Investing 300000 and hoarding 70 pairs of shoes, I may be caught in the routine of Web3 "making money game"

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investing hoarding pairs shoes caught

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These days , Walk 、 Running can also make money ?

The recent fire Web3 Chain Tour STEPN, It's the one who shouted this slogan out of the circle .

In short , This is based on the public blockchain platform Solana The chain “Move to Earn( Earn while walking )” game . User registration 、 Buy sneakers NFT after , You can make money by running , Earn more and earn less , And whether you keep exercising 、NFT The grade of sneakers 、 attribute 、 Quantity and other factors .

If you want to earn money, you have to run , If you want to run, you need to buy shoes first .4 month 2 Sunday night , Buy an entry-level pair in this game NFT Sports shoes , The floor price is 8.4 SOL The coin (Solana Ecological token ), Renminbi equivalent 7500 yuan .NFT The floor price of sneakers , Will follow SOL The rise and fall of the currency have changed . Some players say , beginner NFT The price of sports shoes converted into RMB , Basically in a relatively stable range .

Such an expensive pair of shoes , Keep many ordinary users out of the door . But because of the money , Experienced players and running fitness enthusiasts who once encrypted the circle , Pour in STEPN. in order to “ Earn money by running ”, Some even ignore the bad weather , Even if it rains 、 Keep running every day in snowy days . As for income , Some high-level players who entered earlier said to shenburn , own 4 At the beginning of the month STEPN The daily income can reach 1000 Dollars or so . however , How long can the gains last , It's hard to say .

Following the concept fire of the meta universe ,Web3.0 It has become a new round of eye-catching concept . And Web1.0 Times can only read information ,2.0 Can be read 、 Writable information compared to ,Web3.0 Except readable 、 Beyond writable , The core is to achieve decentralization , Return ownership of the data to the user itself . Its concept is still unfamiliar to the public , But in some VC、 In the eyes of practitioners , signify “ The next era ”, It has already become a pastry .

STEPN Also followed on to the air outlet . since 2021 year 12 Since the public beta version was launched at the end of this month , It was once in Australia 、 Japan and other global application markets are among the best , According to the official website , Its Twitter Official account from 2021 year 9 Monthly entry 6 Months time , Followers have exceeded 16 ten thousand people .

In the player group , It's spreading STEPN founder Jerry Huang Information mentioned in external sharing ,STEPN Daily users have exceeded 10 ten thousand people , The daily trading volume has exceeded Axie Infinity. The latter is another fire “Play to Earn( Play and earn )” Chain Tour , since 2018 year 1 Monthly entry Twitter so far ,4 The number of fans increased to 92 ten thousand .

There is a view that ,STEPN Give Way Web3 In real life, there are scenes that can be landed , Is pushing Web3.0 Towards popularization . But, after all, Web3 It's just a tiny bud , Everyone is ready to move 、 Players who are ready to enter will inevitably doubt , This is called “ Copy fun step ” Of STEPN It depends on it or not ? It's real money , Or cut leeks ?

Shit STEPN Earn while walking ? Someone invested in 30 ten thousand , Some people wait and see and hesitate

“ stay STEPN, True energy ‘ Earn while walking ’ Do you ?”Bilion When I first learned about the project, I was suspicious . As from 2014 Senior coin circles who began to pay attention to bitcoin in , He at last year STEPN In the early stages of the launch , Start to focus on understanding STEPN Our economic system .

stay STEPN in , Users must have sneakers NFT. Sports shoes NFT It is divided into Walker Walking shoes 、Jogger Jogging shoes 、Runner Running shoes 、Trainer All-round shoes , Corresponding to the different pace of movement , such as Walker The speed limit is 1-6km/h. meanwhile , According to the degree of rarity , Also divided into gray 、 green 、 Blue 、 violet 、 Orange and other different levels . Purple shoes and orange shoes have not been officially released yet . The attribute of shoes is also divided into efficiency 、 comfortable 、 durable 、 Several dimensions of luck .

By 4 month 2 Japan , The floor price of grey shoes is 7500 yuan .STEPN In the current market NFT The maximum price of sports shoes is 10000 SOL The coin , It's more than 800 Ten thousand yuan . And according to Bilion Observe ,Jogger Green shoes are 2 It has reached... At the beginning of the month 2 Thousands of multivariate . and 3 There was a month ago NFT Sneakers to 999 SOL At the price of RMB , At that time, the equivalent of RMB was more than 60 Ten thousand yuan .


STEPN The market in which shoes are traded Picture source / STEPN

Some users said on the social platform that , By expensive shoes , Out of the circle . Many players have already calculated their financial accounts , Some players said after evaluation , Players buy even the cheapest shoes “ Earn money by running ”, Go back to this cycle 30 Day to 45 Days or so .

It is worth noting that , With sneakers NFT after , What players can earn every day GST There is also a limit . Because players' daily exercise time is limited by energy ( per 6 Hours 25% The speed of recovery ).

Users want to make more money , Mainly in two ways : Upgrade shoes , To get more tokens GST( Game tokens , Unlimited supply )/GMT( Governance token , Cap of 60 One hundred million , Only high-level players can get ); Or put your shoes or shoeboxes on the market and sell them to get SOL The coin , To realize . Two identical pairs of shoes , Sure Mint( synthesis ) New shoes .STEPN According to a certain proportion of market trading volume , The income of the company is .

To change the properties of shoes , You can buy gemstones . But to synthesize 、 Upgrade shoes , And upgrade gems , They all have to be consumed GST. in other words ,STEPN There is an output mechanism , There is also a consumption mechanism . But how much can you earn GST, in general , And energy values 、 Running speed , And the type of sneakers 、 attribute 、 Grade , Gem type 、 Quantity and many other factors .

Bilion After watching for a month , Or decide to try it out .2 month 5 Japan , He spent about RMB 6000 element , Started with the first pair of grey shoes , Three days later, I bought another pair of green shoes , Since then, it's been “ Scale in ”, Every day “ Earn while walking ”, Buy shoes 、 Shoes, raw shoes 、 Selling shoes .


In motion STEPN Interface Picture source / STEPN

Many people hold “ investment ” Enter the state of mind , But under the setting of the game system , Become “ Sports maniac ”. Slowly “ addiction ” after ,Bilion I also opened an account for my family . He told shenran , Yes STEPN The total household investment has reached more than 300000 , The total number of family shoes is 70 How many pairs , The daily sports income is converted into RMB , Presumably 1.5 ten thousand .


Users punch in after running Picture source / Chart of respondents

“ cost ” yes , He goes out to exercise every day , And stick to the time limit when the account energy is consumed , Even if you're busy with your daily work , Also squeeze in time to sleep to do these things . And before that , Although he also has the habit of jogging , But it often takes three days to catch fish and two days to dry the net . Today, , Even to upgrade shoes regularly , He has set several alarm clocks , Don't waste a little time .

Australian Gino It is also because STEPN, a “ Sports maniac ”. This year, 2 End of month , She registered on the recommendation of her friends STEPN, I first bought a pair of green shoes 、 Two pairs of grey shoes , Later, they bought new shoes one after another , Total investment nearly 10 RMB 10,000 yuan .

Gino adopt “ Shoes, raw shoes ” Countless shoes have been sold . With the gradual upgrading of personal accounts , She can exercise in a day 1 Hours , The income has reached... Every day 200 GST about , stay 3 In the first ten days of the month, it is equivalent to 600 dollar .


STEPN Player's movement in the rain / Chart of respondents

“ One day without walking , Make less 600 dollar , Can you stop running .” Last month, ,Gino Heavy rainstorms continued in the area 14 God , But for “ Earn while walking ”, She didn't stop exercising , Bought a raincoat , Go out for a walk in your raincoat every day 1 Hours .

To 3 At the end of the month ,STEPN Limited supply of governance currency GMT After the launch of coin security, a world-class blockchain trading platform ,GMT Usher in a wave of rise .Gino They sold part of it first GMT, Cost recovery .

stay STEPN The way to maximize revenue in , Has been groped out . In some STEPN In the community , Someone specially made a small program assistant to calculate the current cycle , Single ash 、 Three ashes 、 One green and two gray 、 One green and eight grey is regarded as a combination way for newcomers to maximize their income . Players will also bask in their profits in the group , Have... Have 14 A pair of grey shoes 、1 The gold digger with green shoes ( People who make money from games ) claim , It has achieved daily entry 3000 element , And half a month ago, it could only enter the sun 800 element .


The player calculates the applet of this cycle

Where there is interest , It is also easy to breed chaos . No time to run “ speculator ”, Please get up “ Generation run ”.

Even large families entered , opened STEPN“ Earn money by running ” The studio of , Hire college students or runners to complete the amount of exercise per day .

Crazy people know , There may be dividends in the early stages of a project , It's easier to make money . But they are also discussing ,STEPN Is there a future ? It will gradually reduce the income efficiency after entering the stable period , Or will it just hit your hand ?

But at least in the moment , Their mindset is , Every day you earn is a day .“ Just buy sneakers NFT, The investment of real gold and silver , Mentality will change , Will always pay attention to whether their wealth has shrunk .”

Out of circle “ Earn money by running ”, Is it the next interesting step ?

Sought after STEPN, Give Way Web3.0 The practitioners of 、 Players have a sense of freshness . But in fact STEPN Before 、 After that, similar products appeared .

Another paragraph is “Play to Earn( Play and earn )” Blockchain game based on mode Axie Infinity There was a round of fire last year , Once in the Philippines 、 India 、 Brazil and other countries are very popular , It has become a way for many people to play games to make money . There have been reports , A player is 2021 year 7 Devote yourself to Axie Infinity, The monthly income is up to 1170 dollar . And then Axie Infinity This game , stay 7 month 30 When the day , The daily income is up to 4000 Thousands of dollars , It's the same period 《 Glory of Kings 》iOS Of the average daily income of the terminal 4 times .

And later STEPN, In a sense Axie Infinity One of my followers . According to public information ,STEPN Is an Australian chain game developer , Two founders Jerry Huang and Yawn Rong All Chinese , In the former 2008 Entered the game circle in .Yawn In an interview, I mentioned , The team is seeing Axie Infinity Then I began to think about a new direction , That's it STEPN.

But in STEPN To create the “Move to Earn” After the mode became popular , Imitators also appeared one after another . Such as “Learn to Earn( Learn and earn )” Mode “Let Me Speak”, Singapore has also seen the phenomenon of making money by sleeping “Sleep to Earn” project . It's just , These two projects are more than STEPN Not yet mature .

Just as Web2.0 Stage , Online earning mode was once the entrance for Internet enterprises to snatch users , Walk to make money 、 Watch videos to make money 、 Platforms such as sleeping and making money have sprung up one after another , These patterns are in Web3.0 New forms may also appear in the times .“ at present Web3 It is still in the early stage of construction , In theory, you can put a lot of Web2 Do it again ”,Web3.0 Practitioners in the field, the island owner said to shenburn .

however ,Axie Infinity Countless imitation discs have fallen down ,STEPN Can be in “ Play and earn ” Stand out in the chain tour of , It is believed that innovation lies in ,“ Earn while walking ” Combine with the real world , On the basis of making money , Also emphasized “ Social attributes ”, Users can be with real-world friends “ Earn money by running ”, Sports punch in can also be shared to social platforms .

According to the analysis of the island owner ,“ Previous blockchain games , Mostly set as a virtual world 、 It's unrealistic . These games are essentially about DeFi( Decentralized Finance ) Gameplay , Or change the old game chain . And now ‘ Earn while walking ’ The model breaks through the limitations of the game , So that users can actually implement this application in their daily life .”


source / Vision China

Gino hold STEPN and Web2.0 The games of the times are like 《 Fantasy westward journey 》 And chain travel Axie Infinity Contrast , She thinks ,STEPN The operation is more convenient , And you can get rid of the computer , Earn while walking in a healthy lifestyle .Bilion It also mentions ,“ The game itself has the attributes of fitness exercise , It has also changed my personal real life .”

but STEPN this Web3.0 New products , Because “ Walk to make money ” The pattern of , Whether it is in the cloak of blockchain 、 Ponzi scheme “ Interesting step ”.

As early as 2018 year , Have fun to play “ Sports can make money ” The slogan of the , With “ Enough walking every day 4000 Step , Make at least... A month 200 element ” Our publicity attracts users . But actually , The promotion of fun step is MLM .“ Invest and promote by yourself , Development team , You can make thousands of dollars a month , Even hundreds of thousands ”, In the development of offline Dividend System , Chubby claims that users once exceeded 3000 ten thousand .

In the fun step , Only by constantly pulling new people into the game , Users who have invested before will have benefits , This plate can operate . Qubu has also been speculation about the virtual currency in the platform “ candy ” To attract newcomers to the venue . The end result of fun step is , On suspicion of MLM 、 Illegal fund raising 、 Financial fraud was filed for investigation .

Even though STEPN At present, the mode does not need to be the same as fun step “ Develop offline ” To make money , But the essence of making money is to earn tokens 、 Is the need for someone to continue for sneakers NFT Check .

丨 Web3.0 Time ,“ Play and earn ” Is it reliable ?

A large number of users are watching , They are worried. STEPN Entering the later stage of development , The efficiency of revenue will gradually decrease , So that the latecomers became high-level leeks , Or eventually collapse , Become a trick of beating drums and passing flowers .

Sincere belief STEPN People with a future , Still investing heavily . What they see is ,STEPN Plan and vision released to the outside world . For example, it can reduce carbon emissions ; In the future, we should promote the leasing system , It can lower the entry threshold of players and so on . They believe in , And others “ Funds plate ” The founding team is different behind the scenes ,STEPN The founding team of , Has been in front of the screen for nearly three months , More credibility .

Return to reason , Players know ,STEPN How long can the life cycle of , The core depends on its “ The economic system ” Is it healthy and sustainable .

stay Web3.0 Time , A game , It's equivalent to a virtual “ The small country ”, The power and durability of operation depend on the construction and perfection of the economic system . The team should not intervene too much , But it needs real-time monitoring , We should carry out macro-control .

As one based on “ Blockchain Technology ” Running products , Once new players arrive STEPN Slow down , The relationship between supply and demand is inclined , Players' assets will become weaker because of the liquidity of the market , And rapid depreciation , Let the game's economic system collapse ; But if a large number of users flood in at the same time , May drive up the price of sneakers , Cause the price to be too high 、 Inflation , It will also make the game decline . There was only one result ,STEPN Sneakers in NFT、GST Will become obsolete code .

Although many players think ,STEPN Always trying “ Prevent foaming ”, but STEPN The running time is not long , Its internal GST、GMT Whether the output and consumption can reach a balance still needs to be tested .

The safety of products also directly determines the fate of players .“ When the trading volume of a platform is growing , May be targeted by hackers with ulterior motives .” The island owner said .3 month 29 Japan ,Axie Infinity Ethereum side chain Ronin Network Announce a hacker attack , It's about 6.25 Billion dollars (17.36 Ten thousand Ethereum and 2550 ten thousand USDC) The loss of .


source / pexels

STEPN Go to the air outlet , but Web3.0 Practitioners are happy and worried .

A concern Web3.0 Of investors said to shenburn , At present Web3.0 Where we are , It's like the last century 90 years , When even smartphones haven't appeared yet Web2.0 State of development . It is not open to the domestic market at present NFT Compared with secondary transactions , Overseas Web3.0 Development should be faster . however ,STEPN Is bringing more and more people into contact with Web3.0.

But what worries practitioners is , Most of the entrants are speculators who make money in the short term , This will be bad for the whole Web3 The development of ecology . The island owner said ,“‘ speculator ’ The hope is the appreciation of virtual assets , real Web3 Builder( Builder ) More hope Web3 Be able to confirm the right in the data information 、 Decentralization and autonomy play a role , Instead of becoming ‘ speculator ’ Nuggets target .”

The island owner thinks , From a global perspective ,2022 year Web3 The key is “ Breaking circle ” And “ compliance ”.“ Breaking circle ” It means more Web2 Practitioners and users can enter .“ compliance ” Refer to Web3 Will move towards compliance , More and more regions around the world can introduce relevant policies , Provide practitioners with the soil for development , And protect the rights and interests of users from a legal point of view . Only by breaking the circle and compliance ,Web3 To usher in the scene of a hundred flowers in full bloom : Infrastructure is getting better and better , A large number of products emerge , More and more users , The ecology will slowly prosper .

There are views that will 2022 Year is called VC、 Practitioners flock to Web3.0 The first year of .STEPN The team has been in this year 1 Month to complete 500 US $10000 seed round financing , By Sequoia Capital India and Folius Ventures Lead investment .

but Web3.0 It's at an early stage , New products emerge in endlessly , Which can come to the end , It's too early to make a conclusion .

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