Over the past two years, everyone has felt that there is no potential for fire

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years felt potential

Speaking of blockchain investment philosophy , Everyone may be able to come up with a theory , If not go K Contract or flow line , that “ Value investment ” These four words are familiar to everyone , Value investment is the most important , Or what is the way to maximize profits ?

Certainly “ Layout in advance before others understand , When others can understand it, leave naturally ” This operation method !

But that's the problem - “ Advance layout ” This thing , It's so hard .

Except to be able to see , I have to endure , Otherwise, how many bosses do you see , Ahead of schedule BTC, Many years ahead , However, many people left sadly , There are a lot of people who do make a lot of money , But when you look at yourself N Years ago BTC The number of , Look at the current number , according to token From the standard point of view , In fact, I lost a lot .

This article will talk about several pits in the past few years , Many players who have a good sense of smell think they want fire , The track that didn't catch fire , Let's take a look at the possible dawn this year .

Decentralized derivatives

Derivatives may be one of the tracks that many people were particularly optimistic about last year .

The reason is not hard to understand , We have... In stock Uniswap, With Curve,Pancakeswap Wait a minute Dex,Dex Data relative to Cex The proportion of is rising , Many old players basically get rid of Cex Dependence , Become only alive in Dex Upper Degen( The fallen ).

Then we naturally deduce the next tuyere - Decentralized derivatives .

Plus DYDX On line , The popularity of trading and mining ,DYDX token Soaring prices and market capitalization , Everything looks so beautiful .

But it just looks like .

The past few months , Whether it's a tap DYDX, Or dragon two Perp, Dragon three Mcdex, token The price is falling thousands of miles , But only GMX Outshine others , Steady rise and slow fall .

And friends who do contract transactions around , Most of them are still in the mainstream CEX These places play , Say it rudely , You think the only thing you can play DYDX, If you cancel the reward , How much real trading volume will there be on it ?

The reason is , The feeling is as follows :

  • Although in a mature trading market , The trading volume of derivatives is much larger than that of spot , But at the moment, The circle itself is a new market , It's still early to mature , Players who play derivatives are relatively spot players , It's still a minority ;

  • Current decentralized derivatives , also Unable to provide the experience provided by centralized derivatives , This is probably the deadliest .

let me put it another way , current Dex Derivative , It's more like simply taking derivatives from Cex Move to the chain .

Need to know Uniswap The rise of is not because of Cex Better trading experience , It is AMM,LP, Liquidity mining , No threshold to list these Cex There's nothing on it FCrypto Native Innovation , Derivatives side , At least so far , There is no such big level , relative Cex Innovation .

2022 year , I see some hope in several directions , All of them DEX exclusive ,CEX The kind that is unlikely to be realized in

  • Opyn Of Squeeze, hold The option is made into a power + A sustainable form ;

  • GMX such Shared mobility ,LP The mode of making opponents with all players ;

  • Dopex such It can be for Curve War Derivatives that result in bets ,Dex exclusive ;

  • about NFT Liquidity and pricing mechanisms provide services to the project , They can be classified as “NFT Derivative “, At present, I see several things like yes NFTX+FloorDAO,Jpegd,Abacus,Fractional.art wait .

The above mentioned projects are very innovative , Limited to space, we won't start one by one , Interested friends can search their information , Promise not to let you down .


Privacy is a track that has been mentioned for many years , Always make people feel hopeful , However, it is always disappointing .

This can even be traced back to ancient times Zcash, At the beginning of the opening, there were thousands of BTC Price , You put Zcash/BTC Of K Pull the wire to the maximum , It's obvious , This is It's an eternal downward curve .

Take another look at the rise of MimbleWimble Two male ,Grin and Beam, Today's downfall , and A new generation of privacy representatives , There is no doubt that it is based on ETH Of Torn, Then you put Torn/ETH Of k Line open , It's basically the same blind .

So what's wrong with privacy ? We don't need to ? There is another reason ?

There are the same reasons 2 individual :

  • temporary , At least for most users , Really not . If you don't believe it, ask the people around you , A few have really used Torn perhaps Zcash( Not mining , It's really used for use ), For the time being, I can't think of anything except individual whales or hackers , Someone really has to use these privacy token, Or a private transaction .

  • Remember V The premise of God has come to , privacy , It should be a function , Instead of a token, Or a chain , We should be in the public chain in the future , or Defi In the project, make it an option that users can open , Not for privacy , Send another message alone token, Make a chain . At least for now , We can't see the demand of large-scale people for this strong privacy .

However, it is said that , The privacy track is still crowded , Just count , Chain making , do Dapp Of , Dozens of scattered projects are doing privacy , Some financing and valuation are still in the sky , All the major capitals behind it have , Maybe I don't know enough , I really can't think of using these privacy by myself token/ chain /Dapp The picture of .

in my opinion , Privacy should be the most , Should be Link perhaps Graph The appearance of .

It's just one. No sense for users , Each chain or other project parties can choose to access or cooperate with middleware .

At that time, in many applications or public chains , We Maybe one more “ privacy ” Options or switches , However, this thing seems to be much more difficult to implement than the prediction machine , A privacy adaptation chain for all middleware , It doesn't feel like something you can see in a year or two .

At present, there are two main technical directions of privacy :

  • TEE, Representative is Secret Network and Oasis;

  • ZKP, Representative is Torn and Aztec.

As for the ring signature like Monroe ,Dash Mixed currency ,Grin Of Mimblewimble These non smart contracts are pure privacy token, Basically no one cares .


The two are put together , Because it's essentially all about Web3 Time , The relationship between people , One is social , One is cooperation .

In the past two years, they have shouted very loudly , But a chicken feather track .

A man who claims to be It's changed Web2 The life of social media , As a result, the hottest thing in the circle is Twitter; A man who claims to be Changed the life of the company , result web3 Come in VC And companies are more and more ,DAO There are few really powerful . The two most famous , One yes YGG Such a gold beating Union , One BitDAO yes Byebit The shell of this centralized organization , indicating contrast PeopleDao And CityDAO Because buying the Constitution and land really brighten people's eyes , Unfortunately, a failed auction has temporarily become Meme The coin , Another expansion in the real world seems to be difficult . And it was called DAO The first coin Aragon, Look at the performance of its currency price in the past two years , You can probably guess DAO What is the situation .

Socialfi and DAO Always applaud, do not do well , Perhaps the core factor is one , this 2 A track doesn't make money at the moment . You see, whether it's Defi,Gamefi these , Everyone's intention is , All run to make money , And on your track , No oil or water .

But to say is to say , Where are these two 2022 Years are still quite predictable to some extent .

Socialfi here , Like Project Galaxy,Cyber Connect,RSS3 Wait for a project , Start to focus on the social map depicting users' portraits and behaviors on the chain , Although it is still very simple , But I feel like I'm on the right track Crypto Native The right route , Instead of the previous “ Make a decentralized version of Twitter Or wechat “ This cat and tiger imitation .

AAVE Endorsed Lens Protocol It's more like feeling and Defi Made a very close connection , Even for the future of unsecured credit on the chain began to lay the foundation .

DAO stay 2021 In fact, a lot of progress has been made in , At present, classification alone has agreement DAO, service DAO, Collection DAO, investment DAO, Gift DAO, The media DAO, The game Union DAO, Every DAO There are relatively good categories of leading players , Make money or not ,DAO The number and number of people are indeed increasing steadily , This is a good start ! How do you say that , The rice should be eaten mouthful by mouthful , One step at a time , leather Web2 And the fate of the corporate system , We have to fight for a long time , Plan in ten years .

What else do you think is going to be hot in the past two years , But no fire track , Welcome to share with us .

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