Bitcoin core developer: openai Codex solves the XY problem

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XY problem ( You can refer to Cool shell article ) It is a common communication problem in software development and teamwork , Simply put, when looking for a solution , People who ask for help often ask what they don't need , The solver often answers questions that are not what they ask . Because of poor communication , It will waste a lot of resources and time in the wrong direction . The scene is often like this :

1) Someone wants to solve the problem X.
2) He felt Y It may be to solve X The way of the problem .
3) But he doesn't know Y What to do .
4) So he went to ask others Y What to do ?
5)   Enthusiastic people help and tell this person Y What should I do , But I still feel a little strange .
6) After a long discussion and tossing , Enthusiastic people finally understand , The problem to be solved is X.
7) The truth ,Y It's not used to solve X The right solution .

Core developers of bitcoin Greg Maxwell Find out , Use OpenAI Codex When , Because you don't have to worry about all kinds of misunderstandings caused by computer systems like people , Your expression can also be more direct, there is no need to adjust so many psychological activities , Instead, it avoids XY problem .

Let's give you an example , Just cool shell articles and Maxwell Are quoted in Shell After taking the string 3 Bit example . Let's take a look at the typical XY How did the problem come about :

Q) How can I use Shell After getting a string 3 Bit character ?
A1) If the variable of this character is $foo, You can do this echo ${foo:-3}
A2) Why did you take it back 3 position ? What are you up to? ?
Q) In fact, I just want to take the extension of the file
A1) I rely on , So you're going to do this , Then my method is wrong , The extension of a file is not guaranteed 3 Ah! .
A1) If your file must have an extension , You can do it like this :echo ${foo##*.}

While using OpenAI Codex What will happen ?

You will directly find that your question is wrong !

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