PwC: more than 80% of central banks are considering launching CBDC

Bo chain finance 2022-04-05 18:04:30 阅读数:246

pwc central banks considering launching

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,4 month 5 Japan , According to the Block Works, PricewaterhouseCoopers analyst's annual CBDC And stable currency index , exceed 80% The Central Bank of is considering launching CBDC.

CBDC It will provide more effective services for the financial services industry 、 Lower cost and 24x7 cross-border payment services . expect CBDC Will greatly benefit cross-border transactions and economies in all relevant jurisdictions .

The market value of the stabilization currency is 2022 About at the beginning of the year 1900 Billion dollars , And will continue to grow , Because these tokens provide a lot to CBDC The same benefits , Without the supervision of money issued by the government . 

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