What is the experience of surviving in the meta universe after the death of the body?

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experience surviving meta universe death

I've been talking about someone ( high ) The teacher's famous words are still fresh in my memory : Immortality and getting something for nothing are the two most essential pursuits of mankind . To some extent, getting something for nothing can also rely on luck and reincarnation Technology , But immortality is a high wall erected in front of all species on earth , By 2022 year , No known species has the ability to break it .

But with the development of technology , The meta universe is suspected to have caused a crack in this high wall . as everyone knows , The real metauniverse does have the ability to change our way of life , even to the extent that The ideal meta universe can not only affect our current life , And build a bridge between life and death , Allow humans to continue their lives in the virtual world in some strange way ( Although this method obviously has huge ethical disputes ).

Today I want to share with you this creative drama called Up Load, The Chinese translation is :《 Upload freshmen 》( The following a general designation “《 Upload freshmen 》”). The whole play discusses the development of the meta universe and various technologies in an artistic form , Possible impact on human life in the future .

Ps: This article does not cover the key plot spoiler , Please feel free to eat .


《 Upload freshmen 》 Set in the modern future , in other words , Our existing technology has made great progress and large-scale commercial application , And in the possible development direction, some will not be exaggerated 、 An incomprehensible new technology . in other words , The whole play is based on current technology , Based on reasonable imagination and speculation .

Male leading role Brown As a 20 How old and handsome 、 Love and career are both successful winners in life , Originally, there was a bright future and future in real life , Not only the software developed by themselves and their partners has been favored by capital , About to get a lot of financing , He also gained love from his rich girlfriend .

however , In a very strange autopilot car accident. ,Brown Unfortunately, I lost my life . It's weird because , The automatic driving technology in the future world has reached perfection 、 Without error , It is illegal to switch the car into manual driving mode 、 Will be stopped and questioned by the police .

Of course , The pursuit of freedom and excitement Brown Often close the car AI, Switch it to manual mode in a crowd of orderly driving autopilot cars. , Even if he is intercepted by the police every time, he plays tricks on the interface that his car has a fault . It is worth noting that , In the future, the police will no longer have to go out physically when enforcing the law , Instead, it has become a more convenient and cool UAV .

In the future world , Want to survive in the meta universe after the death of the body , Before the brain stops completely , Upload your consciousness . The same as our current legal conditions for obtaining personal information , When a person who is seriously ill or seriously injured is sent to the hospital , Is to choose traditional medical treatment to treat their own body , Or just give up treatment and upload consciousness , Both need to be based on the informed consent of individuals or guardians , Make a clear expression of intention in the form of signing informed consent .

Brown He didn't die immediately after the accident , After being sent to the hospital, due to the serious injury , Face the choice Traditional medicine is still uploaded directly The dilemma of consciousness .

When the doctor declares directly without strict diagnostic procedures “ Can't save ”、“ Dying ”( It's strange that such advanced technology can't cure a lung perforation ) Threats and beautiful girlfriends “ We don't need money , It's the same thing , I'll send it up to reunite with you in the future ” Under the temptation and urging of ,Brown I chose it when I was not rational enough Give up treatment and upload consciousness .

The whole upload process is bloody , After uploading, it will lead to the direct death of the body , even to the extent that Brown My mother only had time to see him for the last time .


After uploading consciousness , The man came to a man named Lake View( Lake View ) In the metauniverse , This meta universe not only has sunset and solitary ducks flying together 、 The autumn water is a beautiful natural landscape with the same color of the sky , It can also automatically switch seasons according to people's preferences .

Lake View It is the highest and most luxurious meta universe that people can go to after death . Compared with heaven , It seems that people in the current era prefer to go after death Lake View, This leads to people no longer have the sense of retirement , Even if you have reached the age of retirement in the traditional sense , Will also continue to work and save money for uploading consciousness after death : Only upload consciousness to Lake View It's true · retired .

empress Nora No exception , As a worker who commutes on the subway every day , Because his mother died early and his father was terminally ill , The whole family didn't save money in advance ,Nora Not only do you have to think about your priorities, but also save enough money for your father first , The burden is heavier than anyone . It's good to do Lake View Staff of ,Nora You can enjoy a certain employee discount , Patchwork seems to be barely enough for my father to upload consciousness .

Speaking of Nora The professional , It's more interesting . stay Lake View company ,Nora Is the lowest customer service staff , Responsible for solving all problems encountered by customers , Whenever a customer is Lake View She must appear immediately when calling customer service . in addition ,Nora Also responsible for uploading customer awareness 、 Build and maintain the virtual image of customers in the meta universe 、 Manage customer memory documents , Even to a certain extent, it can intervene and influence customers' behavior in the meta universe without their knowledge .

It can be said that this is a very contradictory profession . One side , because Lake View Users in have the right to score the customer service staff , And the score is related to your performance 、 Salary is directly managed and checked ( for example ,Nora Because the score is not enough 4.6 And be embarrassed by your boss , Unwilling to approve their use of employee discounts )Nora We need to do our best to please our customers , Even do not hesitate to give up dignity and become a live target in customer shooting games for fun .

On the other hand , Customer service personnel are given great rights , It can be changed at will Lake View Customer's memory and external image in metauniverse , Even the customer privacy model is meaningless .

Nora The sour female boss is used to bathing handsome male clients , Indecently Peeping and having dinner .

Nora My colleagues are careless at work , Pass the customer's memory wrong , The memory of a woman giving birth was wrongly transmitted to an old judge , It caused confusion in the memory of both customers .

In fact, this is not a problem in the future world , Since the birth of the Internet , Personal information and privacy security have long been discussed 、 Problems that are difficult to fundamentally solve . From the setting of the play , If staff members are given great power to manage personal information and personal memory without restraint , There will be huge hidden dangers .


that , As the ultimate goal of countless people working all their lives ,“ perfect ” Meta universe Lake View Is it really worthy of the name ? in fact , stay Brown After entering the meta universe, I found , This is a city with a bright appearance “ A Town Besieged ”, People living in this small virtual world have many involuntarily ,Lake View It's not as perfect as advertised .

First ,Lake View As a huge meta universe carrying the ideology of thousands of people , Maintenance and operating costs are enormous , Not only does uploading cost a lot , After uploading, all kinds of snacks and entertainment items need to be updated Pay separately , Fortunately Brown My girlfriend came from a rich family , The cost of food and clothing is not a problem , But I believe no one will like the feeling of economic freedom .

secondly ,Lake View Their own technology is not perfect , In the beautiful scenery, there will be some Bug. For example, annoying and abnormal gum advertising 、 Geese stuck halfway through the flight 、 Figure diving out of the double shadow ...... even to the extent that Brown After careful observation, I found , The seemingly beautiful lake is actually a huge lake GIf. The moving picture is playing the picture of the lake repeatedly .

Although in Lake View You can eat the most luxurious buffet in the world in your canteen , But metacosmic users can only eat at a fixed time , Once you time out, you can only be hungry .

Interestingly , There are also procedures in the canteen Bug, If you smash the cupboard, you'll drop a piece of bread in the bread frame .

overall ,Lake View As the most luxurious metauniverse at present, it can not really meet all the expectations of users as expected . in addition , Users who upload consciousness do not seem to be free to choose their virtual image and body state , An old man is still a staggering old man after uploading ; Even after many years, the children in the first day of junior high school upload , Still a child's face , Only with now grown-up 、 The former partners are drifting away .


In addition to the cool and controversial metauniverse , The whole play is also full of many future technologies , For example, wearable mobile phones without frames , As long as you open your hand, you can use it anytime, anywhere .

And the autopilot mentioned earlier. , Through big data analysis, the optimal route and the safest driving mode are realized , Even more cars on the road can solve the problem of traffic congestion once and for all .

There is no such profession as chef in the future , All food and drinks can be passed 3D The printer prints out , What would you like to eat , It's convenient and fast, and it can do it by itself DIY, As for the taste, it's hard to say .

Others, such as drones that can be used to monitor nannies 、 Self parking bicycles and borderless computers are very interesting .

At the end

In general, this is a film Adult orientation 、 An interesting play , The rhythm of the whole play is relatively relaxed and lively , When viewing, it is suitable to match with snack milk tea . As the plot progresses , It seems that the hero can be found Brown Your death is not simple , Because of its free software, it seems to move a lot of people's cheese , Behind the scenes, a pair of invisible black hands are manipulating the development of the situation ...... Of course , I won't spoilers here .

I believe everyone has their own views on the construction of the meta universe ,《 Upload freshmen 》 Even if there are many meta universes Bug, But overall, it seems to be an acceptable choice . As for how the real meta universe will develop ? It may take a long time for the bullet to fly .

notes : The picture in the article is an American drama released by Amazon Up Load《 Upload freshmen 》 Screenshot , Copyright belongs to Amazon , Just for appreciation and learning , Don't use it for other purposes .

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