Inventory 6 online message notification tools: Web3 communication layer or will there be fierce competition?

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inventory online message notification tools

With the increasing maturity of various encryption products , Its user group and influence are expanding , But at present, the problem that seriously restricts the user experience is , It is still difficult for users to obtain the product dynamics on the chain in real time .

for example ,DeFi Lending users cannot directly get the notice of insufficient mortgage rate of their positions , Risk of liquidation ; Token holders cannot receive timely notice of the opening and closing of important governance proposals ; Unable to obtain timely notice of the expiration of contracts or options on the chain .

therefore , Information notification service protocols on the chain are emerging on a large scale , They can help users get the dynamic information on the chain in time , The goal is to build a decentralized information push protocol , Allow users ( Wallet address ) Receive from various Dapp、 Smart contracts and even information notification of centralized services .

Next, the chain catcher will introduce several information notification service agreements on the chain , Package Ethereum push notification service (EPNS)、Dialect、HAL、Notifi、XMTP etc. .

1. Ethereum push notification service (EPNS)

Ethereum push notification service (EPNS) It is a notification protocol to help users receive information on the Ethereum chain , It also makes smart contracts 、 The service provider sends a notice to the user .


2020 year 12 month ,EPNS It's done 75 US $10000 seed round financing ,Coinbase Former CTO 、Gitcoin cofounder 、MakerDAO The person in charge and other industry insiders and venture capital institutions participated in .2021 year 3 month ,EPNS Again with 1200 $million valuation completed 66 US $10000 seed round expansion financing ,Binance Labs、LD Capital And so on .

according to the understanding of ,EPNS The platform consists of three main participants —— Service provider 、 Channels and subscribers . Service providers are those who want to send push notifications Dapps Or smart contracts . Subscribers are users who subscribe to channels and want to receive relevant push notifications . Channel means EPNS Agreement activated information push service . Service providers will set up their own channels , In order to send a notification when a specific event occurs or a parameter is triggered , Users can choose to subscribe to the channels they are interested in .

Users can download the project APP Or download its extended application in the desktop browser , Accept subscription notification by binding the address on the chain , And in the form of pop-up window . The main network of the project was launched this year 1 On line at the beginning of the month , There are currently more than 50 Channels and over 1 Million users .

PUSH yes EPNS The native governance token of the agreement , Provide the holder with two main benefits : Governance rights and awards receivable . Governance is the right of the token owner to vote on the agreement decision , Including pledge structure 、 Pledge mechanism and reward distribution rate . The reward receivable refers to when the service provider creates a channel , At least 50 individual DAI The fees are deposited into a common pledge pool , The pledge pool will all DAI Pledge to AAVE Generate sustained passive benefits , Revenue is added according to subscribers EPNS The time proportion of the channel is allocated to PUSH holder .

Official website :


Dialect Is based on Solana The message notification platform of the main network , Help users accept notifications automatically triggered by events on the chain . In addition to push notifications ,Dialect It can also help developers in their Web 3 Build a chat function between wallets in the application .


3 month 2 Japan ,Dialect Announced a complete 410 US $10000 seed round financing , from Multicoin Capital and Jump Capital Jointly lead the investment .

Dialect The feature is to support the chat function between users' wallets , Publish by using - subscribe (pub-sub) The messaging function handles information on the chain . at present Dialect v0 Support one-to-one messaging between wallets , Future versions will also support one to many and many to many messaging .

Team in Github An open source protocol framework is provided on the , Among them is 3 A practical component :

  • React Components allow developers to quickly and seamlessly integrate Web 3 Notification and chat functions are integrated into Dapp.

  • Saber monitoring service Components are used to build twitter robots , Monitor the transfer information on the chain in real time and publish twitter .

  • Monitor Component is a Dialect Simplified notification center integration framework , Can provide developers with API To extract the data on the chain 、 Then convert the format and generate a notification , Implement tracking dApp The function of resources on the subscriber chain .

Officials say there are expected to be a large number of Dialect Messaging class applications , Used to build conversational DEX、 Online chat app , Even fully functional Web3 inbox .

Official website :


HAL It is a powerful and easy-to-use blockchain data listening and automation platform , Help anyone automate and query blockchain data . The main network line of the project is 2020 year 6 month , Ethereum has been integrated 、Polygon 、xDai、BSC And Avalanche, And support users to subscribe Aave、Compound Nearly equal 40 individual DeFi Notice of agreement .


This year, 2 month ,HAL Obtained by CoinFund、Eden Block and Animoca Brands The led 300 Ten thousand dollars in seed money ,Hashkey Capital、Wintermute、SkyVision、imToken Ventures、 Wait for the vote .

HAL The working principle of is based on the implementation of trigger , At present, we support the observation contract 、 Observe the transaction 、 Watch events and other three types of triggers . When the trigger set by the user is triggered ,HAL Support several different types of operations that can be called , To the user's mailbox 、Discord、Telegram、Slack Account send notification .

At present, the scenarios supported by the project include token price tracking 、 Clearing and tracking on the chain 、 Transaction pair creation tracking 、 Loan interest rate tracking, etc . Take the token price monitoring function as an example , The user uses a simple... According to the web page process "IF...THEN..." The monitoring setting can be completed with the statement of , For example, users want to monitor BNB Chain On Sushiswap Of BNB Price , Just click the drop-down menu according to the figure below to complete the monitoring setting , When the token price on the chain reaches the set conditions , Users can receive HAL The notice of .

It is worth noting that ,Aave、Bancor、Gitcoin And other protocols have also integrated the product at the front end , for example Gitcoin Some proposal interfaces support users to pass HAL Set a reminder of the end of the proposal vote .

Official website :


2022 year 3 month 3 Japan ,Notifi complete 250 US $10000 seed round financing , from Race Capital and Hashed Lead investment , The funds raised will be used to develop the team and build infrastructure .Notifi A simple API Design , Provide easy integration dApp and Web3 Customizable advanced features of the application . at present , Users can go to Notifi The official website applies to participate in the testing of early products .


Notifi The founding team came from Meta、Microsoft、Oracle、Amazon Wait for tech giants , Ability to deliver products quickly . In especial CEO and CTO, They were responsible for Oracle Our cloud service products , Cause right Web3 Frustrated by the lack of enterprise level notifications Notifi, Aims to become Web3 Of Twilio, Simplify all Web3 Communication between messaging channels .

It is reported that ,Notifi Three products will be launched :

Notifi API Allows developers to pass through simple API Unlock complex communication infrastructure , these API It can provide a native user experience for all applications in the world .

Notifi Center Provide users with notification experience of customized information , It will be from the mobile end and Web The client allows users to view and manage web3 All the information in the world .

Notifi Push Enable marketers to create cohesive multi-channel participation , To drive business growth and retain its user base . Use wallet data to select your audience , And mass push your message or airdrop !

Official website :


Tenderly It is a comprehensive Ethereum Developer Platform , For real-time monitoring 、 alert 、 Debug and simulate smart contracts . Users can create custom scenes , Real time tracking and analysis of data on the chain .


at present ,Tenderly Support includes ETH、BSC、Polygon、Fantom etc. 10 Use of multiple common chains and their test chains , Recently, I also support Ethereum Layer2 Of Optimistic、Arbitrum、zkSync Wait for the public chain .

Compared with other on chain message notification protocols ,Tenderly Have more powerful functions , Like wallet monitoring 、 Transaction filtering 、 Visual debugging 、 Smart contract analysis, etc , At the same time, it supports developers to use Soldity and Vyper Two programming languages for development .

obviously ,Tenderly Users are more developers , The products are divided into 3 A price : Free version 、 Development Edition (80 dollar / month )、 pro (500 dollar / month ). The free version can be set 3 individual 15 Alarm notification within minutes , The development version and professional version are real-time notifications .

Tenderly Function calls to monitor smart contracts , And respond , So that the operation on the chain can be automated 、 Intelligent . such as NFT Developers can monitor the time of contract casting and Discord Automatically publish announcements on . Users can use notifications to focus on wallet balances and contract operations , To monitor whether developers are doing what they expect to do .

before ,Tenderly complete 4000 Thousands of dollars Of B Round of funding , Add the previous seed wheel and A Round of funding , Raise money together 5860 Thousands of dollars , The investors include Accel 、Point Nine Capital、Version One 、Coinbase Ventures.

Official website :


XMTP Is to connect the community 、 agreement 、 Encrypted native communication protocol between application and user , The communication between encrypted wallets will be realized through its own independent protocol and decentralized network .


last year 8 End of month ,XMTP complete 2000 Thousands of dollars in A Round of funding , from a16z Crypto Lead investment ,Atelier Ventures、Betaworks、Alchemy、Coinbase Ventures、Scalar Capital、Not Boring Capial Wait for the vote .

XMTP The envisaged service scenarios include : As the agreements 、dapp When something goes wrong , You can send messages directly to your wallet ; Create better ways to prevent spam and unsolicited messages through incentive coordination ; Build a network of all Dapp Can be used in a unified 、 Decentralized inbox, etc .

at present XMTP The details of the project are not very public , However, it can be seen that the project not only hopes to become an event notification protocol on the chain , It also hopes to become a wallet communication infrastructure on the chain , Build the next generation network and build the basic layer communication protocol .

Official website :

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