Dialogue Dragonfly partner: how to become an excellent Web3 VC?

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dialogue dragonfly partner excellent web3

The following is a GuildFi analysts Cloud in the light of Bankless Podcast 《How to be a Web3 VC with Haseeb Qureshi 》 Podcast notes made , And authorize deep tide TechFlow Compile and publish .

Spokesman :Haseeb Qureshi (Dragonfly Capital The managing partner of )

Some interesting facts :

  • Haseeb Once a Texas poker player .

  • When entering Dragonfly Cap As a Web3 full-time MD Before , He learned how to code , And became Airbnb A software engineer of .

Bullish or bearish

There has been a lot of talk about ETH The good news of the merger , But there is also a lot of bad news about macro and geopolitics , Macro economy will certainly become the main theme of this year .

Haseeb Think , The narrative exhaustion of cryptocurrency , But the fundamentals still look pretty good .

1 Earlier in the month ,Dragonfly Received a lot of games and DAO Infrastructure Pitch Deck, Most of them are repetitive , Although now with the pursuit of investors , The speed is slowing down .

game  : Whether you can invest in the next... In the next few years P2E game ?

Haseeb Ideas : Just know P2E It's not enough that games are popular now , As an investor , You need to understand the future economic situation . We all need to ask ourselves a question : Do you think 3 What will the market look like in years ?

Haseeb I'm personally bearish on the current generation of P2E game , Because it's unsustainable , Everyone talks about Axie No one mentioned it. It's really interesting , About Axie Most of the content is about how it makes money .

Cloud( analysts ) Point of view : It's important to think about games from the perspective of first principles , People play games because it's fun . majority P2E Games are short-term money making tools , But if you can predict that you will like playing a game very much , It's easier to build faith .

How poker affects Haseeb The decision ?

1、 Poker and trading have a lot in common , For example, risk management 、 Emotion control 、 Understand the uncertainty of the results .

2、 Unlike poker , Poker can prepare you for trading , Venture capital is different .

3、 Venture capital is driven by the law of power , It tends to be relationship driven and brand building :

  • There are few things you can hardly make money , At the same time, few things can make a lot of money ( The famous 80/20 Pare's law ).

  • You do 100 Investment , among 3 One will use up all the capital you have invested , and 1 There will be 1000 Times the return .

Positive sum game in venture capital companies

In the field of cryptocurrency venture capital companies , You have to be truly valuable , Become willing to work with you : You want your portfolio company to attach great importance to you , And establish a strong relationship with CO investors .

Dragonfly Most of the rounds of financing have come from angels / Co investors , They don't want to undertake all the financing transactions . therefore , In the long run , Maintaining relationships in this area is very valuable .

How to add value to the enterprise

1、 Help recruit , This is one of the hardest things for start-ups .

2、 Help it deal with legal and compliance matters .

3、 Many cryptocurrency startups need help in auditing , But auditors often have a large backlog of work . It's valuable to use your relationships to help speed up the process .

4、 Help public relations —— For example, in Coindesk Post information on .

5、 In a more professional way , such as :

  • GTM strategic

  • Tokenomics Design

6、 image a16z、Paradigm、Dragonfly And other venture capital companies tend to invest in top projects , Because they provide added value that money can't buy , That is, the professionalism of the above purpose :

(1) There are a lot of Web3 Venture capital companies have sprung up , You need to find your strengths , So you can tie your capital together , Make you more valuable than other venture capital companies .

(2)Cloud Point of view : I appreciate Darren Lau & Not3LauCapital. Compared with other large venture capital companies , They can still pass Darren Contact in this field and find your own advantages . His TG The channel has 43k+ Local cryptocurrency audience .

Haseeb Publicity for startups

1、 Share his previous successful investment experience . for example : Yes AVAX/NEAR/Dune Analytics Seed round investment , wait .

2、 Help design Tokenomics、 Agreement and inform other projects of the pitfalls they fall into and how to avoid them .

3、 The top network in cryptocurrency , With other venture capital companies 、 The relationship between auditors and the media .

4、Dragonfly There are also some businesses in Asia that venture capital companies do not have , This is important to attract communities outside the United States .

VC When will you sell tokens ?

First ,Dragonfly Do not trade without any lock-in or short-term lock-in , Because they believe in the consistency of incentive mechanism . stay 2017 Year of ICO On the upsurge , Without locking , Some founders launch projects , And throw away a wave of supporters after they get their wealth .

Generally speaking ,Dragonfly Cap Will not be sold when the lock expires , Because they believe that in the long run , You can make a lot of money in this field , People buy... In a bear market BTC and ETH, And sell in the bull market to get rich , But rich people are those who buy early and hold long-term .

Dragonfly Some cases of selling operations are when fundamentals change or they affect the project / When the founder loses confidence , Otherwise they will keep holding .

ETH With other cottages Layer1 comparison

1、 In the know ETH2.0 If it doesn't happen right away ,2019 end of the year ,Haseeb Think others L1 It will be important .

2、 This will be a multi chain world ,ETH Will not monopolize L1 Spatial .

3、 expectation 2025 - 2030 year ,Haseeb Think ETH May possess 50-60% Market share , And the second one. L1 The operator may have 20%, The rest is by others L1 To occupy separately .

About taking responsibility

On how to upgrade from simple retail investors to Web3 Star players in the field :

1、 Many people don't want to do dirty and tiring work .

2、 The most valuable thing in the community is the responsibility you take on . for example : Create a note that will help new members of the community /AMA Abstract , Or take the initiative to propose a management vote ( Compared with many people who just write or write Discord To complain without making practical suggestions ).

3、 Being actively responsible allows you to be invited to other communities /DAO, Become part of a closely connected circle .

About airdrop

Although airdrops of some projects have been manipulated , But airdrop will still exist for a long time :

1、 Not dropping hints usually creates fear in the community / Unnecessary anger .

2、 Airdrop at Web3 The domain has also become a sticky specification .

perform Web3 Commitment

Reality is , No one knows Web3 Where will the revolution go .

As a cryptocurrency investor , The important thing is to focus on the present , Instead of paying special attention to the future . When Dragonfly To invest in DeFi The protocol and L1 when ( stay DeFi summer and ETH Before it gets crowded ), Their reason is , Now a large number of entrepreneurs have reasonable new ideas on how to establish the next generation blockchain .

Cloud View of the : The question to ask yourself is ——

(1) Does this idea make sense ?

(2) Is this a new invention or just X stay Y A fork in the chain ?

(3) If these two factors are verified , And it attracts billions of TVL, That would be great . Otherwise , You have to accept the fact that many ideas will fail , But you just need 1-3 A big victory , You can get a jump .

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