The first blockchain Certificate in the field of intellectual property in China was launched

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blockchain certificate field intellectual property

recently , The proposal of the State Intellectual Property Office to the Intellectual Property Office of Zhejiang Province 《 Request for instructions on the effectiveness of block chain electronic evidence in Patent Administrative Adjudication Cases 》 Approved .《 Reply 》 Pointed out that : In administrative decisions , If any party submits blockchain and other relevant electronic evidence , It can be identified with reference to relevant regulations .

This reply , It has a far-reaching impact on the development of blockchain in the field of intellectual property . Blockchain certificate of deposit in the country's only intellectual property field goes online in the information age , A large number of intellectual property infringement cases have emerged , Emerging information technology represented by blockchain , Bring new changes to the evidence collection and storage of intellectual property electronic evidence .

As a blockchain leader , Fun chain technology continues to increase technological innovation , Promote the development process of intellectual property protection and drive into “ The fast lane ”.3 month 30 Japan , Feiluoyin, the one-stop data value protection platform of fun chain technology, was officially launched. It is the only official blockchain Certificate in the field of intellectual property in China “ Zhejiang intellectual property blockchain certificate ”, Give full play to the massive role of blockchain technology in the process of intellectual property authorization and rights protection 、 Fast 、 Instant and other features , Empowering blockchain, intellectual property protection and development “ fast-forward key ”.

Besides , The certificate is based on the judicial service alliance chain with the greatest influence in the Yangtze River Delta “ Engraving chain ”, Jointly issued by Zhejiang intellectual property research and service center and notarization nodes on the chain , Provide public services to the society 、 convenient 、 Authoritative blockchain intellectual property certificate confirmation service .