Fang Xiaole, senior technical director of pingcap: "from 30000 to 10000", the way of rapid growth of 2B users

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fang xiaole senior technical director

11 month 29 Japan ,TGO TALKS The stage of is coming 8 There are strict trained people CEO 、CTO、Team Leader Give a speech .TGO TALKS from TGO Kunpeng society organized and launched , Hire a professional speech coach , Help participants improve their presentation skills . Every sharer follows the speech thinking methodology , Well prepared 18 Minutes of keynote speech , Will grow in the individual 、 Team management approach 、 Entrepreneurial experience, etc , Share the knowledge and knowledge of contemporary technologists with the audience . This article is based on PingCAP Senior technical director & TGO Kunpeng Society ( Beijing ) Student Fang Xiaole is TGO TALKS Upper 《“ From thirty to ten thousand ”,2B The rapid growth of users 》 The speech is organized into . Fang Xiaole combined his own experience , For you to share To B How to pass B End enterprise users 、C End talent 、P End content “ Flywheel model ” To realize the self growth of enterprise users . The following is Fang Xiaole's on-site sharing ,Enjoy~

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Hello everyone , I'm Fang Xiaole , A veteran in the database industry for 15 years , It's also TUG Database community sponsor , Our company belongs to 2B industry , I also have a little bit of 2B temperament , Today we'll talk about 2B The little thing about user growth .

There's a word in the subject I'm sharing ,“ From thirty to ten thousand ”, There are two stories behind the word :

The first story is about a child's literacy process , The teacher drew a stroke ,“ One ” word , Draw two strokes ,“ Two ” word , Three strokes ,“ 3、 ... and ” word . The student said , I learned to . one day , The boy's father asked him to write to a man surnamed Wan . result , It took half a day , Five hundred schoolchildren drew . It's a funny story that people use a lot “ Linear thinking ”.

The second story we put at the end of the speech , Share with you .

That's the end of the story , Let me ask you a question :“ What do you think 2B industry ,「 What is the annual growth rate of users 」 It's a reasonable range ? Double ? twice as much ? triple ? Or more ?”

stay 19 Beginning of the year , My boss gave me the proposition that “8 Times the growth ”! When I heard that , The first feeling is 「 The boss must think too much !」

2B Industry users from product selection 、 Delivery until online , The whole cycle is relatively long . If we solve this proposition with linear thinking . The method that the probability will choose is 「 Expand market publicity 、 Put an advertisement 、 Recruit more users to sell 、 Equipped with more technical delivery .」 however , Even if these resources are in place , These operations alone cannot be completed 8 Times the growth , So we can only play “ except ” What happened .

Let me first report to you the actual completion :

Our choice best represents “ User growth ” The indicator of value is 「 Number of in-depth users after the product goes online 」, When we were above the line 50 The user station node defines the depth for the standard (KA).

Just this indicator , We achieved a year 9 times growth !

This is more exaggerated 9 Times the growth , How to achieve it ? Today, let's share what we have done “ except ” What happened .

The way of user growth

1、 If the potential is high, the circumference is wide


This picture comes from 《 The Qin Empire 》 And “ The big game destroys the National Chess ”, Shang Yang took the sunspot ahead of Tianyuan . Tianyuan is the most central position of go , I've played go. My little friend knows , This position has been in the chess game for a long time , Will be an imaginary child . But Shang Yang said :“ Chess way , Take the enclosure as the destination , But it must be based on taking potential . If the potential is high, the circumference is wide .”

go back to 2015 year , When we enter the track of database : There is already one in this market that rules this industry 30 Years old king , At the same time, in the open source world , There are also many star products , At this time, enter the field of relational database , It's a stupid choice , Want to have a better way out , It's just a dream .

But coins have two sides , Technological change will always provide some phased market opportunities , Some people have insight into the first opportunity 、 Believe in the future 、 Step bravely into these challenging areas , They are like Shang Yang , In the world of go “ tianyuan ” A lighthouse was erected on the , Looks like a virtual child , But it can continuously summon 、 Attracted a large number of talents , Then through the spirit of openness , Open source means , get 「 In China, there are more and more engineers 」 Dividends .

Believe in and stick to doing difficult and right things , It's actually standing momentum .

So your 2B Does the product have a good story ? Do you believe this story can come true in the end ?

We believe our ideas are right , We also need more people to believe with us , therefore , The first thing to do :

Technology diffusion .

The first carefully planned official Technology Salon , Be present 12 people , The results are pretty good , But the 10 People belong to their own company . What do I do ?

Don't be upset !

In the early stage of promotion , We will inevitably encounter this dilemma . We must choose to believe and insist ! That's it , After the early Mencius , We insist on doing a technical Salon every two weeks , Until now we have finished 130 Multi period technical exchange , Accumulated a lot of technical experience . This is a Growth promotion The first step .

2、 "Hard village 、 Stay wars


The second step ,“ "Hard village 、 Bad debts ”, This is the way Zeng Guofan used troops during the war with the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom , It's about digging trenches 、 Advance gradually and entrench oneself at every step , This seemingly clumsy method , It's actually very effective .

Again , stay 2B In the market war , Not Wanting “ To perform one service ”,2B User growth is a hard work , Enter the ground war , Can only enter stupid mode .

In the early , Finding users is as difficult as finding beautiful girls , After finding , You have to try to chat up .

for instance , At that time, meituan was a beautiful girl to us , Rapid development 、 Lots of scenes 、 There are many technical talents , High acceptance of new technologies .

Before the first visit to the United States , I went through the address book , Find a former colleague , They helped organize an exchange meeting for less than ten people . After the exchange meeting , Everyone only commented on one sentence ,“ Good idea , But we have a more mature and reliable solution ”, Then this wait is a year .

In the second year , Then communicate , Participants 30 Left and right , However, meituan still did not consider trying our products , But they do feel 「 We are indeed moving forward in the direction of boasting in the past , They began to be willing to establish some channels of technical exchange with us .」

Another year passed , The third exchange , I was particularly impressed , It was CEO Come with me , In the largest meeting room of meituan , We face 300 Many people made a technical exchange and share . Fortunately, we both resisted , The good news spread quickly :“ Our product direction is consistent with meituan's technical planning , The other party is willing to try . ”

So we struck while the iron was hot , Invited each other's technical students to participate in our first systematic training course , Later, we specially reserved two stations , It is convenient for meituan people to come to our company at any time to communicate .

That's it , We have established a deep revolutionary friendship with their technical classmates , We help them find scenes in meituan 、 Push online , The bigger the roll , Finally, set up a separate team to set up the project . The current result is , Our products have been running in meituan 2000 On the stage node .

Although the flirting process is a little long , But we use sincerity and continuous progress , Finally, I got the beauty back .

From the wall 、 To touch 、 To in-depth technical exchange 、 To be technically convinced of you 、 Then users really feel the help , We used this stupid way to win the trust of users .

Then my partner and I spent two years , Face to face with 200 Many head users communicate in depth , It establishes the connection 、 Gained trust . My partner used to do business pushing in Alibaba Tiejun , We later joked that these two years , It is our “ Technology pushes forward the period ”.

In this period , It's actually very difficult , Students like to do technical challenges , All kinds of tricky questions can be asked , But for me , It is also the fastest growing period , For our company , The connection with these hundreds of enterprises has laid the foundation for future development .

I think for everyone 2B The company is , Cultivate understanding of products 、 technology 、 Business structure , Architects who have certain contacts in the circle , It's very important , Because these people have multifaceted values . This is the second step .

3、 Light a spark

We do technical push with users , It is also to make friends with technical talents in users 、 The process of empowering each other , In fact, it is also to cultivate internal supporters of the product (Coach) The process of , In the process , We need to be less utilitarian , Don't talk in vain , Seeking truth from facts , We should sincerely stand on the user's point of view , Help them succeed , In this way, we will get more than expected returns .

17 end of the year , I met a man named “ destroy by fire ” Net friends of , At that time, he was doing data architecture selection . After comparing many data schemes , I gave him some practical help , Finally, he successfully helped him launch our products .

stay 18 Beginning of the year , He invited me to Hangzhou , In Xixi , In a small teahouse called spring flowers , He brought some friends in the technology circle , We did a technical exchange activity together . Later, these “ destroy by fire ” A friend's business , Most of them have become the first batch of users of our company in Hangzhou . This includes Cao Cao's car 、 Dig for money, etc .

“ destroy by fire ” Later, he went to Xiaodian technology company from two-dimensional fire , Small power technology has become our users . From a friend's point of view ,“ destroy by fire ” It's unique , But from the perspective of product supporters , We are all very lucky . By helping each other , We met a group of excellent technicians .

Another example , Sun Xuan, the former chief architect , I remember in 18 The day before the Spring Festival holiday in , I was in a meeting room in a warehouse and a half with sun Xuan and some small partners , Talked freely all afternoon . later “ around ” It has become the core user of our first launch . Sun Xuan is a IT Master of training , Later founded Naixue Education , In his personal lectures , Imperceptibly promote our products .

Another example , Ruixing with fresh fruit 、 Jun Jun of little red book 、 The spring glow of Singapore , These are the early users of our products .


They are like a spark , In their respective areas 、 The industry promotes our products in its own way , Played an immeasurable effect .

others , They are like seeds spread by dandelions , There was no news at that time , But one year 、 Two years later, , It will surprise us .

There is such a classmate , In fact, I forgot the scene of communicating with him for the first time , Later, he recalled , We are also 18 I met one day at the beginning of the year , That day, I introduced our products and many things about big data to him .

It's over 18 After a month , He told me :“ His company has finally found a scene where we can try our products ,” And this year , His company has ushered in a period of high development . Their company's database architecture , Finally, I chose All in Our products , His name is Xianlin . At present, he is the middle and Taiwan technical director of Peiyu online education .

That's it , Companion fish has naturally become our strategic partner . For Xianlin or companion fish , They choose to believe , Embrace new technology , Overtaking at corners ; For us , This is again “ Non short term goal orientation ” Huge returns .

In the era of technological push , Official architects can play a very important role . Human expansibility , It's actually very difficult , In the later period , We need to finish “ Teach to fish ” The transformation of , seek 、 To cultivate 、 Empowering some early enterprises C End user , And use the maximum resources possible to help them succeed , Guide them gradually to become new preachers , It's also important . Our focus has gradually shifted from B End to C End transition .

External talent is already a visible resource , Therefore, we need a platform to leverage these resources ,2019 year 6 month , We initiated and founded 「 Designed to aggregate all databases 、 Big data technology users 」 Our user community .

On the volume , The user community is much larger than the open source development community . If you operate properly , The contribution space is also far greater than the contribution of the code of the development community .

The main line of community operation is 「 Enhance the sense of growth of community members , Stimulate the sense of participation of community members , Finally meet the sense of belonging of community members in the social economy .」

Around these three points , We classify community talents , At the same time, official technical training centers have been established one after another 、 Community user Q & a platform 、 Community content platform , Enabling and motivating through joint activities with enterprises . We turn community governance back to the community , The goal is to create an autonomous 、 active 、 Global big data and database technology community .


4、 From thirty to ten thousand

In order to encourage small community partners to carry out output and Trail , stay 19 year , We launched “ The most valuable preacher ” plan ,「 Those who have achieved three technical speeches or high-quality content output recognized by the content Committee in that year 」 You are eligible to apply for the selection . Less than half a year , Communities emerge 30 Many bits “ The most valuable preacher ”.

This year we also upgraded the plan , Raised the selection threshold , Contribute ten speeches to get “ Outstanding community evangelist ” The title of . Even so , In the learning atmosphere of catching up with each other , Has emerged from 58 、360 Wait for some of the company “ Outstanding community evangelist ”. This is really cool , I don't know next year , What surprises can our community partners bring ? How high will our selection threshold be ?

The value of community talent strategy is nonlinear , And it's pluralistic , These invisible armies can produce content 、 Provide the scene 、 Case study 、 Product testing , You can even complete systematic courses , These content outputs will attract more people , added B End users join us .

B End enterprise users 、C End talent 、P End content , It forms a model of cycle and rotation , Because this model looks like four wheels , So I call it “ Flywheel model ”.


The traditional funnel model emphasizes transformation , But in the process of transformation , Part of the value will be discarded , Even buy a pearl . The flywheel model not only makes up for this , Efficient loop conversion can also be carried out , What we need to do is inject power into the flywheel .

Four , summary

Believe in the future , Erect a lighthouse , We finished from 0 To 1;

Technically push 、 Connect the user , We finished from 1 To 2;

Autonomous Communities , Radiation talents , We finished from 2 To 3;

These have ultimately driven our user growth .

The process of pursuing user growth , The essence is the process of value creation , To achieve sustainable user growth , In my submission , The first thing to forget about user growth , Focus on your users , Focus on your talent , Provide value to users , Help users succeed first , Less utilitarian , Less short-term benefits , Adhere to the accumulation of long-term value , The rapid growth of users can only be used as a reward to give back to you .

Last , Lao tze 《 Moral by 》 mention :“ Dao begets One 、 One begets Two 、 Two begets Three 、 Our vision-be .” This is what we experienced 2B The way of user growth . Thank you. !

This paper is written by TGO Original by Kunpeng Club , Please contact us if necessary .