Towards compliance: why do mainstream Dao organizations set up foundations?

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compliance mainstream dao organizations set

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“2022 Year is DAO The first year of the outbreak .” This is a 2021 During year-end inventory , One of the trends predicted by all parties is that they are optimistic about the collective .

In the near future ,Gitcoin、SuishiSwap And many other well-known projects have been announced or planned for the community DAO Establishment of legal entities , In the legal gray area for a long time DAO Show the trend of self-compliance , by DAO More interaction with the real world .

3 month 21 Japan , Ethereum open source software fundraising and donation platform GitCoin Community adopt The proposal , Newly incorporated in the Cayman Islands Gitcoin The foundation (Gitcoin Foundation) Will be the representative of Gitcoin DAO Legal entity of . meanwhile , Decentralized exchange SushiSwap The community, too Initiate a proposal , Plan for Sushi DAO Establish an association or foundation , To clarify the rights and obligations of token holders and contributors , Limit their responsibilities and reduce risks .

More recently launched DAO organization , At the beginning of its establishment , has “ silently ” Set up similar compliance agencies .3 month 17 Japan ,Yuga Labs Launch governance token ApeCoin, Bulletin page Show , Legal entities ApeCoin The foundation was also established , To oversee their governing communities ApeCoin DAO. No sooner ,ENS Community Governance Charter It also revealed a Cayman Islands non-profit organization ——ENS Foundations represent... In the real world ENS DAO Act .

Why do well-known project communities seek to establish legal entities ?DAO Up to now , What legal dilemmas are facing ? Community compliance attempts , What problems can be solved ?

One 、 Why do I need 「 Conformity 」?

DAO( Decentralized autonomous organization ) Connect multiple parties with a code based and distributed ledger system , By de trusting 、 Automatic execution and other features are expected to reduce the contracting cost of modern organizations 、 Execution and supervision costs , As 「 New organizational structure paradigm 」 Be favored for a long time .

Analysis platform data Show , By the end of this year 3 month ,DAO The number has increased to 4832 individual , among 216 A head DAO The scale of asset management reached 95 Billion dollars , Compared with the same period , Last year DAO The scale of asset management has increased by nearly 10 times .

The huge amount of capital is facing at the same time , It's the impotence caused by embarrassing legal status . Up to now , Except the Marshall Islands 、 Wyoming and a few other regions in the United States ,DAO In major parts of the world, it is in the gray area between legal and illegal , In the case of the United States , Unless DAO Suspected of violating the securities law , At present, almost all federal regulators in the United States have no clear legal power to regulate DAO.

This blank means DAO Isolated from the existing legal framework , There is no obligation to bind , But there is no right . Such as Yuga Labs Call in the announcement , Most of today's reality DAO “ Can't sign a lease 、 Hire people 、 Make goods or anything else the community decides to do on its own ”.

In terms of risk , According to people familiar with the matter analysis , Under the American legal system , When there is a lawsuit ,DAO Or be regarded as a general partnership by default , all DAO Members are jointly and severally liable ; The corresponding ,DAO The tax burden of the organization will also affect individual members .

And in the “ Real world ” Have a representative in DAO Legal entity of , Can enhance DAO The ability to interact with the real world , Risk aversion . One side , It makes DAO Participants only have limited liability , On the other hand , Should lift to make DAO Be able to communicate with others “ Real world ” Sign a contract with your service provider , Legally held assets 、 intellectual property right 、 domain name , Fund raising, etc .

Two 、 The structure of the Council “ Centralization ” controversy

according to H.Forest Ventures Research , Except for DAO In addition to the establishment of representative legal entities ,DAO Compliance and “ As a limited partnership ( Under the Wyoming legal system ) operating ” Other options . But in practice , Reference resources ApeCoin、GitCoin、ENS And so on ,“ Council structure ” The most popular solution .

「 Council structure 」 finger ,DAO Designate a core group to represent and implement DAO Approved action ( Such as signing contracts or agreements with other companies ), And properly manage DAO Our daily business . In the ApeCoin The foundation 、ENS For foundations , this “ Core group ” It refers to the... Established in these institutions 「 Board of directors 」.

however , Some people in the crypto community have questioned the insufficient structure of the Council “ De centralization ”, send DAO It is no different from the decision-making process of traditional companies . For the ancient blockchain industry “ The separation of powers - efficiency ” proposition ,Sushi Former principal OxMaki In an interview with the New York Times , He thinks that ,DAO The advantages of —— Diversity and decentralization —— It has also proved to be its weakness .

“DAO Made up of all kinds of people all over the world , There is no relationship between the parties . Each group has a different vision and direction .DAO Never reached a complete decision internally . This is a mistake .”OxMaki call .

H.Forest Ventures Think , In the short term , Just DAO In terms of interaction with traditional companies , council DAO Is the most effective 、 The most seamless choice .

In actual design , In addition to acting as a centralized decision-maker, the board of Directors , There is also space for “ Supervisor ” There is . If in Yuga Labs In design ,ApeCoin The foundation “ Don't control ApeCoin or ApeCoin DAO”. The board of directors of the foundation is equivalent to “ Third party project management team ”, Only responsible for supervising ApeCoin DAO The decision , And make sure ApeCoin DAO The decision is implemented .

stay ENS and GitCoin Community , The foundation gives DAO appointment 、 Power to remove members of the board of Directors , To balance these concerns about centralization .

3、 ... and 、 Influence and reflection

Establish an external legal entity , Enhanced DAO The ability to interact with the real world , Give Way DAO Distance has become the mainstream form of financial and cooperative organizations , A step closer .

however , This is just DAO External compliance efforts in the field .

At present , The anonymity advocated in the encryption community will contribute to the abuse of power to a certain extent , and DAO In terms of internal management , In this regard, there is a lack of clear obligations and responsibility constraints .

At the end of last year ,SushiSwap The team is involved in a resignation dispute , After investigation Show ,Suishi front CTO Joseph Delong Suspected of being forced away by internal power groups Sushi person in charge , And he himself as Sushi Employees of , Not in the job of code development . The incident ended with Joseph Delong Take the initiative to leave and close .

CoinGecko author Benjamin Hor These phenomena are summarized as ,“ Reality is , all DAO Our members rely almost entirely on trust in selected individuals , And these people can choose to give up being responsible for their actions .” When similar events occur , Encryption community can only be forced by public opinion to solve , There are no standardized internal accountability channels .

There is no law outside 、 Without self-discipline in , The existing DAO Governance mechanisms often bring “ Chaebol ” Centralization effect or “ Tyranny of the majority ” And so on ( The former cases are "UNI Large household "a16z stay Uniswap The dominant position in the decision-making of grant Events , After the Juno Network The community passed the 16 Proposal No , To confiscate “ Airdrop whale ” Part of our assets ).

thus , future DAO Standardized operation of , It also needs to extend to the inside .

just as Juno Network Core members JakeHartnell stay 「16 Proposal No 」 Reflection after the storm , With the help of casting / Destruction of tokens 、 Force re delegation 、 Roll back and freeze smart contracts ,“ Community governance has more than Web2 Time centered institutions are more 「 dictatorship 」 The power of ”, Therefore, every proposal in the future should be discussed more carefully and fully , And should set up a series of guidelines that can not be violated in advance .

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