What is the risk of buying futures mining machines?

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risk buying futures mining machines
What are the risks of buying futures mining machines ?

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Hello! , What are the risks of buying futures mining machines ?

1、 run .

Purchase mining machines from dealers , What I fear most is that the dealer runs away . Mining machine dealers are different from mining machine manufacturers . The dealer staff is uneven , All kinds of people have , Many people who sell computer parts have also joined the ranks of reselling mining machines . Users pay for futures mining machines first , Then pick up the goods , And the delivery time is basically 2-3 Months , So this greatly increases the possibility of dealers running directly .

So if users want to buy futures mining machines , Directly find a powerful and well-known miner dealer . At the same time, when paying the payment for mining machinery , Be sure to go to the public account , Not for private accounts .

2、 After the price rise of mining machinery , No delivery .

Mining machinery also has financial attributes , The price of mining machine will rise with the rise of currency price .

When the mining machine manufacturer delivers the futures mining machine , If you catch up with the market , The price of mining machines will rise . Then there will be some unscrupulous mining machine dealers detaining mining machines without permission , The customer needs extra money before they can deliver goods to the customer , Or refund directly to the customer , Then sell the mining machine to other customers at a higher price .

Of course, the market is good and bad , If there is a rise, there will be a fall . If the market goes bad , As a result, the price of futures mining machines delivered fell , Then the loss is still borne by the customer .

The above is the answer you want to know , If you have any questions about futures, you can click my avatar and my wechat to answer them for you , Open an account and contact me. The rate is greatly preferential , Finally, I wish you a happy investment !

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