Gem: the most popular NFT transaction aggregator

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gem popular nft transaction aggregator

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NFT Ecological pain point


◦   Buy NFT One of the main problems with is , It limits users to buy one at a time NFT. If you want to buy a large number of high-quality projects NFT, Users must purchase assets one by one , And make a separate purchase transaction .

◦   Users have to execute multiple transactions , Consume a lot gas, It's also very slow . This means that others can buy one by one , Buy your goal NFT.

◦   People should buy more than one at a time efficiently NFT、 People should be able to buy multiple... On multiple platforms at once NFT, Because liquidity has now begun to spread to other markets , Such as Rarible、X2Y2、NFTX and LooksRare.

NFT The emergence of aggregators solves this problem .

GEM Major advantages


◦ GEM A direct collection of multiple platforms ( These include OpenSea、Rarible、LooksRare、X2Y2、NFTX and NFT20) Upper NFT Hanging list . The ultimate goal is to integrate all NFT Hanging orders in the market , Users no longer need to compare prices repeatedly across platforms ;

◦ NFT The user experience of buying becomes closer to online shopping , With the function of shopping cart , So that users can buy more than one at a time NFT;

◦   Save money than buying one by one on the exchange , stay GEM Buy in bulk on NFT The highest can be saved 33% The handling charge ;

◦ GEM Accept all ERC20 Token as payment currency , Users can pay in multiple currencies at one time , Greatly increase payment flexibility ;

◦ GEM Will provide on the platform NFT Of Dune Analytics Data analysis of , Users can directly GEM View key data on the platform ( sales 、 Floor price 、 Trading activities 、 Holding distribution, etc ).

GEM Experience with


GEM The interface is clean and simple , The information framework is clear , Users don't need to learn to get started , Functions appear where they should appear . at present ,GEM Is still in the beta Stage , Some functions are still missing , Such as favorites and viewing individual NFT The function of transaction history .

◦ GEM The biggest highlight is the bulk purchase NFT, It also intimately prompted the amount saved in this transaction . Although there is no money to buy Azuki, But it doesn't prevent me from taking what I like Azuki Throw it into the shopping cart .

 user ◦   Again , stay GEM It will also be cheaper to hang up orders in bulk , It is convenient for users to sell items in batches .

◦  With Azuki For example ,GEM Yes Dune Analytics The data of , It provides users with more than OpenSea More directions NFT data .

 user ◦   When the user checks out , You can use a variety of ERC20 Currency together , If your eth Not enough , Other tokens can be added as a means of payment .(Fig.3)

 user ◦   The following two pictures show the scene in GEM A transaction on . The user spent 3 Billion 4 Ten million SOS The token bought 8 individual NFT.GEM Directly and automatically through Sushiswap hold SOS Switch to WETH, Saved a lot of gas.

 user  user

GEM competitors


at present ,GEM It has partnerships with many exchanges . but GEM There is still a competitor

Genie It's also NFT Aggregator , and GEM Constitute competition . Of the two websites UI, It can't be said that the height is similar , Can only say the same . With strong curiosity , Combining data and social dynamics , Several main differences are summarized :

◦   Compared with Genie,GEM The resources on the platform are much better .GEM Have OpenSea、LooksRare、X2Y2 and NFTX The data of ; and Genie Only OS、Rarible and NFTX.( Only on this point ,GEM To achieve dimensionality reduction )

◦ GEM Provide data analysis , It is convenient for users to analyze the project .Genie There is no such function .

◦ GEM also FLASHBOT( Anti pinch tool ) function , It can prevent users from being 、

After maliciously brushing the bill , The transaction failed and the miner's fee was deducted .

◦   according to Discord Community reflection :Genie The data is slow , Data is out of date , Resulting in a poor user experience , Many people are original Genie user , Gradually, they all moved to GEM Community .

◦   You can feel the painting style of real and fake Monkey King .( I kiss measuring ,Genie Your website is really not easy to use , Than GEM slower )



GEM Data analysis


◦   end 4 month 1 Japan ,GEM In the past 24 Hours contributed to 2300 transaction , The turnover reached 1400 Ten thousand dollars .GEM After the launch 3 The total transaction volume reached in the last month 4.1 Billion dollars , Very outstanding achievements .

◦ GEM and Genie The comparison of transaction data between the two platforms also illustrates the problem : since GEM On 2022 year 1 Go online at the end of the month , The transaction volume is 3 Catch up and surpass in months ,Genie Show decline (Fig.8).

◦ GEM On 95% All transactions originate from OpensSea On the list , rest 5% come from LooksRare(Fig.9).

 user Source:

 user Source: board

GEM Community & Platform planning


◦ GEM Most of the benign discussions in the community : Community members have been providing developers with the functions they need , Development progress is also transparent . Did it build What users need NFT platform .


 user ◦ GEM The engineer VASA We have also been updating the platform progress and answering community questions on twitter .


GEM The ecological cooperation of


at present ,GEM No formal investment agreement has been reached with capital , But I've been with many NFT Cooperation between the platform and the project parties .

Besides , Small exchanges are currently in contact with GEM All kinds of cooperation , There's a real connection between Opensea The feeling of equal share .

 user ◦ X2Y2 and GEM cooperation , Cancel the marketing fee (marketplace fee), And return it to the user before GEM Paid on gas;

◦ GEM and LooksRare Achieve cooperation ,Gem Help users automatically claim LOOKS Reward , sell WETH Reward , And exchange it for LOOKS Re pledge to obtain compound interest , And users don't have to pay Gas fee ;

◦ FloorDAO and GEM cooperation , by GEM Added 5 Million dollars CryptoPunk Treasury liquidity ;

◦   grateful NFT Attribute survey plug-in ——Trait Sniper And also GEM Achieve cooperation .

GEM The playing method after issuing coins is full of imagination : If the team can put GEM Tokens are linked to the trading process of the platform , Every day GEM The volume of transactions has increased with the naked eye ; A large amount of transaction volume in the later stage will affect GEM Tokens produce very positive empowerment , This project has great potential .

GEM At present, it supports all mainstream NFT platform , It will certainly continue to increase in the future . High quality user experience and excellent 、 User centric functionality makes GEM stay NFT There are unique advantages in the ecosystem ; In the future, it is likely that other exchanges will become GEM The warehouse of ,GEM Grasp the flow entrance . Unless each NFT The exchange has launched unique functions , Otherwise , Your preferred entrance may be GEM Such an aggregator .

Have to say ,GEM The emergence of is indeed NFT A gem of Ecology , Shining with more possibilities .

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