Adidas originals has reached a cooperation with ready player me to launch a avatar creation platform

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adidas originals reached cooperation ready

4 month 5 Japan , According to official reports ,adidas adidas Originals And Ready Player Me Achieve cooperation , Launch based on personality and by AI Created avatar creation platform Ozworld, To support users to create a unique digital self . It is reported that , Will be in 4 month 8 Launched a new amusement park jointly created by the brand and the community ,adiClub Members and Adidas NFT The holder has exclusive early access , The first batch of avatars will be in 4 month 28 The sun is formed in the meta universe . According to the data display ,adidas Originals Into the Metaverse Floor price 24 Hourly increase 10.07%, Increase in trading volume 22.01%.

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