Discussion on the support of effective data for network value in filecoin

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discussion support effective data network

Filecoin After the autonomous online line , Remarkable achievements have been made in three months 2EB storage capacity , Network wide participation Filecoin The number of miners who dig mines is also increasing , From the beginning of the launch 300 Famous miners , Now it's almost 1200 name , It's nearly over 4 times .V|jasonbody

But judging from the main economic structure of today's society , Blockchain is still in the status of minority and non mainstream , At present, the number of people who know blockchain is still small , But the good news is that this situation is improving .

Although blockchain is still in a non mainstream position , But the storage market is a big market , At present, the daily revenue of the leading storage service providers is 10 billion , and Filecoin Is based on this market and landing with an innovative attitude . So in the foreseeable future ,Filecoin Will become a dark horse in the storage market , Bring the subversion of data storage mode .

but Filecoin It's only three months since the launch , There is still a long way to go to achieve the effect of complete subversion . The first problem to be solved is the introduction of effective data , Officials are clearly aware of this problem , Today, the official team released Filecoin plus List of notaries for the proposal , This means that the tenfold computing force mechanism will be online soon .

At present Filecoin In the network , Most of the encapsulation is garbage data , It's all junk data , Want to 2EB The capacity of garbage data is transformed into effective data , There is still a long way to go .

Filecoin The essence of is a network that stores data , Users store their data in the network , And pay the corresponding FIL, This is a Filecoin Part of the value . The other part is when the effective data in the network reaches a certain order of magnitude , Users will start from Filecoin Search for what you want , For example, a popular movie . At this time, the user finds the miner who provides data retrieval service and pays the corresponding fee , The miner will send the data the user wants to the customer , This part of the fee is priced according to the value and size of the data .

The above two cases will be in mature Filecoin It happens all the time in the network , And we can see that these need to have enough effective data in the network , Because these usage scenarios are generated around valid data , If there is no valid data , None of the above scenarios will happen .

Through the above analysis , It's not hard to find that since the main network went online , Officials have been trying their best to promote the uplink of effective data . Whether it's a space race, a catapult track 、 Various foundations that promote ecological development still have ten times the computing power Filecoin plus, This is the purpose .

But these are from Filecoin The network itself analyzes its value , For users ,Filecoin What changes can the birth of bring to oneself ?

First ,Filecoin Be able to make data cheap 、 Secure storage , Have you ever been dissatisfied with the high storage costs of various cloud storage service providers , The storage cost of tens of dollars a month . Even if you use its services , Store the data in , As a result, all kinds of stars “ Door event ” Indicates that security is not reliable .

The second is the high transmission rate , Have you ever been a few times per second KB The download speed crashed . I believe everyone has encountered this situation more or less , Especially when there are fewer and fewer cloud disks providing storage services on the market , This happens more often .

Finally, when we open all kinds of shopping software , All kinds of products that we have never searched before appear in the advertising and recommendation Columns , It makes us wonder if our lives are being watched . The reason for this is that businesses through the so-called “ big data ” Realize the accurate promotion of advertising , Harvest your wallet with your own data .

The above examples illustrate why the world needs Filecoin, Its appearance will greatly improve all kinds of disturbing situations in our life .

Now Filecoin It is on the track of sound development , It may be in some trouble , But any successful thing is to overcome all kinds of difficulties and finally ascend the throne , Just stick to the right direction . Simply Filecoin The pursuit of this direction has never changed .

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