How to make a avatar NFT project step by step

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make avatar nft project step

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  1. NFT The core three elements : Design 、 The rules 、 Equity

  2. product & Design : Website products 、 Website design

  3. technology : front end 、 contract 、 Back end 、 test 、 Audit 、 Operation and maintenance

  4. operating :Discord operating 、Twitter operating 、 Other communities / Media operation

  5. market : Project cooperation 、 Other promotions 、 Market value management

  6. How to benefit and long-term development

One 、NFT The core three elements : Design 、 The rules 、 Equity

1.1 Design

As an image class NFT, To be specific PFP Avatar project , Design cannot be overemphasized .

More important than the image you see , Is the core of the design , That's it NFT Soul . image CryptoPunks Your rebellion ,BAYC I'm disgusted with the world ,mfer My laziness . Whole NFT Of Collection It must be a spiritual whole , And its worldview 、 mission 、Roadmap Wait for a perfect match .

NFT The design of is not completed by the designer , But all the people in charge 、 All team members 、 The product manager 、 Designers care about , Work together to complete . Although the final actual implementation is mainly the designer , But successful design is inseparable from the overall control of the team .

A normal avatar NFT Will be broken down into multiple attributes , Generally, attributes are designed , After that, the combination will see the effect and make trade-offs and modifications .

The most needed designers here are artists 、 Graphic designer .

Lazy mfer

1.2  The rules

This includes but is not limited to :

  • On what chain

  • How many Collection

  • Hair 1 individual Collection Words , How many are in it NFT

  • Whether it is divided into Public Sale and Presale, How much are they priced respectively , How to sell

  • Whether to auction ? In what form of auction

  • How many white lists are going to be sent , Each whitelist is limited to Mint How many? ,Public Sale Whether to carry out single wallet Mint Limit

  • PreSale And Public Sale How often

  • Mint Is it a blind box , How long will the blind box last Reveal wait

Many factors are also very critical . On ETH It's a logic , On Polygon、Solana Or other chains, then take a completely different logic ; If you buy in RMB , That is to follow the logic of domestic digital collections , Usually on the alliance chain , That's completely different .

Collection Inside NFT Quantity is also crucial . Now let's buy NFT,95% The above motivation is to invest , Buy low sell high . That means , You have to make people think you have a future , Can appreciate in the future , Otherwise people won't come Mint. If Collection in NFT Too many , People will think Mint There is a great risk of endless , and Mint Endless means that the price in the secondary market cannot be significantly higher than Mint price , It's basically equal to breaking , That turns everyone's Mint The lower the will . therefore Collection Of NFT Quantity will affect everyone Mint The enthusiasm of , It needs careful consideration .

Pricing goes without saying , It's critical .

The overall rules need to be carefully considered and polished .

Current Avatar NFT The general configuration of is like this :

  • Just go up ETH, Hair 1 individual Collection, There are thousands of small NFT

  • It is divided into Public Sale and Presale, Sell at a fixed price , Generally lower than 0.1ETH,Presale Slightly cheaper

  • There are usually thousands of whitelists , General restrictions Mint2 individual ,Public Sale There are no restrictions

  • Presale And Public Sale General septum 24 Hours

  • Mint It's a blind box , In a few days Reveal

CryptoPunks Yes 10000 individual , There are a lot of Collection 了

1.3 Equity

I observed 40 About two heads NFT Projects and some other NFT project , The rights and interests involved can be summarized into several types :

  • Virtual community rights

    • Exclusive Discord Communication channel

    • Exclusive wechat group ( The Chinese project )

    • DAO Governance

    • White list lucky draw for other projects

    • Member draw for other projects

    • The Sandbox And other exclusive activities , Like the land of the meta universe 、 Yuan universe concert, etc

    • ……

  • Entity interests

    • Participation in offline activities , Such as Party、 The concert 、 Art exhibitions, etc

    • Solid periphery , Like clothes or something

    • Other in kind prizes are presented / Luck draw

    • ……

  • Product equity

    • Hold this NFT, Then unlock the paid member function of this product ( Common in some tool products )

    • Will do chain tour in the future , hold NFT Enjoy certain privileges ( quite a lot NFT There is such a commitment )

    • Social products will be made in the future , hold NFT Enjoy certain privileges ( Such as Monaco)

    • ……

  • Token Equity

    • More will be released in the future NFT project , Will give away / Luck draw NFT White list , Or give it directly NFT

    • Money will be issued in the future , Free token airdrop

    • ……

Equity and project Roadmap It's inseparable . The better the project is done , As Holder The greater the benefits , Everyone knows this .

BAYC Of Roadmap

Two 、 product & Design

2.1 Website products

Usually avatars NFT The project needs to build its own official website .

The official website has two major functions :Mint、 Exhibition . Show the spirit of the project 、 soul 、 Trait , State clearly what should be stated .

I went over the market value with a friend a month or two ago 40 Of NFT Official website , Sorted out their official website modules , Forced classification can be divided into the following categories :

  • project : Project brief introduction 、 vision 、 idea 、 sense of worth 、 World view 、 The story background 、 brand 、 Equity 、Roadmap、 Partner 、 Media reports, etc

  • The team

  • Token:NFT Mint/Claim relevant 、 Data 、 Gallery / database / rarity 、 market (OpenSea And other links or have their own market )、 Their own Token Of Claim Or related situations, etc

  • user : course 、FAQ、 Submit a proposal 、 Proposal link 、 User agreement 、 Image editor, etc

  • Shopping Mall

  • Media links 、 Contact information

  • Account system and login

Of course , The vast majority of official websites will not have such detailed content , Many are the functions of mature head projects that gradually improve later , Each item can be selected according to the situation .

AZUKI Of Mindmap

2.2  Website design

Although the website design is not as good as NFT Picture design is important , But it also has a preemptive effect , It is also a key factor .

Before the market value 40 Of NFT The special designs seen on the official website mainly include :

  • Home page full screen , Can't slide

  • Cool action , Or the combination of dynamic and static

  • Music playing

  • Journalism / Update floating window

  • A term is used to explain

  • Drop effect

  • 3D Space activities, etc

You can refer to .

In the official website of this project , We think the official websites of these projects can be mainly referred to :

  • Azuki: The most attentive, substantial and reasonable product design

  • CryptoPunks: ancient 、 Simple and comprehensive

  • Punks Comic: Cartoon style 、 Comprehensive information

  • BAYC: Club style website , A typical , More comprehensive

  • World of Women: The pattern is big , The idea is important , The road map is detailed , comprehensive

  • Art Blocks: Art collection , Special types represent

  • RTFKT: More gorgeous ,3D

  • Meebits: It's like plain wind , More comprehensive

  • The Sandbox: Game land, etc , Special types represent

  • Loot:NFT How to play , Special types represent

  • Hape Prime: Extremely simple but high-end

  • Creature World NFT:3D, The wind is ugly ?

  • Adidas Originals Into the Metaverse: Simple Kanban form

  • Hashmasks: Dynamic scarcity , Maya civilization

  • NFT Worlds: land , technical

  • PhantaBear: standard , Less information

  • Vox Collectibles: Exploratory introduction to the project , Strong interaction

  • Pudgy Penguins: Warmth and memory

AZUKI Home page effect , Although there is no cool dynamic effect , But the overall effect is absolutely the best

3、 ... and 、 technology

Overall, the avatar NFT The technical difficulty of the project is relatively low , The technical workload is also relatively small .

3.1 front end

The front-end work mainly focuses on NFT Official website . Usually , It's a little bit easier .

But if the modules are complete 、 If the design is complex , There can also be a lot of work .

The front end should also consider whether to do some anti robot work .

3.2 contract 、 Back end

This is mainly NFT contract . You can refer to major NFT Open source code for the project , Need to avoid many pits .

For example, it needs to be restricted and cannot be directly through the contract Mint, This must be done through the front end of the project Mint.

Reduce Gas It's an important point , such as AZUKI Use ERC-721A agreement , meanwhile Mint Multiple NFT Can significantly reduce Gas, It was also an important point in the project publicity at that time , Played a very good effect .

It is not ruled out that sometimes there may be back-end work .

3.3  test 、 Audit

Usually, the front end 、 Back end 、 Contract engineer self test , product 、 Design, etc , Team members can test it in public , Generally, there is no need for special testers .

Large projects can be audited by an audit institution , Security is more guaranteed . But ordinary NFT I'm afraid the project may not be willing to pay the six digit cost in the early stage , Besides, to be honest , Most users don't care NFT Is the code of the project audited .

3.4 Operation and maintenance

The so-called operation and maintenance work here , It mainly refers to renting and maintaining servers, etc , It takes a certain cost .

Concurrency should be considered here . The level of concurrency may reach 1000 、 All level 、 One hundred thousand . stay NFT bull market , about NFT Hot projects , Nor does it rule out the possibility of reaching a larger number of levels . The key point is that there will be a large number of robots in popular projects , Repeat relevant requests , Cause all kinds of problems .

Of course, for most projects , It is estimated that concurrency does not need to be considered ,Mint It's normal to break after not finishing .

Four 、 operating

4.1 Discord operating

NFT In addition to NFT In addition to the three core elements , Its external core is the community , And communities are generally built on Discord On .Discord Strong community support function and open spirit , Let it be NFT An indispensable part .Discord Operation is often the key factor to determine the success or failure of the project .

Discord Operation is a heavy job , But by learning from the head project community , You can also quickly learn , Including but not limited to channel construction 、 The use of third party tools 、AMA And other activities 、Mod Recruitment and management of 、 Distribution of a large number of white lists, etc . If it's global NFT project , English is a key issue , For example AMA, The required level of English is very high , Otherwise it's hard to deal with . In addition, we need to manage from all over the world Mod, In different time zones Mod To achieve 24 Hour duty .

There are exceptions to everything , minority NFT project , Only in Discord Put up a shelf and do almost no operation , Not even at all Discord Community , It's fine too Mint End , And get some development . But this usually depends on its unique design concept , And such examples are a few , It's not easy to last long .

A typical example NFT Discord The tip of the iceberg , There will be a lot of channels

4.2 Twitter operating

If you want to do global NFT project , We need to use more authentic English in English Twitter Interact with people around the world , Be able to help your project with the elements of popular culture in English , This is not easy for most Chinese . So in Discord、Twitter This also gave birth to many generations of operation teams .

If you do it step by step Twitter, Generally, you can consider sending three types of content : Information synchronization of your own project 、 Follow the hot spots of the industry and do some interaction 、 Do activities ( Such as forwarding the whitelist, etc ). Synchronize what you want to express in your project , Make good use of the white list , Even if you pass .

Another thing to consider is , Whether to disclose the of the founding team members Twitter. If it's inconvenient to put my large size , Do you want to register a small , Then do some deliberate operation .

BAYC Twitter

4.3 Other communities / Media operation

Projects sometimes involve Instagram、YouTube、Medium、Facebook、LinkedIn wait , Domestic projects generally involve wechat group operation , Sometimes it involves WeChat official account. 、 Microblogging, etc . But generally speaking ,Twitter、Discord It's the main battlefield .

Clone X Of Instagram

5、 ... and 、 market

5.1 Project cooperation

Project cooperation is one of the main forms of white list distribution . Generally, they help each other to publicize , Give each other some white lists . Or unilaterally give a project its own white list , Let them make a white list raffle in their community .

Of course , There may also be other forms of cooperation . But anyway , The quality and characteristics of the project itself are very important . If the quality of the project is excellent , A small number of white lists may be able to work with many high-quality projects , If the project pulls the crotch , Even if you give money , It may not be possible to negotiate a lot of cooperation .

Project cooperation core team members can talk about , Some programs also allow recruitment Mod To talk about , In this way, you can shop more , But there may also be some potential problems , This needs to be weighed , Do some proper control .

Click to participate in the white list lottery

5.2 Other promotions

In addition to cooperating with other project parties , In fact, there are many possible ways of promotion and cooperation .

For example, with Magic Eden talk for LaunchPad, And coin an NFT market ( Centralized market ) Talk about going on the shelf , If we can negotiate , Yes NFT Of Mint And the subsequent market will be very helpful , But it's also difficult .

Another example is with some KOL Talk about promoting , That is to ask them to help shout and bring orders . Sometimes you just need to give them some white lists , Sometimes you may need to pay some cryptocurrency .

And more specifically , If you make a toy in the meta universe NFT, Cooperate with well-known toy manufacturers in reality , That must have a better effect .

You can even go to Web2 Advertising in all kinds of products , Although not particularly common , But this kind of channel is not completely out of consideration .

There are many promotion methods that can be considered , It depends on how to weigh .

Magic Eden Of LaunchPad

5.3 Market value management

most NFT The project does not need to consider the problem of market value management , Because the first consideration of most projects is how to cross “Mint End ” This sill , stay Mint Before you finish , There is no need to talk too much about market value management .

This refers to market value management , The main reason is that the project party is responsible for itself NFT The act of buying and selling . There are many situations and possibilities , For example, transaction royalties are put into the project Treasury , Then choose the machine to sweep the floor , these NFT Whether it will choose to sell ; Or the project party has left a part of it NFT, Sell at a later time ; Or big projects , Hope to use large funds for a certain degree of control , To increase the price 、 Reduce or maintain .

There are also special NFT Market making team , But for most NFT As far as the project is concerned, there is no need to specialize in this field .

How to benefit and long-term development

The usual sources of income are

  • Mint income : If Mint End , Generally, it's considerable . Suppose pricing 0.05ETH, issue 6000 individual , Income is 300ETH, At the current price , Probably 660 Thousands of yuan

  • Royalty income : Most projects don't have much royalties , But the head project has a considerable income , Even more than Mint income . Assume that the final transaction volume 100ETH, Royalties shall be paid according to 10%, Probably 10ETH,22 Thousands of yuan

  • NFT Trading income : Project parties and team members NFT The revenue , It's hard to estimate . And doing this kind of business , Need to take into account industry rules and community response , I don't mean to do what I want

Loot stay OpenSea The trading volume on the is 74K ETH

The usual cost comes from

  • Team costs : The designer 、 The product manager 、 technology 、 operating 、 Market and other personnel costs , Design 、 technology 、 operating 、 The market may face similar outsourcing . Need to consider whether to audit , Sometimes you may need to consult or hire a consultant

  • Server cost

  • cooperation / Promotion cost : Possible IP Cost of Authorization 、 Possible project cooperation costs 、 Possible paid promotion, etc

  • Gas cost : In R & D 、 test 、 In the process of market making , The consumption of Gas cost

  • The cost of subsequent commitments

    • Community operation , At least hundreds of thousands of yuan per year , If you want to do well , It may cost millions

    • If you promise to do chain tour in the future , That's at least a million dollars , I want to do well , Then don't cap

    • If you want to make tools later 、SocialFi, Or issue money , It takes a lot of cost

    • The advantage is that you have to do chain games later 、 Tools 、SocialFi, To issue currency , There will be new income , It's not just a cost

Blue chip projects CoolCats Of Roadmap A small part , It's all cost

Long term value

  • Besides selling a picture , Let users make avatars , Head portrait NFT It can also have longer-term value

  • BAYC As a pioneer, the parent company is providing all avatars NFT The project raises the ceiling , Setting an industry benchmark

  • To all heads 、 Blue chip 、 Quasi blue chip project learning

  • Build a good community , Maintain and develop the spiritual core , Do ecological expansion

    • CC0 agreement , User second creation ,IP The ecology is more prosperous

    • Publish more links NFT, Formation system

    • Better 、 Bigger 、 Richer communities , Even SocialFi

    • Online and offline linkage , Offline activities , Solid periphery , Various rights and interests

    • towards ACG Expand , To play

    • Become a brand of metauniverse , Target meta universe consumption

    • Acquire other NFT Project or other non NFT project , Do more