Artist Justin aversano will open a physical NFT Gallery in California

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artist justin aversano open physical

NFT The artist Justin Aversano Announced the opening of an entity in California NFT Gallery , Designed to bridge “ Real and virtual worlds ” Gap between .Aversano With a photographic project Twin Flames popular , The project has photographed twins around the world and generated millions of dollars in sales , Make his work one of the most expensive photography works in history .

Aversano Through its company Quantum Planning and “ Put on the ”NFT Works of photographers and contemporary artists , Plans to 6 At the beginning of the month in Santa Monica (Santa Monica) Open an area 3600 Square foot physical gallery . He said :“ This will be an artist 、 Collectors and novices . This is for those who have never bought NFT It was prepared by the people of , Let them go into a place , Find a work that can talk to them , Swipe your credit card , Then it will be deposited in their Ethereum wallet .”(Decrypt)

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