Why do you buy futures mining machines?

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buy futures mining machines
Why buy futures mining machines ?

Take the answer 1:
Hello! , Why buy futures mining machines ?

From the perspective of miners, the reason for buying futures mining machines , As follows :

1、 The first condition is the miner's price of money in the future 、 And optimistic about the difficulty of mining .

Mining machinery major call options , Mining is a process of continuous exercise of power . Before buying futures mining machines , Miners will follow their own historical experience and current market , Then predict the future trend of currency price and the change of computing power of the whole network , In fact, the purchase of futures mining machines is largely due to the optimistic judgment of the future market .

2、 A direct reason for buying futures , Just can't buy spot mining machines .

After so many years of development , The competition between mining machinery manufacturers has been very fierce . But at present, the mining machine is still in the seller's market , And often the supply can't meet the demand . This year's 3 month , The official website of bitland has launched ant S19 mill 5 Futures for the month ,2 All sold in minutes , Now users can only order 10 Monthly futures .

Many mining machinery manufacturers in order to quickly withdraw funds , Reasonably arrange production capacity , So before making a production plan , Let the big miners and mining machine dealers book the quantity first , So for ordinary retail miners , If you want to buy a miner from the official website , Very difficult .

3、 Futures mining machines are cheap .

With ants S19-95T Take the miner for example , If you buy from stock, you can only buy from the miner dealer , The market quotation is 18400 element / platform , The website of the 9 Month futures 14260 element / platform , Futures are cheaper than spot 4140 element . So many small white miners see futures so cheap , Will place an order directly .

The above is the answer you want to know , If you have any questions about futures, you can click my avatar and my wechat to answer them for you , Open an account and contact me. The rate is greatly preferential , Finally, I wish you a happy investment !

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