Doug Leone, the head of Sequoia Capital, retired and will be replaced by roelof botha

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doug leone head sequoia capital

Sequoia Capital Global senior executive partner Doug Leone The announcement will be made this year 7 Retired in May , Sequoia USA / The head of Europe Roelof Botha Will take over Doug Leone, Shen NANPENG of Sequoia China will continue to be the global executive partner . Besides , Redwood India / Southeast Asia 、 Sequoia global open market fund 、 Sequoia Global Heritage Fund and other different business lines will continue to be independently responsible by their respective management partners .Doug Leone stay 2012 In, he became the global senior executive partner of Sequoia Capital , in the meantime , He and Shen NANPENG 、Roelof Botha Are the three global executive partners of Sequoia Capital . As the head of Sequoia Capital ,Doug Leone The retirement statement said , This year, Sequoia Capital was established 50 Anniversary of the , He will be on his own 65 Retire to the second tier after your birthday .

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