German authorities smashed the Russian dark network market and seized $25 million worth of bitcoin

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german authorities smashed russian dark


Federal police found 1700 Million customers and 19000 Seller accounts . According to the statement ,Hydra Market It may be the highest turnover in the world's illegal market . The police said , stay 2020 year , The market has 12.3 Billions of euros (13.5 Billion dollars ) The income of the .

The police statement said , There is also a built-in bitcoin privacy obfuscation program in this Russian based market , This complicates tracking transactions .

Hydra Market since 2015 Has been in operation since , Can pass Tor Browser access . The website has been deleted from the Internet .

Blockchain forensics company Ciphertrace Express , The market is mainly used to sell narcotics , The target market is mainly Russia 、 Ukraine 、 belarus 、 kazakhstan 、 azerbaijan 、 Armenia 、 kyrgyzstan 、 Uzbekistan 、 Tajikistan and Moldova .

Police said , The survey began with 2021 year 8 month , It also involves law enforcement cooperation with the U.S. authorities .

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