BTO mortgage program provider in Miami

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bto mortgage program provider miami

Bo chain finance and economics learned that ,4 month 5 Japan , According to the Blockworks, Cryptocurrency Market maker XBTO Will be its first The currency Backed mortgages to fund .

XBTO Plans to finalize millions of dollars in mortgages in Miami in the coming weeks , Bitcoin as the only collateral for the loan , This is one of the first real use cases in the crypto based lending market .

XBTO Marketing Director, Miami, Florida Joe Haggenmiller Express , The plan will provide coverage for those who may not meet the conditions of ordinary loans . He said ,“ We're solving people's problems , Or because you're a foreigner , Or because you can't get a US mortgage , And you don't want to sell your bitcoin , But you do want to buy a fancy apartment .”

XBTO The initial product offering of will be limited to a value of more than 100 $million Florida Mortgage , The borrower can 15 Years or 30 Years of mortgage loans in the form of 10% Bitcoin down payment of up to 90% My mortgage .

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