From MVP to MVD: the evolution of Web3 thinking

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From minimum feasibility product to minimum feasibility DAO

MVP This concept was first developed by Eric Ries stay 《 Lean Startup 》(Lean Startup) It is proposed that , It means to use the fastest 、 The most concise way to build a usable product prototype , Test whether the product meets the market expectation through this simplest prototype , And fix the product through fast iteration , Finally adapt to market demand .

Quick trial and error , Fast iteration . By creating products , Meet the needs of users , Demand transformation function , Function brings user growth .

Today, , from DAO The emerging community form is transforming the paradigm of this innovation flywheel . With 2021 The encryption boom rose in , It is estimated that ,DAO There are now about 100 Million participants . according to ConsenSys The data of ,Top 20 DAOs Hold more than in total 140 Billion dollars in digital assets . before , We often say , Without good ideas and ideas, there will be no users , Consumers become new products through data monetization . stay Web3 field , In a way , No community base , There are no projects , The consumer is “ product ” Become a member of the community 、 investors 、 Multiple roles such as stakeholders .

The hierarchy of rights has become more flat ,Web3 Promote a creator driven economy , At the same time, reward consumers to participate in , Thus opening a new era of social networks . The next time , Start designing a MVP front , It's better to assume the value of the product itself , Transform to community-based consensus exchange thinking .

Value hypothesis (Value Hypothesis): Whether the user thinks the product is useful to him 、 valuable , Whether users will feel that the product “ jing ”、“ Far more than other products ”?

Consensus exchange (Consensus  Exchange): By proposing a valuable consensus , Drive more people to come together and influence each other , Carry out value exchange and independent dissemination , Whether users agree with this value ?

Just imagine , How users become your stakeholders and business partners , Not just your consumers ?

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4M Element open MVD

Open a minimize DAO, Just remember the key 4M elements :Mission, Member, Mechanism, Money.

First , You need to identify the vision or goal you want to achieve , second , Consider what group of people you want to gather to complete with you , Define roles for members , The third is to consider how to set up a management mechanism , This includes voting 、 Incentive mechanism and decision-making mechanism, etc , The fourth is to consider capital and a perfect token economic system , How to deliver and transfer value , It can be NFT, It can also be a token .

From hypothetical function to consensus cohesion

before , One or two people propose and determine the function of the product , Now , A group of people contribute from the bottom up , To conform to DAO The motivation and values of launching products . Minimum feasibility DAO Put the community first , Consensus precedes products , Whether it's forming a proposal 、 vote 、 Define the role 、 consumption , You can create modular contracts through smart contracts DAO.

With Apecoin DAO For example , One of its visions is to cultivate a community of creators and innovators . Before everything starts , Sponsors and organizations need to plan a sound agreement and rules , The starting point is how to increase each DAO The value of tokens owned by members , Feed back the whole DAO.

Again Bankless DAO, Many high-quality knowledge-based in-depth articles and architectures make Bankless DAO Accumulated the first wave of consensus —— Yearning for a society without banks ,DAO Members keep spreading branches and leaves to form new guilds .

From passive acceptance to independent voting

Generally speaking , Community members will make proposals for future operations , Then get together and vote on each proposal . then , The passed proposal has gathered community consensus , Users passively accept all the results from the past and give way to community collaboration under this framework . Besides ,DAO Each member of the oversees the overall operation to some extent .

When voting, on the one hand, we should pay attention to the consistency of incentive measures , Maximize the interests of individuals and organizations . for example ,ApeCoin Holders can submit ideas and ideas in the form of Posts , The moderator confirms the consistency with the interests of the community . One AIP Ideas can be worked together by many people , You can also receive comments from others . thereafter , Moderators can AIP Publish to Snapshot, Once in a Snapshot Go online ,Live AIP Voting will be open . The voting options are “ In favor of ” and “ against ”,“ In favor of ” It means that voters agree to implement it exactly as it is AIP.

From user testing to token governance

in the past ,MVP Attach great importance to user testing and feedback , The feedback given by the user is used for the next development iteration . But now , Turn on MVD when , We need to think about how to turn users' contributions into funds and incentive mechanisms , And figure out how to get money and give it to governance .

This is usually issued by tokens or NFT Release to achieve , You can raise... Both ways DAO My Treasury . Token holders have multiple rights , such as , Right to vote , Some governance rights, etc . Besides , Some freelancers , Industry advocates and people interested in the project can join DAO Get extra token reward for your governance . Their role creates a unique value proposition , Commitments and efforts made in the community can be directly linked to financial capital .

This is an important step in transforming members into participants and stakeholders . Members need not only a sense of belonging and connection 、 You can also invest in what you are interested in at the same time . The value of tokens and direct community value , Such as the benefits and privileges of members , Social capital and status , And long-term community influence , Community profits are related to the supply and demand of tokens . If it is NFT Form token issuance , It will also be related to other factors such as rarity .

Now look at most DAO Or community tokens or NFT holder , It can often be divided into these categories ,HODLer, Supporter, Advocates, Flipper,Innovator, The different proportional combinations of members in each category also represent DAO Quality level of .

Of course ,DAO Also have their own bank account or treasury , It's like an Internet community with shared bank accounts , Independently formulate how to allocate community resources and economic incentives . for example Doodles Community coffers DoodlesBank, Its role is to support the activities carried out by various communities . In decentralization 、 Democratization and economic participation ,DAO In the purest sense web3 Community , It is also the key principle of the new ownership economy .

besides , You can also use Staking Promote tokens and NFT The development of ecosystem , Improve supply and demand , At the same time, early adopters and existing ecosystem participants are encouraged . It's like ApeCoin DAO Inside NFT The linkage model with token double pledge may be one of the common trends in the future .

From testing assumptions to putting them into action

DAO Communities are often called upon to come up with interesting ideas through funded projects , Entrepreneurial individuals are free to submit proposals . Different DAO The degree of participation varies , For some DAO, Everyone gathered together to achieve a common goal , The former constitution DAO And solution Assange DAO etc. , Others are to promote the collection of personal funds , Find a better investment direction , such as SharkDAO. Moreover, the project Party passed PFP Gather a group of people with common values to realize the road map step by step .

Technology is only a means

Over time and network effects , Social media brings together billions of users . Large companies from the user's attention 、 Made huge profits in time and wallet .Web 3 Designed to break these concepts , It's not just for early investors and teams to benefit from these network effects , In this day and age , All users who play a role in the success of the project should benefit . thus , The user becomes part of the owner of the product .

The concepts of decentralization and equity depict a beautiful vision for the future , But at the same time , We also need to note ,Web3 and DAO It doesn't solve all the problems , Many blockchain projects are based on the idea of putting technology first , That is, new technologies and new concepts can solve most of the social problems under the current mechanism . But technology is only a means to an end , Only the transformation of thinking can last forever . In the industry , Our attention is constantly deprived by new hot spots , Constantly shrouded in new temptations , There's a flood of PFP boom , New and even dazzling concepts and decentralized organization and operation system will also go through the consideration of time .

Free expression and the second personal revolution

First there is the community , And then there are products .

stay MVP Next , We assume that consumers have such demand . stay MVD Next , We have no assumptions , We create and choose any need . stay MVP Next , It is up to a few people to determine the size of the demand , Evaluate the best ideas . stay MVD Next , Dominated by community voting , Execute the best ideas . stay MVP Next , The community is your testing ground . stay MVD Next , The community is your investor . stay MVP Next , The community is your consumer . stay MVD Next , The community is your partner .

A well functioning DAO The resulting project or product , be relative to Web2 In the era of MVP, It can produce a positive sum .MVP Capital flows , It often flows from the community to the creative team , And the circulation is often accompanied by loss . And in the DAO Under the operation of , Communities and creative teams constantly attract people outside the community to join , The flow of funds is from outside the community to within the community , Instead of constantly concentrating from the majority to the minority in the community .

From the original product centered to individual based creation, it is also a reflection of the new characteristics of society —— Pay attention to participation and expression , Emphasize self and uniqueness , Focus on entertainment and consumption . In a personalized society , Classes become more blurred , And the self-expression brought about by the second personal revolution has become the most important thing . If we really want to move towards democratization and liberalization , Transfer the voice of large companies to individuals , Maybe we need to innovate in our thinking . What is everyone's motivation to do things , And what is the final distribution of benefits .

MVD It is a practice of the democratization of the monetary system , It may become a new way of discourse in the future . From paid use to shared revenue , No matter what DAO What is the ultimate purpose and scope of , Its success depends on its true recognition of group power , And the ability to drive collective energy to produce results .