NFT Quick Start Guide: 20 NFT terms and "slang" you need to know

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nft quick start guide nft

distance Beeple Sell their 6930 Ten thousand dollars a day NFT It's been a year since the work , and NFT from “ Unknown to the public ” To “ Cut a striking figure ”, And now “ Main stream ”, It only took a year .

The whole world seems to be joining the encryption boom ,NFT The market is slowly moving towards rationality and maturity from the initial chaos , At the same time, the vitality of the market continues to attract more and more encryption newcomers . But in the face of NFT Rapid development of , quite a lot NFT“ The small white ” May not be able to keep up quickly , Even confused .

So today's article will introduce 20 A common NFT words , After reading this article , You will quickly advance ! Let's look down ~

01.1:1 NFT

It can also be said that 1/1 or 1 of 1, This kind of NFT There is only one , There is no such thing as , So it's unique .

Take a different perspective ,1/1 NFT Can only be owned by one person . If I had you, I wouldn't have , If you had him, you wouldn't have .

such as Beeple Of Everydays: the First 5000 Days It's just one. 1:1 NFT, Because of rarity and uniqueness , This kind of NFT Usually the price is relatively high .

Beeple, Ocean Front,1:1 NFT

02.10K project(10K project )

Usually refers to by 10000 A unique avatar NFT project , In a 10K In the project , Every image is different , Have their own characteristics . The boring ape yacht club we know (BAYC)、 Encrypted punk (CryptoPunks) All are 10K project .

But here's the thing , With NFT Project development ,10K project It's not just the index that happens to be 10000 Of these projects , It refers to this type of NFT project , Sometimes the quantity may not be 10000 individual .

03.PFP/Avatar project

And 10K project The meaning is basically the same ,PFP On behalf of Profile Pics, That is, profile pictures , It's made up of many avatar( Virtual image ) Set of components , That is, avatars NFT, Usually 10K project That is to say PFP project .

RTFKT The studio cooperated with artist Takashi Murakami PFP project Clone X

04.Airdrop( Airdrop )

Airdrop Originally, it refers to a... On Apple mobile phone “ Spaced delivery ” function , Users can exchange information quickly 、 Transmission of pictures and other contents . And in the field of encryption ,Airdrop Is used to indicate that various platforms or organizations give people free cryptocurrency or NFT.

Airdrop In Chinese, the corresponding word is what we often say “ Airdrop ”, In different NFT On the platform , We can see that many platforms will be held from time to time NFT Airdrop activities , After the user performs some operations according to the specified content of the activity , You can get one for free NFT.

05.Mint( Casting )

Mint That is, casting ,NFT It is a digital asset stored on the blockchain ,“Mint” In other words, digital files are transformed into NFT The process of this digital asset .

Even though NFT Based on digital files , But not all digital files can be used as NFT.“ Casting ” The process can also be said to be “ Upper chain ” The process of , All data of the digital file after the final chaining will be recorded on the blockchain .

06.Burn( The destruction )

And Mint The opposite word is Burn, That's destruction NFT It means . When you don't want your NFT 了 , Or a NFT There are still unsold items after the project is officially put on sale , Project developers may choose to destroy the remaining unsold NFT.

Maybe one NFT The project went wrong “ New equipment ”, Allow the original NFT The holder destroys the original NFT, So that the original NFT“ upgrade ” For having “ New equipment ” Of NFT.

Ex sports brands Champion Launched digital clothing , These digital fashion products were presented to 888 Bits randomly selected NFT project Non-Fungible People Holder of , Those who receive these gifts can choose “ upgrade ” their NFT, That is to destroy the original NFT, Recast ,“ upgrade ” After NFT Will be equipped with a new dress Champion The image of digital clothing .

Upgraded NFT Wear Champion dress

07.Gas Fee( Fuel cost )

Gas Fee Also known as “ Fuel cost ” or “ Gas ”, This is a fee that needs to be paid to the blockchain network to execute various transactions .

On the blockchain , Whether you are casting 、 Buy 、 Sell or destroy NFT, Computing resources are needed to execute , Therefore, it is necessary to pay to the blockchain network “ The miners ” a Gas Fee,“ The miners ” To perform a specific operation .Gas Fee So it's called “ Miner's fee ”.

The flow of fuel on the blockchain is subject to NFT Size effect , If the network is congested , Or the file is too large , Fuel costs will be higher .

Different blockchain networks also have different fuel costs , For example, due to the high fuel cost of Ethereum network , It also leads more and more people to turn to other blockchains ,Solana It is an emerging public chain , Compared with Ethereum , Transaction costs are very low .

08.Gas War

When the casting demand for the same project exceeds the blockchain network in a single block / Transactions that can be processed per unit of time , It will happen gas war. in other words , When one NFT When the project is snapped up by many people at the same time , The higher the cost, the faster we can seize the casting opportunity , This will make the whole blockchain network gas fee Increase , To finally get what you want NFT, This is it. gas war.

Generally speaking , This often happens in popular NFT In the project , So if only “ It is just fine ” Capital of , May not be able to grab .

The domestic situation is quite different , commonly NFT What's the selling price of , We can buy... At what price , It's just that it's time to be faster than hand speed and Internet speed .

09.Floor Price( Floor price )

Floor Price It means the floor price , That is, the reserve price . As the literal meaning shows , Floor price refers to a NFT The lowest price in the project NFT.

For example, in OpenSea On , The floor price of boring ape Yacht Club at the time of researcher editing is 110.69ETH, about 36 Thousands of dollars , It's a boring ape 7656 The price of No .

10.White List( White list )

abbreviation WL, This means NFT White list of projects , That is, it can be cast in advance NFT Or purchase NFT A list of , So you don't have to NFT When the project is officially launched , With a lot of people “ Scramble for ” 了 , So we can avoid a gas war. This is similar to some domestic NFT The priority purchase list launched by the platform .

So how to join the white list ? Generally speaking, each project has its own white list entry rules , What you need to do is find some projects that haven't started or are about to start as early as possible , And become an early follower of the project , Join the official community of the project , And operate according to the project rules to obtain the qualification of white list .


abbreviation DC, This is a social communication software , many NFT The project will be in Discord Build your own official community on .


namely Fear of Missing Out, It refers to the phobia of missing , stay NFT In the field , It means that people are afraid of missing the popular NFT.

13.Ape in

notice Ape We might think of boring apes Bored Ape, But in fact, this phrase has nothing to do with boring apes , But when there is no right NFT When the project has done enough preliminary investigation , They hurried to buy NFT act . Such behavior is actually related to FOMO Emotional .


DAO It's actually Decentralized Autonomous Organization Abbreviation , Which means “ Decentralized autonomous organization ”.

DAO It's an organization run by a group of people who don't have a typical corporate leadership background , They set up their own rules , And make decisions according to the smart contract on the blockchain . Have the same interests 、 People with the same goals get together , The operation of community management organizations , Decision making is bottom-up , Decide by vote .

There are more and more NFT The project has established its own DAO, for example NFT project Meebits You have your own DAO, The DAO from Meebits NFT Project community members set up . The community goal is through MeebitsDAO Create a metauniverse for these avatars . So , The organization will use all the funds raised to buy virtual land in various metauniverses .


This is a play-to-earn For short , That is, it refers to the popular in the game industry “ Making money while playing ” Pattern . The game in this mode is based on blockchain , Players can get NFT To make money .Axie Infinity It is the most popular and earliest P2E One of the Games , It is affectionately called by domestic players “ A crab ”.

16.Rug pull

namely “ Draw carpet ”(Rug Pull) A scam , stay NFT in , Mainly refers to NFT The project developer suddenly abandoned the project , Take away investors' funds without warning .

One thing happened recently Rug pull A scam . The United States “Frosties” The project sponsor sells the project NFT Earned about 110 Thousands of dollars , However, after selling NFT after , They quickly closed the project , And transferred the money to a series of separate encrypted wallets , This makes the project unable to fulfill its initial reward commitment . Two project sponsors were also arrested by the police .

17.Roadmap( The roadmap )

The roadmap , stay NFT Domain refers to a series of project plans designed to add value to the community , Usually with PFP Project related , Many popular NFT Each project has its own roadmap .

Boring ape Yacht Club Roadmap

18.Generative Art

This refers to the art of algorithm generation , Many popular 10K project It belongs to the generation project . Add uniqueness to the project through algorithms , Random combination of different characteristics , Finally, we get a unique NFT Collection ,BAYC、Cool Cats And other projects belong to generation projects . And such as ,Chromie Squiggle Series project is a typical generation class NFT project .

Chromie Squiggle #1696

19. IRL

This is a “In real life” For short , As opposed to the virtual world , It refers to the real physical world we live in , stay NFT In relevant situations ,IRL It's often mentioned .

20. Whale

whale , A person who has invested a lot of money , Or have invested a lot NFT The project has multiple NFT People who .Whale Will buy or sell a large number of specific collections , So as to promote the market in both directions , A lot of people will pay attention Whale My wallet , See what they buy or sell next , As an indicator of their future investment decisions .

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