The meta universe layout of adobe e: creative technology, interactive experience and virtual economy

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meta universe layout adobe creative

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The original title :《 say something Adob​​e The layout of the metauniverse 》

The meta universe , big-name Adobe The students came to report .

the other day , stay ”2022 Adobe Summit “ On ,Adobe Officially announced 《Adobe Metauniverse white paper 》, And released a series of new meta universe construction tools .

Due to the pandemic , This annual summit has been held online for the third consecutive year , Friends in the design circle should be familiar with .

Adobe Metacosmic strategy

Metauniverse was mentioned at the summit , That's what the official manuscript says :

Adobe Is the world's largest provider of digital media and marketing software , We have launched a series of products including Substance 3D and Aero Inside 3D Content creation tools , And including Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Experience Cloud Service platform including , Help creators create... In the metauniverse AR and VR Experience .

Don't be dazed by this series of names , Let's see Adobe How to define the meta universe . according to Adobe Description on the official website :

The primordial universe is open to all 、 A place where creative technologies can be easily used , Everyone can communicate with each other 、 Development and creation 、 Shopping and even doing all kinds of things .

meanwhile ,《Adobe Metauniverse white paper 》 mention , The cosmic experience is rich 、 lasting 、 Shared 、 An interactive experience of collaboration and co creation , Including a fully functional shared virtual economy .

It drives the next wave of innovation , Include : Work 、 game 、 Electronic Commerce 、 robotics 、 Autopilot training 、 Climate change and so on .

It seems to be no different from the concept of meta universe on the market , Everything is contained therein .

Extract keywords : Creative Technology 、 Interactive experience 、 fictitious economy , The first two are Adobe Business foundation , Virtual economy is emphasized .

Watch the whole Summit ,Adobe Metacosmic strategy , It is from the above three aspects , Help customers create 3D Virtual scene .

  • First of all , adopt 3D tool kit , Let the creative staff 3D And immersive content development is efficient enough ;
  • second , Adopt new AR/VR function , Enhance the interactive experience of virtual shopping ( Browse 、 Buy );
  • Third , make 3D Consistency and generality of virtual assets ( Compatible with existing assets );

establish 3D Immersive content

Adobe explains , Today's immersive experience , Including games and interactive business and educational experiences , Mainly used Adobe Industry leading 3D And immersive content creation tools Substance 3D and Aero Built .

These two mentioned professional software , A specialist 3D, A specialist AR.

Substance 3D Make

Substance 3D yes Adobe Acquired a few years ago , Focus on 3D Direction . To enter the meta universe ,Adobe Increasing interest in Substance 3D Investment , Tools currently available to designers include Substance 3D Stager、Painter、Sampler、Designer and 3D Asset Library.

Aero It is Adobe stay 2018 , launched in AR Creative tools , You can quickly create AR Shopping experience , Full Visualization UI A literary creation , No coding requirements . It provides a pre built 3D Object library , You can immediately add the content to the environment .

Aero effect

Aero What's unique about , It supports PSD file . It means You can import any existing Photoshop file , And in 3D View in space Related layer stacking .

For designers , It can be carried out smoothly AR A literary creation , cool .

In terms of customers ,Adobe Working with Coca Cola 、 Wal-Mart 、 FEDEX 、PayPal、Epic Games、 Nvidia And thousands of other enterprises , Provide these leading brands with the ability to enter the meta universe , Create an immersive experience , Let users buy virtual and physical products in the virtual world . 

In the amazon (Amazon) For example , It passes through Adobe Substance 3D technology , Create one click preview function for online shopping consumers , Realization 3D Immersive shopping experience .

through Substance3D , Amazon designers can adjust the texture and coloring of goods more accurately , Help them optimize their website 3D The realism of the image , So as to create a more realistic shopping experience .

Virtual identities and digital assets

In terms of virtual assets ,Adobe Help customers design their Unique online roles and assets , And in the virtual world The ability to own and export these custom assets .

It's easy to understand , Still take Amazon as an example . There are more than 400 Many bits 3D The designer , Being used Adobe Software creates realistic 3D assets , Customers can rotate these products 360 degree , And preview the effect of these furniture in your home from all angles .

3D Assets not only bring benefits to customers , It also helps Amazon speed up the dissemination of content , Because it doesn't need to make prototypes or take pictures of millions of products .

By contrast , Designers can create realistic renderings and easily update them , And display in different color environments based on customer needs .

besides ,Adobe Flag Behance Social networks , Introducing a pair of Polygon Support of cryptocurrency platform , So that users can show relevant information more easily NFT.

With the blessing of new functions , Artists can use Polygon, Cast it NFT Put it on popular OpenSea market 、 stay Behance Display relevant images on the 、 And guide potential audiences to buy .

My opinion :Adobe Is the content power of the meta universe

When people talk about the meta universe , People will ask first …… Where does the content come from ?

No content , The meta universe is empty , Various VR/AR、 Helmet 、 No matter how strong the performance of glasses hardware equipment is , You also need content to retain users .

Only good enough development and design tools , To make content creators 、 Creative people without coding skills create efficiently Metaverse Content .

Adobe As a big Mac of Digital Creative Software , from PC The three musketeers of the era began , Is the indispensable existence of creative personnel .

Now , Adobe Towards the meta universe , It's a matter of course , Will become an important promoter of the meta cosmic era , Contribute to the content prosperity of the meta universe .

Compared with other 3D Tools focus more on games 、 Entertainment and other users ,Aodbe 3D The tool focuses on Immersive business scenarios 、AR scene , Of course, it also includes games .

Including the famous 《 Fort night 》Fortnite、《 Halo 》Halo Graphics intensive games including , as well as “ The first stock in the global metauniverse ”Roblox , Are using Aodbe Create a game experience .

essentially , It means Adobe Moving towards a still dominated by 3D The game engine ( Such as Unreal and Unity) The dominant world has taken a bigger step , It also indicates that from 2D Creative shift to focus 3D The potential and foresight of yuancosmos business .

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