Doug Leone, senior global executive partner of Sequoia Capital, retired in July this year and roelof botha will take over

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doug leone senior global executive

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,4 month 5 Japan , According to the daily economic news , Sequoia Capital Global senior executive partner Doug Leone The announcement will be made this year 7 Retired in May , Sequoia USA / The head of Europe Roelof Botha Will take over Doug Leone, Shen NANPENG of Sequoia China will continue to be the global executive partner .

Doug Leone stay 2012 In, he became the global senior executive partner of Sequoia Capital , in the meantime , He and Shen NANPENG 、Roelof Botha Are the three global executive partners of Sequoia Capital .

As the head of Sequoia Capital ,Doug Leone The retirement statement said , This year, Sequoia Capital was established 50 Anniversary of the , He will be on his own 65 Retire to the second tier after your birthday .

It is reported that ,Doug Leone After retirement, ,Roelof Botha Will become a global senior executive partner , And continue to be responsible for the United States / European business , Shen NANPENG continues to be responsible for China business as the global executive partner and the founding and executive partner of Sequoia China .

Besides , Redwood India / Southeast Asia 、 Sequoia global open market fund 、 Sequoia Global Heritage Fund and other different business lines will continue to be independently responsible by their respective management partners . 

Over the past year , Sequoia Capital moves constantly . last year 10 month , Sequoia USA announced the establishment of a “ Sequoia Fund ” Single 、 Permanent evergreen Fund , No longer establish duration . The fund has completely abandoned the traditional organization mode of closed-end venture capital funds , Broke the game rules of venture capital for decades .

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