Digital collection fire out of the circle! The imagination is full, and the reality is a little skinny?

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author : Hua Lin Li

Will you spend money on an untouchable product ? This untouchable product —— Digital collection , It has been very popular this year , Multiple products sold out as soon as they were released . This year, 1 month , Alibaba group released 4 Olympic cloud badge digital collection , Limited per model 8888 Share , Once online, it will be sold out by users ; It's also 1 month , The original work of Qi Baishi, a master of traditional Chinese painting 《 Group shrimp map 》 The first social digital collection was auctioned at the first winter auction of Shanghai Jiahe , With a final 30 10000 yuan hammer price transaction ; During the Beijing Winter Olympics , International Olympic Committee official authorized ice blind pier digital blind box sale , The price is 99 dollar , None on the day of sale . Besides , Ali 、 tencent 、 Jingdong and other big Internet companies have tested the water in this field , Digital collection platforms have been launched one after another .

“ Everything can be a digital collection ”. Nearly period of time , The digital collection is out of circulation , It has attracted many people's attention and heated discussion , Also attracted some people to rub the heat 、 Fry concept , Even illegal activities in its name . How to stimulate technological innovation 、 Find the application scenario 、 Promote normative development , Let good technology have a good future , It has become a topic worthy of discussion .

Digital collection is a kind of digital voucher based on blockchain technology , Have unique 、 Indivisibility and traceability , Can be used to mark the ownership of specific assets . The reason why it can quickly “ Out of circle ”, Because in some existing application scenarios , People capture the changes that digital collections can bring to life : When digital collections encounter paintings 、 Music and other works of art , The long-term intellectual property protection problems in the field of artistic creation can be better solved ; When digital collections encounter Finance , All kinds of financial instruments can not only confirm the right and verify , It is also easy to track and trace ; When digital collections encounter the meta universe , Virtual space has a wealth of 、 Unique digital assets .

People are looking forward to , In the foreseeable future , Digital collections are expected to be combined with more objects in the real world , Become a bridge between the digital world and the real world , Create unlimited possibilities for the digital economy , Bring new opportunities to social development and Governance .

The imagination is full , The reality is a little skinny . On the whole , Due to the complex scenes involved , The landing mode is not clear enough , The practical application of digital collections is still in its infancy , Far from achieving ecological openness 、 Ideal state of virtual reality interworking . However , However, there are signs of various speculative activities , A pair of virtual sneakers 、 A conceptual avatar 、 A cartoon picture, etc “ sky-high ” The news of the transaction is frequent , Some use the concept of digital collection to package and publicize 、 Exaggerate the benefits 、 Defrauding investment “ There is no need for it ” The project has also emerged . More and more consumers are focusing on the concept of digital collections , Not the work itself , A gimmick full of tricks 、 Strange products , Gradually deviated from the technical connotation of digital collection itself .

Alibaba group previously released 4 Olympic cloud badge digital collection .

With virtual currency natural “ Close relatives ” Relationship , It also leads to the compliance risk of the digital collection trading platform 、 There is liquidity risk when consumers buy and sell . The vacancy of legal supervision 、 The property definition is unknown , It also makes digital collections have the tendency of financialization and sharp rise and fall 、 Hype fraud 、 Illegal fund raising 、 Gambling, money laundering and other risks .

The development of any new technology , We need to be tolerant and not indulge , Both need innovation and can't go out of bounds . When we actively embrace digital collections , We should not forget the guidance and standardization of Technological Development . Regulators should keep up with the pace of innovation , Closely follow the development of digital collections , Strengthen the research and analysis of technology , Actively explore regulatory methods 、 Governance ; Introduce relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible , Severely crack down on speculation , To avoid possible financial or legal risks . New technology can only be established in a safe market environment 、 In a sound legal order , In order to develop healthily and orderly .

Technology is neutral , The ultimate value released depends on the user . Standing in the new tuyere of Technology , Enterprises 、 The platform should be creative , Also guard the border 、 Respect the rules . At present some “ sky-high ” The practical application of digital collections is of little significance , The security of many real scenes combined with digital collections needs to be fully verified , Arbitrarily exaggerate the concept extension of digital collections , Or focus on speculation , Are not in line with the law of scientific and technological progress , Nor is it a long-term strategy for industrial development . Digital collection Developer 、 Operators also need to constantly tackle key technical problems , Promote integrated innovation , Build the whole industry ecology , Let the digital collection have a good future .

In recent years , Technological development is in a hurry , Artificial intelligence 、 Blockchain 、 Meta universe 、 New concepts such as digital collections emerge one after another , Carrying people's new expectations for the development of science and Technology 、 New ideas for a better life . But to lead to a fascinating technological future , Really let technology shine into reality , After all, we can't do without building brick by brick , Can not be separated from the constraints of rules 、 The cohesion of consensus and pragmatic action .

  • There are several steps to produce digital collections ?

How digital collections are made ? according to the understanding of , First step , Plan and determine the creativity of digital collections in the early stage 、 style 、 The theme . The second step , Creative designers use relevant software to design the image of the collection , Then the artificial intelligence team designs the visual algorithm to make the collection “ move ”. The third step , Programmers write smart contracts based on blockchain protocols , Cast and fix the image of the collection on the blockchain . Step four , After the collection enters the blockchain , Make a distribution site , That is, the storage of digital collections H5 Webpage . Since most people in China do not have digital wallets on the blockchain , Therefore, the digital collection needs to be stored on the site independently developed by the publisher , For consumers to view and display digital collections .

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