The number of daily active users of axie infinity is 45% lower than the peak in November last year

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number daily active users axie

stay 3 month 23 Japan Axie Infinity Side chain Ronin Before the hacker attack ,Sky Mavis its P2E game Axie Infinity The number of daily users has declined .Sky Mavis The latest data from ,Axie Infinity The number of active users per day last year 11 Monthly peak , But in 2022 year 3 month 28 It has dropped to 148 ten thousand , A drop of 45%. Since last year 12 Since the game was updated in January and 3 month 23 day , The decline in the number of users is particularly significant .

last year 12 month , Practical tokens in the game Smooth Love Be sold quickly , The price is falling .Nansen Data reporter Martin Lee Think ,“ Daily income drops , People's interest in games has also declined . Those who buy at high points are beginning to feel fear , Naturally began to doubt .”Lee Add , Players are waiting for the of the game “Origin” upgrade , This patch is designed to revitalize 、 Improve and increase the depth of the game .Sky Mavis and Ronin Express , They will repay the player as soon as possible , However, no details were provided on how it plans to compensate , Cause players to worry and move to other games , Further reduced Axie Of users .

According to the previous report ,Ronin The bridge is under attack , super 6 Billion dollars of assets stolen .Animoca Brands Positive and Sky Mavis The team will compensate Ronin Attack event damaged players to discuss .(Beincrypto)

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