NFT subculture: why mfers are attractive?

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nft subculture mfers attractive
​mfers: We gamble in our own way , Exploring a new world .

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1. Cultural factors

Culture is important , For financial practitioners like me to enter NFT A major shift in thinking , Is to realize the importance of culture .

mfers Come of 2021 An outbreak in the summer of Meme. They represent Sartoshi_nft Words :“ We gamble in our own way , Exploring a new world ”.

2. Outstanding art

BoredApeYC、AzukiOfficial 、Cryptopunksnfts And mfers What do you have in common ? you 're right , Unique art .mfer Matchman has a crazy PFP( Social Avatar ) Attractive force , When I first saw it , Just want one , Believe you too . I don't think I'll change my... For something new soon PFP.

3. Community is more important

Buying a NFT Before , I'll enter first Discord ask :" well , Guys , This NFT What about? ? Is it worth buying ?" A strong community will immediately respond to your questions , And weak communities , Information capacity will be diluted .

4. Unusual way —— There is no road map

The road map creates expectations . If a project realizes , You take it for granted . If they don't do that , They will have difficulty maintaining relevance .mfers Is the only one who can complete " No roadmap " Model project . The community determines the future .

5. The cheapest blue chip

When you consider all the above ,2.7ETH The floor price looks like a joke . Don't forget it

Cryptopunksnfts Also lost many times before pulling up 50% The value of ,mfers Born only 4 Months , The price is very firm .

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