Encryption night at the Grammy Awards

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encryption night grammy awards

from Binance To OneOf Then to the profile avatar (PFP)NFT, We feel the existence of encryption in the grand event of the music industry .

South African comedian and TV host Trevor Noah Serve again as the second 64 The host of the Grammy Awards ceremony , In his opening speech, he said :“ We're in Las Vegas , Just as cryptocurrency is a city ”.

Encryption stem (Noah One of the two jokes that night ) Far from being the only guest in the industry , From sponsorship 、 The party goes to non-homogeneous tokens (NFT) party , Encryption once again finds itself intertwined with mainstream entertainment .

Two encryption partnerships led the weekend celebrations , One is with crypto exchange currency security (Binance) The cooperation of , The other came from Tezos Blockchain music NFT platform OneOf.


OneOf The reputation of the platform over the weekend is that the platform was launched in 11 Month and Recording Academy Part of the three-year partnership signed , Famous artists and Winners , Such as Doja Cat and H.E.R., The collection has been released on the platform .

Qian an kept a low profile all weekend ( Except for the official party ), But a spokesman suggested “ A bigger cooperation plan ” Will be announced later .


Grammy NFT

Now , Every mainstream artist seems to be trying NFT.

stay MGM Grand At a pool party outside , Be crowned “Web 3  DJ prince ” Of Steve Aoki Passionate performance , His... Flashed on the big screen NFT Member clubs “A0K1VERSE” 's slogan .


A bystander said :“Steve Aoki Actually, I entered NFT Why ”;

Another fan shouted :“AOKIVEEEEEERSE”!

Across the street is NFT project OnChainMonkey The Party of , The project helps its holders hold various activities throughout the weekend , Including pool parties and at Bellagio Hotel dining .

OnChainMonkey NFT holder Bryan Hernandez tell CoinDesk:“ We're not actually even going to Las Vegas this weekend , But two days ago I brushed Discord See it happening . For a second, I wasn't sure , But then I saw that included brunch ,10 I'll book the hotel in minutes ”.

On Grammy TV , Noah Demonstrated a NFT( This is much better than his opening performance in Las Vegas ), He joked :“ You know, , When your favorite artist moves from trying to sell you music to promoting photos of digital monkeys , It's hard to do ”.

Of course , The joke is right Bored Ape Yacht NFT Series and its hint of becoming a media star , After the joke , The camera turns to Justin · Bieber , He was in 2 Purchased... From this collection in January NFT.

“ The latest asset class of entertainment ”

Record companies and talent agencies are scrambling to involve their customers in the increasingly popular and mainstream forms of digital assets , Many of them are experimenting with this technology .

One represents pop NFT project Doodles My lawyer said at the Grammy Awards ceremony :“ Cryptocurrency is often seen as a new asset class ,NFT It is the latest asset class in the entertainment industry .”


Before the night of the event , There is no lack of desire to talk about the upcoming NFT The artist of , A rapper Gerald Gillum ( Stage name G-Eazy) Is one of them , He will announce his relationship with later this month OneOf The first series of cooperation .

In an interview, he told CoinDesk:“ It's really curious and looking for new ways to interact with fans ”. Compared with other promotional activities , He said it was NFT Going to work feels like “ A more creative process ”, And added ,“ I'm happy to put forward the concept of art .”

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