need tools to meet their specific needs .

Build a generic DAO Tools are challenging , Because it's different DAO Will give priority to different functions . therefore , Narrowing the focus will become the dominant solution for a particular use case , Then the tool continues to expand further from there .

To get some inspiration , Here is a current report for a specific use case DAO A great overview of the tool situation .


current DAO The tool has no clear business model

If your DAO The tool is a protocol ( That is, the smart contract deployed on the blockchain network ), Its obvious business model is the transaction fee on the chain . But most DAO The tool is only written for the database UI. For the latter , At present, there is no clear business model .

You can integrate Stripe And charge legal currency transaction fee , But many DAO Not registered , They also don't have bank accounts , This may limit the size of your potential market . Another disadvantage of legal currency transaction fees is , You can't generate Chain Revenue , This will limit your final deployment agreement , Launch tokens , The ability to give ownership to community members . This is a long-term risk , If you don't start with the right technical and cultural foundation , So your DAO It will be difficult to integrate .

Although there are no best practices , But there are some potential ways to make DAO Tool profitability , If you use USDC Pay a monthly fee ,NFT subscribe , or Utility tokens ‌.

In my submission DAO The lack of a clear business model for tools is a recent problem , It will eventually be solved . Especially as more activities and calculations move to L2 And a blockchain with low transaction costs , This will enable the project to make money on the chain in a new and creative way .

Everyone is fighting for the same number of legal DAO

Although many people agree DAO Has long-term potential , But the reality today is , We are still in a very early stage .

 SpongeBob knows what's going on
SpongeBob knows what's going on

But there are not so many legal DAO. majority DAO Just for fun , They don't care about being a long-term project . When a new DAO When the tool is launched , You usually see the same three to five DAO The logo is displayed on the landing page as a customer . I also think this is a major concern in the near future , But as the DAO Start of 、 It's getting easier to manage and expand , This problem will eventually be solved .

Anyway? , If you're building one today DAO Tools , You should think deeply about your marketing strategy . This may include having a well-known... In the founding team DAO Operator, , From high-profile DAO and DAO Get investment from operators , Build business development partnerships , Issue tokens, etc .

Once you get the initial set of goals DAO, And established a product that allows them to highly participate and retain , So focus on what makes you focus DAO Types may be more meaningful in terms of functions that are easier to start , So you can expand your market , Instead of just relying on a limited set of customers to increase revenue .

Although the establishment of DAO Tools have some challenges , But I still think if you think about it , There will still be a lot of opportunities here . Here are some high-level guidelines based on the work I've seen .

Start with service

When each DAO Tools are competing for the same number of DAO when , You need a distribution advantage . One of my favorite ways is by asking different DAO Start providing services , So you can develop expertise in specific areas , Build relationships with the core team , And finally turn your service into a product . A good example is Llama DAO‌.

They started as a small team , by Uniswap‌、AAVE‌、Gitcoin‌ and FWB‌ Wait for the top DAO Submit governance recommendations on Financial Management . Soon , They become the preferred experts in financial management . They also built a community of high-quality contributors , With all top-level agreements DAO Built a deep relationship , Now? Llama DAO They are commercializing their services through their own agreements . In the service phase , Participate in DAO Governance Forum , Contribute to the working group , Apply for funding , Execute the bounty , Submit pull request , establish Dune instrument panel , Issue a proposal . Do anything to start developing relationships and expertise , This will tell you how to turn your service into a product .

Please don't be this type of DAO The founder of the tool .

Never ask :
The age of a woman
A man's salary
One DAO The founder of the tool , What have they been involved in DAO The job of

Dominate a market segment

As mentioned earlier ,DAO Your needs vary . According to your goal DAO The type of , They will have different requirements , Including the agreement 、 Interface 、 Feature set 、 marketing 、 Business development, etc . Instead of building a mediocre product for a broad initial market , It's better to establish a default product for a very specific field . Do that , You have to think vertically and horizontally DAO The positioning of .

Vertical focus is a specific type of DAO( for example , agreement DAO、 social contact DAO、NFT Collectors DAO etc. ). The horizontal focus is on different types of DAO The specific tools of ( for example , government 、 Financial management 、 Wages 、 Contributor entry level ).

At the beginning, I will establish something at the intersection of a vertical focus and a horizontal focus ( for example , agreement DAO Governance or social DAO The new contributors to ), And see this as your strategic starting point . Your first milestone is to become the default product in this market . If your DAO Tool is a networked product ( for example , Social apps 、 market 、 Collaboration tool ), Then you should focus on liquidity rather than scale at an early stage .

under these circumstances , Mobility refers to the quality of experience when users participate in products . In networked products , Mobility usually depends on the number of other relevant users involved in the product . for example , If you are building a DAO Social apps , Then the quality of the experience of the app depends on whether people participate in the content you publish , And whether there is enough interesting content to participate in , Collaboration tools are similar .

A recent example is ,Clubhouse‌ At first there was only one audio room , Everyone is the designated spokesperson , The main speaker is the founder of Silicon Valley 、 Operators and investors . Every time someone opens an application ,Slack The notice will be sent to Clubhouse The founder of , One of them will rush to open the application , Welcome new users in the audio room . As more and more people join , Usually at least a few related people chat in the audio room . This creates liquidity , And make sure that most people have a good experience when using the application . as time goes on ,Clubhouse Created different roles for speakers and listeners , It allows people to create their own rooms , And expand to other networks outside Silicon Valley . Many networked products use this restrictive approach to promote liquidity from the beginning ( for example , Facebook and Tinder With college students , Amazon and books ,Uber and AirBnB Expand from city to city and so on ).

Most networked products don't need to be too large in the early days , They only need the smallest feasible network in a specific market , So that the initial users have a good experience . therefore , Consider your strategic starting point , Mobility , What drives it , And how you measure it before you scale it up .

DAO The tool should feel more like a multiplayer game , Not the business SaaS( Software as a service )

From there, , You can provide adjacent tools and / Or distributed to different types of DAO To expand .

Focus on retention and commercial development

Once you define your initial market and the factors that drive liquidity , You can start thinking more deeply about products and distribution .

In terms of products , You should focus on improving existing features , And add new functions , So that your initial group of users and DAO In regular participation in products . If they continue to use your product , That would be great ! How involved are they ? How does it compare with other products ? If not , Are they using other products ? Why? ? Do they need a new feature ? Whether the existing functions cannot be used ? Do they use any products to handle this use case ? without , Maybe this is not a core issue for them . Observe customer behavior , Collect feedback , Understand the broader market . meanwhile , Think about your product Level of participation ‌, And establish Participate in the cycle ‌, In this way, every user's participation will lead to a) Further participation in the future ,b) More involvement of other users .

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Participate in the cycle
For social interaction app: How can a participating user make other users more involved ?
For practicality app: Participate in a app How much impact will it have on more people's participation in the future ?
Advocate the adoption of organic 、 Use cases naturally , Not a notice , The latter may only be a means of promotion .

A lot of times , The participation cycle is driven by social functions , For example, focus on the map 、 Content 、 Profile page 、 Notice, etc , These are extensible ways for users to come back often .

Here is an example of a social participation circle .

 source :
source :

There is a more detailed look .

 source :
source :

Once you draw your core circle of participation , Identify which steps are your priorities 、 Iterative , And strengthen your network by layering in other circles . Equally important , You have to think about how to optimize the whole Web3 Ecosystem composability is the way to build these functions . for example , Put the content Stored on a decentralized storage protocol ‌, and Code the social graph relationship as NFT‌. Building in this way allows you to create a protocol , Other projects can integrate their own use cases , This helps the ecosystem and drives the growth of your agreement .

In terms of distribution , Join in DAO It's more like corporate sales , instead of Bottom up adoption ‌. This is because most of today DAO Tools are coordination tools . Whether it's Governance 、 compensate 、 signal communication 、 Tools for transaction management , It usually requires the support of a specific working group or a few core team members to be adopted . Because of that , Start by targeting two or three top players in the market you define DAO, Get in touch with and work closely with decision makers . If you address their needs , Let them be satisfied customers , They will recommend the next batch for you DAO, You can start running . remember , Early liquidity was greater than scale .

To expand the market

At an ultra-high level , There are two ways to promote AO The growth of tools :

  • Add each DAO Average income
  • Add your DAO Number of customers

You can raise the price / Take rate to provide more functions , And promote more participation to increase the average income of each customer . But given the current market DAO Limited number , If you don't build a system to accept and retain on a large scale DAO, You may encounter the upper limit very early .

In the early , You can rely on relatively manual business development efforts . But over time , You need to invest in more scalable strategies , Such as token incentive 、 Developer tools ( Such as SDK、API、 file 、 Subgraphs ‌ etc. )、 A subsidy scheme ‌ and Ecosystem investment ‌. Each of these growth strategies may be worth writing a separate post , I'll keep it for the next time . stay Web3 in , One of the best growth strategies is to launch a well executed DAO, We'll cover... In the next section .

Become a DAO

Web3、 A new feature of blockchain and cryptocurrency economic network is , They can realize the new original organizational structure of the Internet , This is basically DAO The meaning of .

today , We have a joint-stock company , among ,
establish : A legal entity bound by a jurisdiction
accounting : Financial statements audited by certified public accountants
Value acquisition : Equity is stored in the database and enforced through legal contracts
government : Shareholders and written votes
about DAO Come on ,
establish : Smart contracts are deployed globally P2P In the network
accounting : Distributed ledger , By the miner / Verifier encryption protection
Value acquisition : Programmable tokens in the wallet and enforced through smart contracts
government : Token holders and governance of transactions on the chain

first-class DAO Tools will become protocols DAO. agreement DAO The goal is to create a self-sustaining agreement . Another good description of this final state is Super structure ‌(Hyperstructure).

A self-sustaining agreement DAO Key elements include :

  • A value acquisition mechanism ( Such as transaction fee ) Of Smart contract based protocols
  • A that represents governance and equity in the agreement Tokens,
  • An update to the protocol Governance process
  • Build valuable products / Agreement integration Developer ecosystem
  • keep DAO Members participate and activate the new member's Community initiatives ( for example , Working group 、 Community phone 、 Induction meeting 、IRL Activities 、 Hackathon, etc ).

I suggest you study Yearn、Uniswap、Curve、AAVE、Compound and Index Coop Such agreement DAO, To understand its actual operation . Read their documentation , adopt UI Use agreement , Go deep into the Governance Forum , Check out their GitHub, stay Discord Wandering , Join a working group , Apply for a grant , Execute the bounty . I want you to pay attention to these DAO The common pattern of , Understand the framework they use to make strategic decisions ( Going deep into the Governance Forum is of great help to this ). Many of these projects are based on Progressive decentralized play ‌ To be DAO Of .

Web3 It's about decentralizing power and giving ownership to a wider range of stakeholders . Become DAO Is the best way to do this . In future articles , I'll share how top-level projects evolve into agreements DAO A case study of .

Although today's construction DAO The tool must have some challenges , But if you narrow your focus , Become the dominant solution for a specific use case , And expand from there , You still have a lot of opportunities . What you need is to take the time to identify gaps in the market , Focus on liquidity rather than scale at an early stage , And gradually decentralize .

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