Filecoin information: the current fil price is not the final market price

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filecoin information current fil price

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Filecoin Since the main network went online, it is running steadily , at present FIL Price volatility , Not the final market price The embodiment of , The specific reasons are as follows :

  1. Filecoin Great vision , But landing It is still a long-term process , It is a long-term and arduous task .
  2. although Filecoin The whole ecology of miners is still very active , But the fundamentals of insufficient demand for decentralized storage have not happened remarkable change , And that's what it is Fil The cornerstone of value support .
  3.  Filecoin The whole pass mechanism ( Including handling charges 、 Pre mortgage 、 Reward delayed release, etc ) For maintenance FIL Price plays a very important role . But in the long run FIL The price is bound to return to Filecoin The level of satisfaction with market storage demand .

At present FIL The price has not fully reflected the market value of centralized storage . however , Different people have different criteria for value judgment , It has no reference value .

in any case ,Filecoin Our future is worth daydreaming about , But the current challenges , Very severe .

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