The first batch of filecoin plus ten times computing power notaries are announced!

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batch filecoin times computing power

according to Filecoin News released by the official team ,Filecoin plus The proposal of the ten times computing power mechanism has been officially launched recently ! At present, the list of the first batch of notaries has been officially announced . According to statistics , These notarial offices include... In Europe 1 home , Greater China 1 home , North America 2 home , Asia Japan region 1 home , The specific list is as follows :V|jasonbody

Filecoin The foundation 、 Distributed capital 、Fleek、Textile、Blotocol Japan

What is the origin of these notary institutions ? Today, StarCraft original community will introduce to you .

Filecoin The foundation : Is a responsible Filecoin The organization of overall governance , And will further support the development of communities and ecosystems . Its mission is to manage the development of open source software and open protocols , Ensure that important human information is saved in the distributed storage network , therefore Filecoin The foundation became the first notary public nominated in the community .Filecoin The foundation belongs to the European Region .

Distributed capital : It is the first venture capital organization focusing on blockchain technology in China , It is committed to supporting start-ups in the blockchain industry , Promote the economic and programmable financial development of the blockchain industry . Today, , Distributed capital has just announced a partnership with the agreement Laboratory , Total investment 1500 Million dollars to promote the development of distributed storage ecosystem ! Distributed capital belongs to greater China .

Fleek: Is an important for developing hosting websites 、 Storage and delivery of documents and decentralized Web Applications for services , Its mission is to help everyone create... More easily Web3.0 And store the files in the distributed network , Speed up the push Web3.0 Coming of age !

It is worth mentioning that ,Fleek Most of our products and services are based on IPFS、Textile and Filecoin Of Fleek On the stack , And pass Fleek Edge Deployed infrastructure , take IPFS The distributed peer-to-peer data sharing protocol is combined with edge computing , This creates an exceptionally fast and reliable solution distributed network . stay Fleek Edge On , Data and information are processed and stored geographically close to the edge requested by users , This reduces the waiting time of real-time data applications , And improve the performance and speed of peer-to-peer interaction .Fleek Institutions belonging to North America .

Textile: It is a research platform for developing tools , It is committed to improving people's work efficiency in the network through various innovative development tools , These tools make it faster and easier for developers to IPFS/Filecoin

Build various decentralized applications in , Its cooperation with the protocol laboratory has been reached very early , Jointly promote the development of decentralized application Ecology .Textile It also belongs to North America .

Blotocol Japan It is a blockchain based application building organization in Japan , Its goal is to become a world-class supplier of system development and background applications , Improve the operational efficiency of the enterprise , It calls itself “ Blockchain 、 Experts in web and smartphone applications ”. It belongs to Japan in Asia .

Filecoin plus The connection between the notary and the miner

essentially ,Filecoin Plus It's an add-on program , Its existence aims to strengthen the audit of valid data , Only the valid data reviewed by the verifier can obtain ten times the computing power .

Filecoin plus Several identities in

Root key holder : Signers of multiple signatures on the chain , Have the right to add or delete notaries , Is the highest level of existence in the whole mechanism , Many people are likely to sign more addresses , The exact list has not yet been published .

Notary public : Certifier of effective computing power , Determines whether the effective computing power can obtain ten times the computing power . It is reported that , At present, notaries are divided into five levels , All miner nodes can apply ,Filecoin The foundation has been nominated as the first notary public .

Certified customer : The provider of network valid data , Be responsible for submitting valid data to the notary public .

Filecoin plus Workflow

The authentication client sends the storage request of valid data to the notary public , After the notary receives the request , Execution verification , Provide assigned DataCap; The authentication client is arranging Data Cap To store data , Miners store “ After verification ” Transaction store data for , After finishing the order , The miner multiplies the original calculated force value of the document by 10 Times the effective computing power !

Through the above process, it is not difficult to see , Notaries have absolute control over which valid data can obtain ten times the computing power , Moreover, there is no effective mechanism to restrict the rights of notaries in the current procedure . So this mechanism has aroused the dissatisfaction of many miners , After all, without constraints , It's easy for a notary to cheat .

But the existence of such a simple problem , The authorities must have considered , So the government must have its own plan , So we look forward to the follow-up official action .


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